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Does raising Income Taxes save the economy

Day 1,820, 13:42 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

I see now the 2nd proposal to raise income taxes. Its about 12% now going up to 18%.

I dont know about other people but unless you have a cosy or "friend" job you could be earning around 33 IEP- 50 IEP now. Take away 18% so that is 5.94 so a person earning $33 will be getting 27.06 IEP.

Despite it being low it doesnt bother me for one as i mostly work for the hard worker medal and one cannot expect a business too pay massive wages if it makes small change itself for your work.

So lets take a very positive of 100 IEP 18% on that is exactly 18IEP. sO LETS TAKE AN AVERAGE OF +- 350 active players even at avg 100 IEP it would mean 6300 IEP up from 4200. So 2100 more. But that is best case scenario. ATM I think the avg pay could be 50 IEP giving us 1050 IEP more a day.

Taking into account the bad economy and the 0 benefits normal players get from thieves. Over taxing us doesnt seem to me a good idea just from a social point of view. Ok I guess that it can make a slight difference but most players won't really get any advantage from it.



Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Day 1,820, 19:56

It should make some difference to our treasury, and I'm no economist so I don't know what the other advantages might be. What I always find striking about taxing companies and workers though, is that it really doesn't effect commune workers. Since they get paid in direct goods they avoid paying a lot of tax... I'm not sure if its then fair to give free enterprise the bill when they make up such an ever decreasing portion of the population.

Oh well...

Bhane Day 1,820, 22:17

Simple answer... no.

ALL income rates should be 1%
There is no reason to tax the average citizens to pay for the goodies of the few in charge.

mostates Day 1,821, 23:38

I think problem is that Ireland has a not-so-extraordinary-actually-quite-ordinary 'theft' issues.

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,821, 02:42

If you want to benefit from Mpp's, still keep the IA and Boot camp supply/support programs then you'll need to pay taxes, diminishing eIreland population means the rest of us need to pay more to maintain the same services, however all country's are in the same boat and while our taxes are not the lowest, they are not the worst either.

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,821, 02:43

As for 350 active players, if only, those numbers only come out to play at election time when the multi's are dug up.

asecondchance Day 1,821, 05:02

I am 100% against the income tax increase. I agree it should be at 1%. We cant punish the citizens for the thievery of our money. The plan to recovery should be a long road and not try to solve it all in 1 term.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,821, 13:38

If you want Boot Camp to continue to be state funded, we need to recover the millions we've lost recently. As for active citizens, I'd take the number who voted in the presidential elections as a barometer, so that's more like 200.. There is a good point about commune workers "getting away with it", though. I work in one, as I imagine a lot of others do, so I pay essentially zero income tax. I'd be quite happy to pay an amount if it was applied to everyone and that should help the coffers.

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