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eAtomic bombs update's result

Day 1,762, 14:04 Published in Israel Israel by RoaiTG

hello citizens of the new world, after the bazooka update, after the rockets and bombs update, after the rockets's factories update, the atomic bombs's update has came, and this is the result



El Che G
El Che G Day 1,762, 14:05


Gorki61_istra Day 1,762, 14:07

hehehehehehe....more food for Africa....

Sentin0 Day 1,762, 14:11


xam xam
xam xam Day 1,762, 14:14

let's use it against Isreal then !

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,762, 16:12

Global warming? jaja

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,762, 16:48


Sam Krak
Sam Krak Day 1,762, 18:20

Hail eAfrica

EynPahad Day 1,763, 00:04

xam xam !!! need 2 kg. balls to use it against israel...2 okka taşşak lazım onu kullanabilmen için

TalTheBear Day 1,763, 00:09


Golan.Bi Day 1,763, 01:14

All of you who think its funny to write Anti-israeli remarks,you better think again. (xam xam)
And i hope for your own sake you meant it jast in the "funny" way !

But v for the eAtomic bombs update's result
and i think your right about that.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,763, 02:41

@Golan, with all due respect, I doubt it matters against whom you use the A bombs, the most probable end-result would be just like in the picture.

Let's say Israel and Iran go into an A-bomb fight. USA (and NATO) would come you your aid, while China and Russia would back Iran up, and the war would last not more than a day. After that, South America and Africa would be the sole remaining non-radio active soil, assuming the nuclear winter doesn't wipe all life on Earth.

Golan.Bi Day 1,763, 03:08

You may have understood me wrong,i did not say how you should use the A-bomb against,but saying :
"let's use it against Isreal then !" its just not right and pissing me off !

I am completely aware the possible results of the israeli iranian conflict (me beeing an israeli and all) and the results on a
nuclear war, i'm against all of that,i'm Against war and in favor of diplomacy.
I just believe that its not the place nor the time for this comments, Agree with me.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,763, 03:35

Personally, I'd use a Happy New Year "against" Israel at this time : )

Yes, I agree with you, the comment is out of place. I just wanted to point out that it is irrelevant if you use it against this or that country, the result will always be the same, thus the comment is not only out of place, but also irrelevant.

Golan.Bi Day 1,763, 04:09

Nice one with the new year. I see we're on the same page here so
we're cool.

PanBangladeszu Day 1,763, 07:57

eBangladesh on the map!!! Yippee!!!!!

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 1,764, 01:54

true story !!!


kleeman Day 1,764, 02:58

I forget the original article/thing telling about e-atomic bomb. Can someone link to it? Either here or as a message to me? Thanks

Juan de la Valette
Juan de la Valette Day 1,775, 10:40


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