eAmerica - You Will Never Succeed

Day 510, 14:09 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

When I joined this game in late November, everyone was itching for war. Benn Dover, our President at that time, refused to go to war on the premise of "fun." After coordination with our Atlantis allies and enough pubic pressure, Mr. Dover launched Operation: French Toast which showed how great Atlantis was when it coordinated. Of course, the countries stopped coordinating and we lost.

Then Justinious became our next President and he was very close with Portuguese President Arthk. They coordinated a way for war games between the two nations and would fight about once a week to appease the public yearning for war. Sure, it was not perfect since it allowed PEACE fighters to gain just as much as eAmerican, but it was something we could look forward to.

When Sam became President, the wanting for war was higher than anything else. Everyone ignored the taxes, ignored the problems, ignored Alby, but wanted war. More and more war. Sam promised it, and he gave it. Invading Mexico was possibly the wisest and dumbest decision on part of the Presidency.

Our economy boomed into a war time economy - something that Romania, Indonesia, and Brazil have boasted since I have been eAlive. We gained three territories, but then we pushed on. This was of course a mistake. Regardless, everyone was still in support of our e-country. Then tragedy struck.

In December, when French Toast was lost, everyone criticized Benn Dover over his performance. The media pointed fingers and Congressmen tried to name names. In January, no matter how many times the media had said, "We do not plan to win," the public would be enraged with our leaders when we would lose the Portuguese battles. Even some Congressmen, obviously dumbfounded to what a "Top Five" article was, would question our competency.

In March, the final straw. The public was so angered at defeat that they tried to impeach the President three times, the third time being the blow heard around the eWorld. eAmerica looked tired, weak, and childish.

As many of us are real-life Americans, we have a different mentality than most other nations. Our moral high ground has left us in the dust in the race for "World Power" when we ignore the fact that this is not reality, but a game.

Political Takeovers, even if to stop one and elect in natives, was frowned upon up until recently. Some Congressmen still stand against it foolishly as we have citizens willing to help natives elect in their own leaders and stop their treasuries from being robbed.

Our populous is against expansion and imperialism because of their real-life ideology. Imperialism, like drugs, is bad, m'kay? Yet our populous continues to question our nation's strength and abilities and compare us to Indonesia and Romania. But Indonesia and Romania expanded and took what the needed.

We need to take what we need to "win" this game. We need a high iron so we can produce our own iron and not be dependent on Romania or Spain. We need constant warfare to stimulate the economy, to stimulate our workers and general managers. War brings us all high wellness, heightened consumerism, and a raising in overall rank (and thus, strength).

It is so obvious that war is good in this game, especially since no one really ever dies or goes through hardship as a result.

If it is so obvious that we should expand for our economic power, for our militaristic strength, and for our country's wealth, why don't we?

We are real-life Americans. It is in our blood to bicker, complain, and make asses of ourselves for some ideology that some philosopher wrote about hundreds of years ago. We are stuck in fighting ourselves for political control (CVP v. Libertarian, Everyone v. USWP) that we are ignoring a common factor: This is not a national social simulator, this is an international social simulator.

While we complain, bicker, and fight for whom is "Conservative" or "Socialist," our enemies and allies grow stronger. Their economies are strong and flourish. Their citizenry is wealthy, full of strong and hearty paychecks and war opportunities to level up.

So...unless we change, eAmerica, in our mentality and how we think about this game, our nation will never succeed, and we will always lose.

I found an interesting post on the eUS Forums a while back, and it was a response to "What do we value as eAmericans?" It really made me proud to be eAmerican until I realized that although we may value it, we do not practice it.

"We want to dominate, to be the strongest, and to be the wealthiest. We want high wages, lots of exports, and the means to produce everything at home. We know we have the largest population in the [e]world, and we want to use it to overthrow the other countries so we can be #1 again."

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Joe DaSmoe, or Former Vice President and eAmerican patriot, has written a reinforcement article here. It is well worth a read.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor