DoD Orders March 10 (Day 1206; updated 1630 eRep) Lisboa

Day 1,204, 23:19 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Orders

This is the official orders paper of the eUSA! All Civilian Volunteers are encouraged to help defend the eUS and her Allies by following these orders!

Fight Instructions
Pick a battle where the end of a mini-battle or round is about to end and fight there if it is at 45% or higher in our favor. Focus your damage near the ends of mini-battles and make sure to put it in the battle we're most likely to win. Fight smart!

Fight for the RESISTANCE in Lisboa:
We are returning this region to Portugal.

We have chat rooms available during the ends of battles:
Join IRC and get on #defense.


Join the eUSA Military!

We're looking for a few gamers. If you think you have the right stuff then sign up. But if you can't keep up then don't step up. The Training Corp is the gateway to the National Guard, Mobile Infantry, Army, Airborne and Marines. Want more info? Apply below:

Bradley Reala
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff