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Economy of Georgia (country)

Day 1,847, 10:07 Published in North Korea North Korea by REPUBLIC OF GEGA

Despite the severe damage the economy of Georgia suffered due to civil strife in the 1990s, Georgia, with the help of the IMF and World Bank, has made substantial economic gains since 2000, achieving robust GDP growth and curtailing inflation.
GDP growth, spurred by gains in the industrial and service sectors, remained in the 9–12% range in 2005–07. In 2006 and in 2008, the World Bank named Georgia the top reformer in the world.[9]
International money transfers from Georgian migrant workers, working mostly in Russia, accounted for approximately 7% of the Georgian GDP in 2007.[10] In 2010, money transfers surpassed the FDI as a source of hard currency influx into the economy...



Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,847, 13:02


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