Division of congress members

Day 346, 06:20 Published in USA by Plato

Dear citizens,

In one of the last Insider articles we presented the improvements regarding the congressional elections. Most of the citizens asked us how the members of congress will be divided per region, and in this article we'll explain the solution to this challenge.

Number of congress seats in a country or region

The total number of congress members representing a region will be a minimum of one and a maximum of 10, depending on the number of regions in each country.
The normal number of congress members will be 40. The full division of congress seats depending on the number of regions can be found here.

Wild cards

Besides the candidates that have received a congress seat (the ones above the green line), the remaining candidates with the highest number of votes from all regions gain a wild card and become congress members as well (see scheme). See how the number of wild cards are distributed per country depending on the number of regions .

These improvements will bring more dynamism and interaction to the congressional elections for the citizens in the New World. As always we're waiting for your feedback.

Increasing population

The number of congress seats in each country is influenced only by the number of regions. We won’t take into account the size of the population. Of course the eRepublik population will increase a lot, but this doesn't mean that we should start having congresses with hundreds of members using the same tools.
Instead we will focus on increasing the number of administrative positions (judges, mayors, etc.).

The same situation happens also for parties. Only the top five parties, in terms of members (the living ones, of course) in each country can participate in the election. It would be pretty difficult for the regular voter to choose among a higher number of parties. A better solution here is to facilitate the development of political alliances and, even better, improve the ways that parties express themselves so that they can grow their base.

Thank you,
The eRepublik Team