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Day 1,631, 02:23 Published in USA Czech Republic by Red Duck

In this article I would like to write about my impressions in America.

Feeling when you will get American citizenship is great. Its not that easy to get stars and stripes flag. I had to fill form and actively contacting my friends in US to guarantee my trustworthiness. But who thought that this is end and now I will drink wine somewhere in California was wrong…well I was wrong. I got into realy badass Seal Team 6, whose commanders helped me in, got tens of new contacts and intructions and offers on many pages. America is my first big country and Seal Team 6 my first realy proffesional military unit.

Even as pup in unit and newbie I was overwhelmed. I am overwelmed as normal citizen. Something what I have never experienced outside government. I am on irc for hours. I have met with many new people. I have registered on forum and observed completely new things to me. Completely unknown people are contacting me. The feeling of military unit is much stronger than what I experienced in past.

Also, in my former country I was one. I was top in rank and one of oldest citizens. While I didnt want to participate in decision making, I had to. I felt great responsibility. Every left citizen, every wrongdoer in my country made scars. I allways hated leading or persuading of people…doesnt matter how honest are you, how true is your heart - in politics, opponents are throwing dirt on you. And if you are responsible politican you have to think about compromises. I hate moral compromises.

Now I am just average guy. One of many but still makes difference. Thats why I still feel comfortable here even when I am more on erepublik than I was in past months. Thank you for reading and sorry for bad English.



Ferdinand7 Day 1,631, 03:13


ARISTOMAXOS Day 1,631, 04:00


The.Dude Day 1,631, 04:01

Welcome Aboard Shipmate!


Yanisin Day 1,631, 04:06

v 🙂

dullcica Day 1,631, 04:13


Waruda Day 1,631, 04:16

I share the same feelings about Politics in eRepublik, surprisingly.

Darius Perkin
Darius Perkin Day 1,631, 04:28

Welcome to the team

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,631, 04:51


Antonio NuNez
Antonio NuNez Day 1,631, 05:10


Cubby Day 1,631, 05:18

RAWR! and welcome!

Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Day 1,631, 05:54


Yetlanesi Day 1,631, 06:18

I am also a foreigner as you are, Red Duck... But in ST6 I feel like I'm home. Enjoy your stay. 😮]

Edelmann Day 1,631, 08:40

Voted hard.. Awesome international badass MU is awesome international badass. : P

Maxx Johnson
Maxx Johnson Day 1,631, 09:04

I learned a few years ago politics will suck the life out of you quickly. I even left the game because of it. Then I came back, joined ST6 and haven't looked back since.

3mBaRg0 Day 1,631, 10:47

Welcome in... you'll never regret it 🙂

gabberattack Day 1,631, 12:34

It's much easier to get eRep U.S. Citizenship than RL so enjoy it. I have to wait few more years for mine... : D

Michal XVI
Michal XVI Day 1,631, 12:35

I think, your english is perfect Red

Animis Day 1,631, 12:47

As a new friend I am smiling brightly, I am glad you feel welcome and valued, we are happy to have you join us!

V & S

DCXII Day 1,631, 15:52

the thing is you will never be an average guy, Red
neither in game nor in rl ))) good luck to you .. and welcome to st6

rawr o/

vrpanch Day 1,632, 07:48

Comment deleted

BrunoCND Day 1,641, 12:01


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