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Dylan's 1st Birthday!

Day 1,013, 17:41 Published in Ireland Ireland by Dylanb9216
Dylanb9216’s 1st Birthday Article!

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I will, just maybe not as hard as this guy

This article is to mark my first year (first of many) on erepublik, In my time here I’ve made lots of friends and even more enemies and I’ve enjoyed most of it 😃. As I write this I’m in some snowed in military base in Alberta, Canada on orders from Mein Fuhrer, Niall.

In my time on erep I’ve gotten a party to the #1 spot, Held 4 Ministerial positions, been a TD five times, done a couple lines of blow, ordered the impeachment of a certain president, plotted to commit political sabotage, gone undercover in the ICF and proposed a couple laws and just generally had a p good time.

This article is a bit different to most other 1 year articles as I plan to review every single Irish president throughout my lifetime and then I’ll get to the business of writing a little bit about the people I’ve met in erepublik and how they’ve effected my time here.

So here’s my take on the Presidential terms of all the Irish presidents since I was eBorn

Aran Tal - August 2009

I have to admit, since I was just a noob and joined in the closing days of Aran’s term there isn’t much I can comment on, though I do remember being level 4 and desperately wanting to join this ‘’IDF deployment to Greece’’ thingy. Aran_Tal left Ireland after his term and spent the rest of his eLife fighting for EDEN, mainly in Romania, after I asked him he came back to Ireland and just recently quit the game, RIP Aran, I guess it’s true when they say you never forget your first 😛 .

Score 6.5/10

Patton - September 2009

Now this is a name I’ll be writing more on 😛. This was Pattons first term as president during my eLife and even though I was disappointed that he had won because I was supporting a certain fellow IFP member, I found patton was a well liked and well capable leader, who always maintained good communications with the general public. Relations between Ireland and the UK remained friendly and hopeful for future co-operation. During this term Patton ensured his ministries were working well, particularly the MoC which always seems to do well during his terms. Patton also had to deal with a certain Mr. Boru’s joke Ten Minute Revolution in which state assets were stolen by Boru for roughly 10 minutes, leading to some serious controversy and Boru’s self-enforced exile to Siberia.

Score 8/10

Patton - November 2009

Pattons second term during my eLife, though this time around I wasn’t disappointed as his last term made me a supporter and voter of his. Patton devoted quite a bit of energy this month to improving the IDF, with Donovan Thomas at the helm the IDF saw some decent improvements and new members (P sure I joined around this time). The Latvia-Lithuanian wargames had provided Ireland with a chance to fight regularly and rank up. Ireland remained strictly neutral in International relations though we continued to have strong ties with the USA and the UK, Patton worked well again to ensure that good relations with the UK were maintained and built upon, the MoC was run very well during this month by a certain JSK.

Score 7/10

Appleman - December 2009

Applemans first and only term as president of Ireland, many feel it was a boring and slow month as the wargames ground to a halt due to factors out of his control (EDEN v PEACE). It was during Applemans term that digits, amongst others enacted a radical overhaul of the IDF. Appleman maintained Ireland’s neutral status but also wished for us to use the IDF to protect the freedom of other nations. During this time the first notable calls for a United Ireland are heard, but Appleman rejects the Idea and continues friendly relations with the UK.

Score 5.5/10

Edana Savage - January 2010

Edana was elected because she reflected the growing restlessness and urge for action among the Irish people. During her first term the UK was under an invasion by EDEN, there were calls from Irish citizens of both divides (in terms of relations with the UK) on what Ireland should do, 5n4keyes led a group of Irish soldiers to the UK to defend the UK who up until recently had been friends of Ireland, I was part of that group who left to fight for the UK, partially for distaste for some govt. officials and partially because I viewed the UK as a friend of Ireland’s. There were also some defeated PTO attempts during congressional elections during this time, state loans were running well and the country had reasonable economic prosperity.

Score 5.5/10

Edana Savage - February 2010

This was it, this was the month when Ireland became united for the first time, EDEN’s invasion of the UK had fallen short at London and they made an agreement for peace and the return of the UK’s original regions, since Ireland wasn’t in EDEN we didn’t have to honour any agreements, we swapped with Norway (some people may still consider this move illegal, lol) who at the time held NI. Ireland was united for the first and only time in around 700+ days of erep. Spirits were high but we knew the UK wouldn’t allow us to hold it without a fight, in private an agreement was made between our govt. and the UK’s govt. that any RW on NI wouldn’t happen until after the congressional elections typical UK fashion they broke this agreement and GladDos started a RW. The IDF, though having gone through a lot of upgrades and improvements still proved fairly ineffective, lines of supplies being the main issue, as we had over 2 maybe 3k guns stockpiled including a lot of Q5’s yet Irish people were still dependant on whatever they could afford, We fought hard in the first RW, the UK wasn’t alone in attacking NI as they had many deployed troops from Penix, and we had friends from Canada, USA and India to name a few deploying for us, in the end we won the first RW, won it comfortably, but as soon as we had secured NI, it was RW’ed again, this time we fought as hard as we could, but with supplies already low from the first battle and heavy Penix support for the UK, we lost NI (Serbia did more damage than the UK btw). We have taken NI a couple more times since then but for me it’s never been as enjoyable or as exciting as this time, I think anyone who was there would agree with me.

Score 9/10

Dubhthaigh - March 2010 (2 weeks)

Dubh scraped his way into presidency by just 2 votes, beating a close friend of mine, JSK. He was already unpopular with many factions of Ireland from his not so admirable slander campaign against Edana Savage when he last contested Presidency against her. His inclusion of controversial eIrishmen Brian Boru and John Jay in his cabinet didn’t help his cause either. Disagreements and the seemingly rejection of the Dails authority saw dubhs popularity plummet even further. And then there was the ‘’threat to the republic’’ in which senior IFP and IUP members held a meeting to discuss the possibility of political maneuvering against Labour and ISD, I was one of those senior figures and I still find dubhs overreaction p funny today. All of this negativity and the relative inconsistency of wargames or any kind of enjoyable things during dubhs term would be his downfall, I ‘’ordered’’ as some called it a low level IFP TD to propose and impeachment against Dubh, it passed and JSK became the president of Ireland, Dubh then fled the country and became a British citizen for a while before eventually returning to Ireland.

Score 2.5/10

JohnSmith 2k9 - March 2010 (1 week)

JSK came to power by impeachment, having lost the election by just 2 votes. He had a hard task ahead of him in stabilising the country from the massive infighting and decline of the IDF. John had a thankless job to do in turning Ireland back in the right direction in a short time period, he removed John Jay from the IDF and worked to better it and Ireland as a whole, he had significant opposition from Dubh’s supporters (many of which fled to the UK at this time) but he performed his duties well and reliably, in the context of helping the country get over the damage done by the previous president JSK was very effective, in a very short time period.

Score 7/10

Patton - April 2010

Patton was always good at bringing the different types of Irishmen and women together in unity and he did this well in April when he built on the foundations of stability created by JSK’s term as president. As ever the MoC was ran exceptionally well at this time by a certain Princess and the IDF was becoming a considerable fighting force for the first time in a long time. It was during this term that Ireland joined the Brolliance, which now consists of Canada, Ireland, USA, Australia and Japan. Real preparations for V2 were underway with the IDF receiving most of the conversion attention. Tensions between Ireland and the UK were high though they never materialised into a battle, which is what patton and Ireland wanted, Instead a steady stream of war came to Irish shores through our MPP with Croatia which kept the majority of eIrishmen and women happy.

Score 7/10

Patton - May 2010

Pattons last and in my opinion worst term as president, we began to depend on war via our Croatian MPP as we did not keep our place in the SOL wargames in order to save funds, this cost us when the battles provided by the Croatian MPP began to dry up and we were left without any battle at all, eventually we joined the Sol wargames again and wargames were restored. However patton went on a cruise in during his term and on the cruise he found it extremely hard to get Internet access, which meant that for a large period we were effectively leaderless, its sad that pattons last presidency ended how it did.

Score 3.5/10

Moomoohead - June 2010

Moo was under tremendous pressure to provide a war against the UK, many people wanted the button pushed, even if it would cost us our home regions in the end. Moo was extremely lucky in terms of timing as he had came to power just as Polish plans to reach North America were materialising, Poland used Scotland as a landbridge and we invaded the USA, with Poland taking the regions the US president had retreated to us in order to get Poland to certain regions they wanted to rent, without them losing their MPPS from attacking the USA directly. During this great land-swap there were some big battles as the UK finally declared war against us in order to stop Poland reaching NA, the battle of the South East for instance was the most important battle of the land-swap, we won it and Poland reached NA, as a result of all this we were offered to option of renting North Dakota for 200g a month, which we did and still do, except we now only pay 80g. Moo was extremely lucky in terms of circumstance but his leadership during the term can’t be underestimated, Ireland was a positive and united place to be during this period and I know that for many it is still their best memories in Ireland.

Score 8/10

Irishbhoy1967 - July (2 weeks)

Ibhoy was held in high regard by many people in Ireland at the time of his election (though I didn’t see why then and definitely don’t now). Not much happened during what was a fairly average and boring term, which led to ibhoy making the single worst decision ever taken by an Irish president ever, he seized numerous govt. orgs, including all of the IDF’s orgs which led to an impeachment proposal against him, before it passed he used gold stolen from the ICA to attack the UK, activating all of the UK’s powerful MPPs against Ireland, we didn’t fight in the battles as a sign of goodwill towards the UK, hoping that they might realise our situation and also show some goodwill (turns out they didn’t). Ibhoy did these stupid and reckless things to ‘’create activity’’ as he said in his explanation article, which was just ridiculous as he could have created a lot of more activity and even some enjoyment if he hadn’t stolen the IDF’s guns and supplies when we needed them most in Defend Northern Ireland (captured during moo’s term) but for some reason he decided depriving the IDF of its ability to defend Ireland was in Ireland best interest and we lost Northern Ireland, and haven’t taken it since.

Score - Die in a fire

5n4keyes - July 2010 (1 Week)

Snake took-over control of the country after ibhoys impeachment as he came second in the election, snake did well during the disastrous period of stupidity by ibhoy and was on of the people working hard to get us our government orgs back and brining Ireland back to some kind of stability, Snake had a very hard task with the fact that the UK now had the ability to wipe us off the map should they wish it, it would seem that the UK didn’t want to invade us for the near future due to economic reasons but on the last day of his term, Iain Keers pressed the button and attacked Dublin, we fought hard but the sheer size of force in the UK’s MPP’s was too much, Dublin was part of the UK, for a very short period at least.

Score 6/10

5n4keyes - August 2010

Snake was elected with a vote margin of 4 Votes, narrowly beating JSK. With the help of our Bro’s and some EDEN friends we managed to get Dublin back, yet just a few days later, depsite being invaded and owned by Canada, the UK attacked Dublin and the SE again and conquered them, we easily took them back about 3 days later and have held all our original regions ever since. The IDF has been very busy in deployments to help our Bro’s in Canada with their invasion of the UK and we’ve been having a p good time too, Though Snakes term isn’t over yet I’m going to rate in on whats happened so far.

Score 6.5/10

12 Months, 9 Presidents

It is my opinion that the greatest President to have ruled during my eLifetime is Edana Savage

I think this is appropriate...

Significant people in my eLife

JohnSmith 2k9 - A tireless worker for Ireland and a very good friend, very unlucky to have not won a CP election yet and its a shame because I know he would do an excellent job.

Moomoohead - You gave me my first task in IFP, welcoming new members, since then I haven’t left the party and I don’t think I ever will, you did though and started your own which tbh was a big blow to me, your a great friend and I wish you only the best.

Orangejuicemmm - I heard your a racist, is this true? Y/Y ?

Patton - I’ve known you since I was an eBaby, shame to see that your inactive now, I hope you come back because when you put in the effort you are one of Irelands finest.

Donovan Thomas - We had our little fights in the past but I respect you as one of Ireland’s best soldiers and I hope you don’t go anywhere anytime soon!

Grainne Ni Mhaille - My first eFriend 🙂 I still wish I could have fought in that Greek war lol, I don’t know if you’ve quit now but if you haven’t, don’t, you have the great gift of common sense, lol.

5n4keyes - You left IFP because you didn’t get your own way and all I have to say is good riddance!

Daniel Kaffe - You helped me a lot when I was a noob in IFP, but lately you’ve been inactive, hope you can come back around some time.

Brian Boru - Stay away from my freedom.

Mirek12345 - Honestly I don’t rate you as presidential material, you should put in a lot more effort before you ever consider running again.

Aran Tal - You were president when I joined Ireland and even though you spent a lot of your eLife in Romania I’ll always think highly of you.

Digits - I really don’t know what all the fuss was about tbh.

CelticTiger - Good lad, keep making articles and trying to get us a Babyboom, god knows we need it.

Paschoall - You get very emotional on IRC it seems.

John Jay - Die in a fire.

Irishbhoy1967 - die in multipile fires.

Appleman - Cheers for those tips on becoming a pilot, hopefully one day I can make good use of em.

Padraig_Pearse - Probably the coolest fgt I’ll ever know, love you, man ;_____;

Mannimarco - Probably the 2nd coolest fgt I’ll ever know.

Woldy - He’s a p cool guy, for a brit.

Michael Collins - You were a bad MoD if I’m being honest, p good trolling though.

KarlKorne - You seem to put far too much energy into the things which matter the least.

Brendan C - Your making nice articles, keep it up and get involved in politics as best you can.

Edana Savage - We have an interesting old relationship lol, I still respect you hugely for the first battles of NI.

Seanlynch - Please don’t stop making articles.

Mr Ginge - Maybe I’d write something nice about you but nah, there’s nothing nice to write.

CplUseless - You ran the IDF well for a while but then went inactive, now your somewhere in Asia, have fun with that.

Gonzo - You G-Irish Stout gave me liver failure, I want a coupon for another one free.

IanArbuckle - Keep up the work in the IDF, but don’t try and run for president 😛.

Kolshire - Give me back my ops! srsly though your a good guy who has served Ireland for a very long time, keep it up.

Nith - I guess you were active back in the day but during my eLifetime I haven’t seen much activity out of you.

Irish Princess - We have a bit of polar relationship, your not active anymore though 😕 come back pls.

Celsius - I know you mainly from IFP, great guy who deserves more credit than he gets.

Ivan Blair - You show a lot of potential, good luck with your term as PP of IFP.

John Gormley - Like Daniel Kaffe you helped me a lot when I was a noob, but unlike Dan your still around and active, don’t ever leave, if you did a big part of IFP would go with you! 🙁 btw Cork are going DOWN this year, get it?

Bristel Akina - I accepted your citizenship request and it’s probably the best citizenship I’ve ever granted, good luck in everything you do.

Theus Jackus - A well respected drug dealer in the general Donabate area.

Dubhthaigh - Your legislation has kept me up nights sometimes and other times, put me to sleep 😛

Biffo- A good friend who was born around the same time as me, you quit now though which is a great shame, hopefully you’ll come back someday.

Octavius Dryst - Great guy even though he doesn’t like the Soprano’s, good luck with your presidential run, I’ll be voting for ya.

GordonGekko - We had some good times back when I ran IFP and you ran IUP, plotting to destroy the left is always fun 😃

LordoIrish - I’m pretty certain you completely copied one of my manifestos a couple months ago.

Asky91 - I got you to come over to Ireland from Italy, and I tried to keep you interested in the game as best I could, sadly you quit.

Marius_Coroleone - You were in #Ireland the day of the first RW’s in NI and we talked for a while, I thanked you for coming to fight for us and we talked a bit, though we didn’t talk for long I could tell you were a sound lad, a while ago it was announced that you had died IRL, a loss to RL and eCanada alike, RIP.

Connell Rath - Stop with the complaining!!!!

Ronan Donovan - Not known much outside IFP but Ronan is a sound and honest lad.

Castaneda - A monkey indeed.

Nogin the Nog - Ireland’s best business tycoon and an all round good person.

Donut - One of Ireland’s best, btw I promise to maybe repay you that 5 gold one day lol.

Caladbolg - Great guy who always gave 110% when fighting for Ireland, he’s on deployment with the US army (RL) right now, get home safe o7.

Darragh - God your boring 😉

Sean Power - Great lad and an even greater CO, Sean has done shed-loads of work for the IDF both in the past and right now, I hope he’ll keep up the good work o7.

Niall - I don’t know what to say really, other than you really need to change that avatar, srsly.

And last but not least.....

Admin! - Stop destroying the game 😑

This article is coming to an end.....

That’s about it really, but before I finish, I’d like to propose a toast....

Here’s to our wives and girlfriends, may they never meet!

Yours respectfully,



Dylanb9216 Day 1,013, 17:49


Jeff Sullivan
Jeff Sullivan Day 1,013, 17:51


Nice, long article too 🙂

TemujinBC Day 1,013, 17:58

You stole the picture I used in my bday article, and you still hate Irishbhoy even though he is Legend. Respectfully, sir, this article is fail.

You simply don't seem to understand. 🙁

Happy birthday anyways.

King Connell
King Connell Day 1,013, 18:04

Happy Birthday - It was suprisingly civil, but unsuprisingly biased.

If someone is looking for a history of Ireland this is not a good reference

Dylanb9216 Day 1,013, 18:05

Yes because you own the rights to a picture by use of it in an article, lol okay.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,013, 18:09

Agreed with Connell, as I said on IRC, Was expecting better tbh but the people comments where good, except for the lack of my praise.

Donovan Thomas
Donovan Thomas Day 1,013, 18:19

Happy Birthday,

I never have been able to figure you out and that is part of your "charm"...

When you shine, you're like a super nova, and when you roll in the mud you're the dirtiest in the trough. Happy Birthday Dylan.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,013, 18:19


JohnSmith 2K9
JohnSmith 2K9 Day 1,013, 18:24

great Article Dylan, loved the bits about me 😃. hopefully one day i will win a CP election,
happy ebday

Robin Locksley
Robin Locksley Day 1,013, 19:03

Happy Birthday!
I didn't know I was older you.

Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 1,013, 19:39

Emm Dylan... You forgot to call me a fgt. Seriously you need to continue the tradition.

Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,013, 19:40

You legend (used in the Irish sense rather than the Temujin manlove way) , you've brought me (and I'd guess alot of other ppl) alot of enjoyment outta de game. Sorry for going psycho at you once.... serioously I dunno how you;'ve ever talked to me again after that!! And happy birthday man! one of the guys I'd love to have a pint with irl coz I'm sure I'm missing 3/4 of the story... mysterious, funny, awesome guy

Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,013, 19:44

also you recognised the greatness of GG,,,,,,,,, a testement to your lengendarianous 😄

Solaris Templar
Solaris Templar Day 1,013, 19:56

Happy Birthday Dylan!

Edana Savage
Edana Savage Day 1,013, 20:15

Happy Birthday, my friend. Yes, we have had an interesting relationship. That time when we took NI and everything else (you know what I'm talking about) was the best time I have ever had on here, STILL. We will have to do it again. And you are absolutely right, my first term sucked. I hated that first term. Pissed me off, which is why the second term was so awesome. Cheers!

Celsius Day 1,013, 21:17

Happy Birfday. 😕
Octavius doesn't like the Sopranos? Throw him in the fires as well lol

Donovan Thomas
Donovan Thomas Day 1,013, 21:28

Edana, your second term was awesome though (Ahem)...

Cpl Useless
Cpl Useless Day 1,013, 21:31

I may be a bit biased, but only 8/10 for moo's term? The length of excitement and action involved during that month was brilliant. Definitely the most fun I've had in eRep.

Heindrich Gruber
Heindrich Gruber Day 1,013, 22:57

Congrats, although I disagree with you often.

moomoohead Day 1,014, 00:38

Happy Birthday, Great Article from a good friend.

supermaghe Day 1,014, 00:57

Happy Birthday!

seanlynch Day 1,014, 01:52

Don't worry , I'll make it muy civic (not the car) duty to keep the artyicles comming!

CelticTiger211 Day 1,014, 02:27

Dylan you should make a wiki' page entitled "Presidential History of eIreland" and put your piece on there. Nice stuff.

James Campbell
James Campbell Day 1,014, 04:01

sure am glad i didnt die yesterday like i should have done, cause i would have missed this! Happy burthday dylan. Remember you said you were going to quit on your birthday, mmmyeah

castaneda Day 1,014, 04:17

Hooray !!!!

Happy eBirthday dude

Ian Arb
Ian Arb Day 1,014, 04:58

"Keep up the work in the IDF, but don’t try and run for president"
Who said I would run for President? I wouldn't survive as President honestly so it never gonna happen. Also happy ebirthday

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,014, 05:11

Happy birthday Dylan. You've been a quirky character that people love to hate and hate to love here for a year now. I hope you never change.
btw, I think moo was slightly ahead of Edana. And what happened to October?
Overall an excellent article though and I particularly laughed at the comments about Theus and Lordo.

MrConway Day 1,014, 05:25

Agree with everything but that you want SeanLynch to keep writing

rivere123 Day 1,014, 05:34

Beautiful article, Dylan.
And so my story begins at Snakeyes. 😛

CSI Headquarters
CSI Headquarters Day 1,014, 07:55

Happy Birthday & hopefully you'll have many more

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,014, 08:42

Love u to, even though you betrayed me several times ;_;

duby44 Day 1,014, 19:22

nice article very funny

Irish Radical Party
Irish Radical Party Day 1,015, 02:09

Cake and an air-kiss has been dispatched.
You desperate rascal, I remember you from your very first noises 🙂
I didnt read all that^ tbh, it was too painful, lol.
Enjoy yourself.

Mr Ginge
Mr Ginge Day 1,015, 06:37

But... you're just an unintelligent cunt.

Ronan Donovan
Ronan Donovan Day 1,015, 13:12

Happy birthday.Congrats!And WD for being a great eCitizen for 12 months.

Thanks too for mentioning me.I don't know what I did to deserve it but I'm not gonna say no to the compliment and praise 🙂

Bogdan Armand Sibrand
Bogdan Armand Sibrand Day 1,035, 14:52

Hail EDEN!

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