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Economic Statistics Blog for Thursday March 5, 2009

Day 472, 19:46 Published in Canada Canada by Jacobi

Today one Canadian Dollar was worth .034 Gold, down .001 gold over yesterday. The United States dollar was also trading at .63 cents Canadian, down 6 cents.

The price of Q1 food was 95 cents, up 2 cents over yesterday

The price of Q1 weapons was $7.23, down a penny

The price of Q1 gifts was $1.54, a collapse of 44 cents

Starting wages for skill 0 was $1.59, up 1 cent

for skill 1 $2.50. unchanged over yesterday

for skill 2 $4.60, down 10 cents over yesterday

and for skill 3 $7.40, rallying 70 cents over the day before

The Merchantman will be keeping track of financial statistics on an ongoing basis as part of a public service for eCanadians and the eCanadian government



RoyMunson Day 472, 19:50

I actually like this. Good job.

William Duncan
William Duncan Day 473, 23:27

Voted and subsribed.

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