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economic sh.t-cake

Day 1,213, 10:07 Published in Russia Germany by eisenmutter2




eisenmutter2 Day 1,213, 10:35

creating a comp = 10g + you can work too
-> buying a comp for more than 10g (which a guy even has worked today) is the same as being not good in math because if you do so you are not good in math (i think)

Voffka Day 1,213, 10:54

>should have sold for 12...

You wont be able to sell it for more than 11, new gold policy from admins.

eisenmutter2 Day 1,213, 11:07

since when? there are comps with more than 50g on market
what about higher quality comps?

i dont get this game anymore...since v2
what the hell

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