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EDEN - The end of an era

Day 1,994, 16:06 Published in Serbia Canada by delete this

What has a beginning must have an end.

For as long as I've been playing this game some people have been saying "EDEN is dead."

They were saying "EDEN is dead" when PEACE was around.
They were saying "EDEN is dead" when PHOENIX was around.
They were saying "EDEN is dead" when ONE was around.
Yet many alliances came and went and EDEN remained.

For the majority of the time EDEN was always fighting an uphill battle against far more powerful enemies yet EDEN survived while their enemies gave up, disbanded, regrouped and then disbanded again. EDEN survived while being permawiped for a long time under ONE. EDEN survived internal problems. EDEN survived external problems. EDEN survived countries joining, leaving and then returning again. EDEN survived were all others failed. EDEN survived.

For a long time now EDEN was fighting against more powerful forces, both in population and in sheer strength yet EDEN never surrendered. EDEN never capitulated. Yet despite EDEN's resilience we must remember that nothing in (e)life is permanent. Whatever has a beginning must have an end and now EDEN has finally come full circle.

Due to it's resilience in the face of permanent overwhelming odds I consider EDEN to be the greatest alliance in the history of eRepublik. Maybe in two to three years from now, if we're still around (and if eRepublik still exists), we might be able to look back and in context be able to debate this claim. However, when we do, if we do, we must remember that an alliance is not merely countries countersigning MPP's. An alliance is born when nations and their citizens self-sacrifice their own benefits for the greater good of others and this is what made EDEN truly powerful.

Now we are entering the post-EDEN era of eRepublik, and this is possibly an era of re-alignment. Going forward old enemies might become new allies and perhaps old allies might become new enemies, but whatever the case is I will always be proud and will always consider myself honored to have served as a loyal soldier of EDEN.

What has a beginning must have an end, but with every end comes a new beginning.

For a final time, Victoria Aut Mors.
smee again.



delete this
delete this Day 1,994, 16:07

Victoria Aut Mors.

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 1,994, 16:40


Ionut Moldovan
Ionut Moldovan Day 1,995, 03:32

For 3+ years was only Victoria

Lord Of Emyn Arnen
Lord Of Emyn Arnen Day 1,994, 16:08


Marianiki4 Day 1,994, 16:11


Haskos Day 1,994, 16:12

Underneath this Tree there was more than allience. there was a brotherhood and brotherhoods can't die
Victoria Aut Mors.

Doxx Day 1,994, 16:13

I voted, but for me Atlantis was the greatest alliance

demetrios 3os
demetrios 3os Day 1,994, 16:14

Victoria Aut Mors

_myrmidonas_ Day 1,994, 16:15


Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,994, 16:16

PEACE was far more glorious then EDEN hands down...

But EDEN deserves respect nonetheless ^^.

vladb Day 1,995, 02:27

According to which standards ?

klop123 Day 1,995, 04:42


SexyCicko Day 1,994, 16:16


shuan Lomer
shuan Lomer Day 1,994, 16:17


GreekStallion7 Day 1,994, 16:19

Victoria Aut Mors

Aga aka Zoska
Aga aka Zoska Day 1,994, 16:22

Born in EDEN, die with EDEN. Nothing worth left in this game.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,994, 16:40

What about the cookies? You could start a new life in USA ; )

Turbo Sperminator
Turbo Sperminator Day 1,995, 05:59

Same here Greg. 😕

Excelsior.HMA Day 1,994, 16:24


BlackWater GR
BlackWater GR Day 1,994, 16:25


myrmid0nas Day 1,994, 16:25

Victoria Aut Mors.

MaZzA Day 1,994, 16:27

Victoria Aut Mors

glory-pge Day 1,994, 16:27

Victoria Aut Mors.

Mithrantir Day 1,994, 16:27


theirina Day 1,994, 16:28

Salute to the longest alliance of the e-World.


OVALNI REBORN Day 1,994, 16:29

Friendship helped EDEN survive despite problems all alliances have and despite, everyone going after their own interests to alliances based on interests.
EDEN members lost themselves -> EDEN lost it very self.
One thing never learned: sun does not shine brighter in other peoples gardens.

mide13 Day 1,994, 16:32


Zelja Day 1,994, 16:36

I will never be proud of EDEN if I see countries that I considered friends MPP our biggest enemies, to me the biggest victory over other side would be lets say turning hungary and serbia on each other...

bcs friendship doesnt come "full circles", and Im truly disappointed by romania and probably even greece chosing to go pro-TWO...

when poland and spain abandoned and insulted romania I saif FU
when USA abandoned romania I said FU

now I see there is no such thing as loyality in this game so FU EDEN and FU all the pathetic dmg whores

Aga aka Zoska
Aga aka Zoska Day 1,994, 16:39


crom-vanadiu Day 1,995, 03:00

true. chickenshit leaders we have ATM.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,994, 16:39

Victoria Aut Mors.

I'm glad it's over now. I'm saying this as a former soldier of the Eden Marines Corp. But it had to end because eden had no more purpose. It outlived it. Still, I have great memories of when Eden was rocking as an alliance, in this we can count two precise momment, the invasion (and liberation) of North America and the World on Fire operation that saw Hungary getting kicked out of Asia and almost wiped out.

Farewell Eden

And good luck to all those that will find themselves a new home. Wether it will be in the hands of CoT or TWO. Stick around folks, it's gonna get quite intereting again real soon!

delete this
delete this Day 1,994, 16:41

Beginning of last year when all ONE countries except slovenia got wiped in the space of 4-6 weeks. spain, poland, serbia, hungary, UK, etc

qmsq Day 1,994, 20:51

Comment deleted

KrolRhobarIII Day 1,996, 11:48

While all Eden countries were wiped out for 4-6 months i remember..

dimikala Day 1,995, 01:10

Last time for one last batle

Victoria Aut Mors!

avec Day 1,995, 10:21

Hum, small typos:
* EDEN Military Corps
* World in Flames
On content agreed ^^

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,995, 19:59

Well all the time I was in there we were saying eden marine corp : P Don't blame me, blame my romanian commander : P

Momcilo Trkulja
Momcilo Trkulja Day 1,995, 13:36

Smee, you mean the time when you accepted Turkey, and killed EDEN?

Ban Josip Jelacic II
Ban Josip Jelacic II Day 1,994, 16:42

Victoria Aut Mors.

Angel ctz
Angel ctz Day 1,994, 16:53

Victoria Aut Mors.

kushtrimzz Day 1,994, 17:03

Victoria Aut Mors.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,994, 17:17

Victoria Aut Mors.

krispo Day 1,994, 17:17

Victoria Aut Mors.

EMC o7

Fitisin Day 1,994, 18:22

Victoria Aut Mors.

john_rambo Day 1,994, 18:26

Victoria Aut Mors

klop123 Day 1,994, 18:35

Victoria Aut Mors

Silistra Day 1,994, 19:36

CoT came, EDEN left..

Orome Valar
Orome Valar Day 1,994, 23:19

Victoria Aut Mors

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