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Dishonoured "Honorary Citizen" and His Supporters

Day 1,746, 06:20 Published in South Africa Romania by Ejdatful

Dear "Honorary Citizen" and His Supporters,

As you know , we have a honorary citizenship statue in our forums. This statue makes concessions to people even they aren't elected to congress and helps people to have a voice in country administration.

This statue is given to people who has served well to country , make good plans about the future of the country. And also these honorary citizens must be respectful to the community.

There is one who has qualificated to this statue in South Africa forums. There is no doubt about his services to the South Africa. However as we see from his threats , he thinks himself superior than other citizens and the whole South Africa community.

Although he was warned several times , he didn't learn to be respectful and he didn't deserve the "Honorary Citizenship" statue.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago , his "Honorary Citizenship" was revoked by the congress. Although the terms didn't change , there was a new poll regarding evoking his "Honorary Citizenship" .

And he won his statue back again.

There is a fact that he insulted IA members, RL Turkish people and we didn't see any apologies. However IA celebrities supported him to come back in poll.

We believed that IA was a family and we were members of it. However we realized , we were wrong. We were not in the same side with them.


I want to declare that We are all leaving IA and joining RISE.
We RISE to fight for the pride, dignity and equality of our sacred lands.

Thanks for Miaow 😉
Thanks for everyone.

IA Members
Léon Reno
Neptun Steel
xxx Nelson Mandela xxx



Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,746, 06:22


mulderpf Day 1,746, 06:22

Do you guys ever get over things or do you hold grudges forever?

Wilpanzer Day 1,746, 06:37

V, GL and enjoy RISE!

Lion of Deserts
Lion of Deserts Day 1,746, 06:40

anlamadım ne olmuş ama karşıdan vurulacaksa haberim olsun : )

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,746, 06:42

@Abi, senin 15M baya bi süre götürecek bizi, sıkıntı yok şimdilik sakin : )

S.N.A.F.U Day 1,746, 06:47

Next time any of these persons make the slightest insult against me I will instantly play the racism card and state that they didn't just mean me as an individual but my entire country. No matter what the insult was.

Get over yourselves.

Vanessa1309 Day 1,746, 07:02

Come on guys! You have to understand that which ever party you go to, you have to respect the opinion of congress and ALL the parties were supporting Tenshibo, including RISE.
I wish you well in your new party

Locutus Day 1,746, 07:03

Well, in all fairness "he" is supperior to you guys. He didn´t insult "RL Turkish people" he insulted you! Get over it already!

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,746, 07:06


Xelath Day 1,746, 07:30

crueldestiny + 1 tahmin edemiceğiniz zamandır inaktif oynuyorum emin olun çok bar birikti 😃

Mad Johnson
Mad Johnson Day 1,746, 07:34

I am very unhappy about how Leon and his chaps dealt with this. They behaved like kids and threatened to leave IA as our congress members who represented the people of eSA, decided that it was in the best interest of the country to re-instate Ten's hc on the forum.

Good luck Luna, you are gonna have to change a few diapers while they are there! 🙂

mulderpf Day 1,746, 07:35

Ooo...I got screen-captured 😃

Don Vin
Don Vin Day 1,746, 07:41

so whats the game plan

wats next

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,746, 07:49


As a president of IA, all you can is humiliate us with these words? You couldn't handle this situation well. Deal with it first.

I didn't threat congress, never. I just spoken with you and told you we are uncomfortable with this situation and wondered If you can find any solution. You just repeated yourself and we left.

Invite that HC to the your party instead us. lol

Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Day 1,746, 08:31

and massive lols were had.

Locutus Day 1,746, 08:39

@Ejawful: You and your cronies need to quit suc*ing each other, you´re too full of yourselves already! I am objective, now quit behaving like bu* hurt brats.

Dead Citizen M 26 7
Dead Citizen M 26 7 Day 1,746, 08:51

ENapoleon's erepublik Money Money Money !!!

Vanessa1309 Day 1,746, 08:59

I will not keep my words to myself, who do you think you are exactly? After all I did for you people, you kick me in the teeth! Do what you like I'm glad you guys have moved!

Vanessa1309 Day 1,746, 09:00

Just remember when everyone was screaming Turkish PTO, that it was me who stood by you

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,746, 09:02

@Vanessa, I've answered your PM in forum. Would you like to repeat my message?

Ejdatful Day 1,746, 09:08

@lara may Really?

Vanessa1309 Day 1,746, 09:11

I was referring to Ejdatful who tells me to keep my words to myself. Everyone has the right to speak and I will do so

Vanessa1309 Day 1,746, 09:15

So because you didn't ask for help, you are not grateful for it?

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,746, 09:20

V, everyone grateful for your all helps. Miaow is supporting your presidency, and we are still friends. Aren't we?

Vanessa1309 Day 1,746, 09:23

Leon, you and I are friends of course. But even friends have issues sometimes, and it's unfair to blame a person or a party for a congress vote, it is the word of the people, all the people. The votes spoke for themselves. Even family members don't force opinions on each other, or at least they shouldn't

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,746, 09:28

V, I saw most of my family members are supporting another person who insulting me. I'm still at the same house with you, just I picked another room : ) I like you, but not your room-mates.

arsened Day 1,746, 11:24


Tenshibo Day 1,746, 13:09

I couldn't read the article, because all the words said,"gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel falafel falafel, gobble gobble gobble falafel"

Rexdeus Day 1,746, 13:11

great party, enjoy, best of luck!

kiwifire1 Day 1,746, 13:30

@Ejdatful, my turn 😮)

Mate you really need sort yourself out before you write an article like this.
Yep you are right, Ten did loose right as a honorary citizen's. But guess what mate. It was revoted and YOU and LEON had your say and vote. Im sorry it was overturned. Boo-hoo.

respectful community.....who fought for Brazil yesterday??? Here we are all of us trying to bust our arses to get our regions back and here your are Ej fighting for the other side. Wanna try again mate?

Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Day 1,746, 13:54

Looks like the IA will benefit most from this whole thing.

It's hilarious that these guys are so worked up about an obvious clown and spammer like Tenshibo "insulting" them. They wouldn't have lasted a day in the eR and eSA of 3-4 years ago when curses and insults between us and the Indonesians, Croatians and Brazilians flew like crazy from both sides. I guess we just had thicker skins... and more of a sense of humor back then.

atrawall Day 1,746, 14:10

lol old people

Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Day 1,746, 14:13

Are clearly tougher than this young batch of cry babies. lol

kiwifire1 Day 1,746, 14:59

Right on Jizz! Think he's joking? Go back and read some of Jizzie's or Rico''s old articles and comments on them.

Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Day 1,746, 16:55

Buncha meanie heads commenting in this article!!!!

*internet sarcasm*

LiquidIce Day 1,746, 23:05

Whatever... You have egg on your face, but you just won't admit it... You are just showing your childish side by throwing your toys out of the cot... Boohoo, IA does not stand behind me for not wanting Tenshibo, so I am going to leave. What are you going to do when RISE member do not stand behind you on another issue? Also pack up and leave?

Grow up, put this behind you and move on.

LiquidIce Day 1,746, 23:08

Oh crap, just thought of it now. This probably means that mulderpf should also leave IA as he was the one who started the whole thing and now IA 'turned' against him by evoking Ten's HC... Oh dear...

kuckuck Day 1,747, 03:02

It was never an IA affair (like LI said, one of the most influential IA member, twice country president, did a hard campaign against Tenshibo). We are a party that respect the different opinions and there are no party orders unless is an strategic affair for eSA. Plurality of voices, that's no BS.

Jizzie: Bullseye

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 1,747, 11:04

I didn't know turkish was a synonym for perma-butthurt.

Ramet3 Day 1,747, 14:18

Who are these guys?

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 1,747, 22:11

Babies. They are itty bitty groupthink babies.

Nickerball Day 1,747, 22:47

Ejdatful, you should blame the person responsible for reinstating Tenshibo's Honorary Citizenship and not the party or Mulder. I am not sorry I started the threat to have him reinstated so yes, I am the responsible person to blame.
Maybe you should stop your whining and being childish and just carry on playing the game like you did before. You were some nice guys before all of this

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