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Duality of opposition

Day 1,879, 15:17 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

Duality of opposition

Those of you guys who have studied physics remember the duality of
nature of matter: wave and mass.

Let me do one of those crazy anologies of mine. Although due to the
fractal nature of universe is not crazy to extend such duality to
"anything" included party dialectics.

As you may recall, wave nature of matter implies that the matter
vibrates and what's more important releases or absorbs energy due to
this nature. This wave nature is the change, the movement, the
energy. Here in eUK, New Era represents this characteristic of
dynamism, change, trial and error and oscillation.

The "static" part of the matter (and the energy) implies that there's
something that stays along the time, like a statue: unchanged
properties and values. The classical example here in eUK is UKRP: so
inmutable, so unchanged, so static, so quinta essential of itself, so
independent of eUK. UKRP has been unable to change, to adapt, to try,
and it has , little by little, been eaten by other parties.

As in physics, there's nothing that doesn't oscillate that doesn't
that has some kind of "matter". Any party shows both characteristics:
dynamism and selfish own values and properties.

TUP behaves like heavy matter, with little vibrations, and
boredom. 1Vision, New Era and others like pure energy.
WRP? I'd say it's very balanced, it'd be an "electron"

The question is that you can't kill that inherent duality and that is
healthy in some sort of way. Even, some parties, some guys, like
BigAnt find impossible to forget the static nature of the power, and
rely over and over again in "static and selfish values". It's true,
that "the static side" has some values, but, you won't expect ever
them to understand "pure energy".

What's happening now in eUk is just a normalization of political
structure. Old "heavy matter" guys will feel unease with "pure energy",
while "pure energy guys" will always feel they can't completely
override "the matter".

An eUK with no energy is just what you've lived till now:

- stagnant
- coward
- bore
- stable

And eUK with pure energy is what we'd like to live:
- extremely dynamic, trying new militaries, new economies, new
- bold
- fun
- unstable ( for the good and for the bad).

I would have loved Big Ant to have set a more "energetic" or "pure
energetic" cabinet, anyway, it's got more energy lately. It's important,
anyway, that we understand that "each aspect" is not going to
understand the other aspect, ever. And that even "each aspect still
holds some part of the other".

Finally, don't expect this duality to vanish ever. The so called TUP "unity" is a
negation of the "energy" present in everything, included
politics. Needless to say that New Era energy has renewed and
empowered eUK to endless limits.

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Thedark ace Day 1,879, 15:22


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Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Day 1,880, 02:55

You know what else is static and unchanging? Gold.

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