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Dishonour and betrayal.

Day 1,885, 16:20 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

Dishonour and betrayal.

At this point of the game, we all (in eUK and outside) know that BigAnt is
a bad president. I won't list all the mistakes and shortcomings of

The question is that we have to fight together now. So my point is
that some of you should flush in shame because of your low attitude
and poor behaviour regarding this war.

If you go to you'll see interesting facts in the day of
Wales campaign, 1883 and 1884. You'll see there that:
- Legion increased its damaged a 50%
- TUP family , nothing
- British army, a 100%

So, some units behaved as patriots other didn't, even if they're so
called national MU.

BigAnt is the only responsible of the mess ( we all agree on
that) and the political carnage has found a political corpse to bite,
revealing the lowest instinct of many:

- Mainly, jamesw, who, in a clear act of treason and betrayal, has
added confusion and it has given orders against the official ones:

- Keers and other TUP (thomas, kravenn) have been veryyyyyy slow and
dumb. Yeah, it's all BigAnt's fault BUT, in your position of TWO
ambassadors, you should have MOVED to improve OUR DEFENSE. You
didn't, keers and kravenn. So you have a responsability here that
you haven't acomplished. And yes, we know BigAnt is unworthy of
being a president. But , are you worthy of being UK representative
AT ALL? No, you aren't.

The overall impression I got from Wales campaign is that political
divide is just that we have a bunch of cowards and mean people that is
not going to move just to punish an already political dead horse:

You all, every single minister, captain, fighter has the responsability
,in your scope, of improving things, of winning. Forget blaming (more)
on BigAnt. He won't be re-elected or supported. It's clear he's not good
enough for the job. Start to work on the solution.

Don't worry, time will judge you all. And you'll keep sliding slowly
to oblivion: ESO, TUP, UKRP,...

Have fun!



jamesw Day 1,885, 16:31

I didn't give orders, I offered what I thought was the best solution going forward. People discussed the future, they didn't (because they couldn't) fight where I was talking about because the battles aren't open yet. There have been no real updates from BigAnt about our midterm tactics, just day by day (and tactically conflicting) orders. I won't apologise for trying to map out a workable and understandable account, because BigAnt failed to. Someone has to tell people what the solution can be.

as for two, I am not really sure they could have changed anything, BA wanted war and did what he pleased without thinking it through. That isn't TWOs fault.

BA and in theory congress (who relied on BAs competence) are at fault.

Bohemond4 Day 1,885, 16:54

Your article looks like hate and bitterness to me Alphabethis. You are a well known hater of TUP/UKRP and ESO, do not try and deny it. You cover ONE battle when we had 3/4 to fight and try to justify some nonsense like we did not fight at all. TUP Family's orders where set all day to wherever the changing orders from BigAnt were. I know, because I was online most of yesterday. I used ALL my bazookas, ALL my energy bars. I used ALL my damage where I was ordered to do so by the government.

As for Kravenn and Keers, do not be daft, TWO has more than one priority to fight, in case you are unaware, there is a current invasion of Romania from Poland and Hungary. Serbia is fighting Croatian RW, which, if they had worked would see Croatia in the heartland of TWO. Besides, Keers is a POLISH citizen, which, according to you, means he has no say, no opinion when it comes to the eUK. Therefore how dare he try and help us out.

I laugh, do you know why? You attack TUP, yet whenever something goes wrong, you cry to us to fix it, or ask why we have not waved our magic wand and magically fixed yet another mistake of BigAnts. You wanna know why this war did not happen last Christmas? Talon Karrde, Iain Keers and Kravenn. And what was their thanks? Some accusing them of conspiracy, other declaring that BigAnt had a brilliant term and not registering the fact that he was saved by TUP members. You are a hypocrite, you declare we are in the wrong, that we do not care about the UK, yet when something bad happens, it is to TUP you cry for help.

this single-minded hatred for TUP is what led YOU to attacking ME in my first couple of weeks of elife. Its what leads to those members you attack for not helping to not bother. Grow up. This is the result of the war policy your party craves.

Kravenn Day 1,885, 17:27

When you are in an alliance, you work for it. I don't work for UK gov, or only the UK benefits. I work for TWO.
And we are 6 countries inside + 3 in ACT.
Also, I'm not in charge on defence prio, that's not my job.

PL + Hun are fighting against Romania
PL had an important RW against France (even if french gov didn't supported it)
Serbia has a lot of RW to manage and need to avoid Croatia returns in europa.
Estonia (ACT member) was almost wiped and we needed to help them.

So, We can't put always prio on a country, because others won't be happy. you need to understand that. UK isn't the only country who deserve help.
Last thing : I'm SoFA and it means secretary of foreign affairs, It's not me who decide who fight where.

I agree with Bohemond, when we saved BA's ass, we were considered as conspirationnists, and he took all the glory for himself. You supported him and said that he has a brillant term.

The only thing that you are always doing is show your hate against TUP but you are the first to ask TUP help to save UK's ass. You are a total hypocrit

surferdude Day 1,885, 22:08

Who is right and who is wrong. The world may never know.

"There are only two things certain in life: Death and Taxes"

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,886, 23:12

Who is right and who is wrong. The world may never know.

"There are only two things certain in life: Death and Taxes"

...also that the object in your birds bedside table isn't an electric rolling pin

Thomas765 Day 1,886, 01:32

I don't hold any formal position in any government or alliance, nor am I TUP.

Spite313 Day 1,886, 01:43

I can only step in to save someone so many times. Don't rely on me to make up for the fact you voted in an idiot twice instead of two good and reliable candidates we proposed.

I'm happy to help but I'm not here to prop up incompetent presidents who attack me at every opportunity no matter how much I help.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,886, 06:26

LOL save the UK arse, you are meant to be apart of the UK No? Maybe you have your own agenda and you put your party before your country , it very sad to see .

Bardokva Day 1,886, 06:46

I think it was a tactical error occurred at the beginning of the campaign! Norway had first to be conquered completely and only then focus on Canadian invasion!

Alphabethis Day 1,886, 07:31

"BA and in theory congress (who relied on BAs competence) are at fault. " Forget it and fight and don't confuse people any more.

Alphabethis Day 1,886, 07:40

@kravenn , @bohemond "I agree with Bohemond, when we saved BA's ass, we were considered as conspirationnists, and he took all the glory for himself"

You are in TWO for saving UK ass, forget BigAnt. Do you think he has any glory at all, then or now ?

@Keers , "two good and reliable candidates we proposed." betafox a good candidate ? Come on! Talon is good , yet boring. Anyway, nobody expected such a bad president. We took previous mistakes as "normal" mistakes. BigAnt has gone beyond the "normal" ammount of mistakes. I did recognize YOUR efforts and OF ANY TUP MEMBER, did you remember? The comment must be there still. You are required to do your best ( even now and always, regardless of the colour of the ruling party).

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Day 1,886, 07:51

yes we need to stick like glue in these times which this article portrays- and then it becomes ambiguous with attacks on jamesw

Spite313 Day 1,886, 08:13

Bro, I'm human. I'll help if I'm asked. If I'm called a c*#& every day I won't. Comments like your and the ones from dapper = sort your own mess out.

Alphabethis Day 1,886, 08:52

Keers, I agree, you are right to be human... but you're too human and too less stateman. See Alfagrem, he's behaved exceedingly good... yet you, for your human reasons, didn't want him. The same with Goku... A bit of cold blood and sense of state.

Bohemond4 Day 1,886, 10:18

Alpha proves, once again, he knows nothing.

Spain declares war on Canada. Have a nice day.

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,886, 10:58

It's hard to take any of this seriously. People are leaving way too detailed responses on what is obviously a troll article...

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,887, 02:33

What you going on about keers ? what comments from me ? and this isnt our mess , Bigant is the man on the trigger his a law to himself it seems..

Niemand Day 1,887, 04:26

UK must be glad that allies like Poland set orders to help UK even when the current CP of UK makes big mistakes. Spain did NE on Canada.
As Polish citizen I have fought for UK. We lost some regions because we helped UK (CotD mostly for UK and DO of Polish Civil Army mostly for UK too). We cannot do this for many days.
Improve the current UK policies might be important.

WayneKerr Day 1,887, 05:21

Niemand, your posts are getting really boring to read...

and to echo Elle, it's hard to take any of this seriously. People are leaving way too detailed responses on what is obviously a troll article...

GameChanger Day 1,887, 09:45


Spygon Day 1,887, 15:29

Right i am fed up with being nice who put BigAnt in the PM chair UKPP and new era because your against "elitism" of this country.

Who has had to clean up this mess our allies,legion and the old-fags there is a reason we are here because they have the most experience in this game.

Also the people in TWO HQ are neutral and have to see what is best for the alliance as a whole but i guess your being told they have abandoned the eUK for umm not really sure to be honest.This is on BigAnts head he fucked up we were lucky that Spain and Two stuck there neck out to save us

Orinocco Day 1,887, 15:51

you are crap like your article, it wasnt a very long time ago you moved somewhere else now you are spouting some rubbish of being patriotic. Hah what a joke you are.

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,887, 16:13

>BigAnt's fault

>UKRP, TUP and ESO are going to suffer for it


Jordee14 Day 1,887, 16:16

I'm so pleased I clicked along for a couple of months to keep my account going long enough to see everything fall apart!!
All the power obsessed wannabes hating on tup and driving them all away a couple of months ago to get UKPP & NE into power & expell TUP & the old fags, now deserting BA like a bad smell & demanding help to sort out his mess.
It's priceless, ha ha ha.

Ullok Day 1,887, 16:25

“So, some units behaved as patriots other didn't, even if they're so called national MU.”

It is much harder to double hundreds of millions of influence than it is tens of millions.
Hits is a better indicator of activity, everyone stepped up their game. Next time please back up your accusations.

Day 1882
British Army: 3062 hits, 53,623,640 influence
TUP Family: 4894 hits, 88,304,410 influence
Legion: 7563 hits, 138,096,080 influence

Using these as a baseline:

Day 1883
BA: 3836 (+774) hits, 79,663,360 (+26,039,720) influence
TF: 6692 (+1798) hits, 99,499,440 (+11,195,030) influence
Le: 9460 (+ 1897) hits, 190,247,500 (+52,151,420) influence

Day 1884
BA: 4203 (+1141) hits, 67,119,510 (+13,495,870) influence
TF: 6399 (+1504) hits, 92,212,230 (+3,907,820) influence
Le: 15283 (7720) hits, 293,031,450 (+154,935,370) influence


Spygon Day 1,887, 17:52

The "British army" have shown they cant do whats needed as a national MU.So need to reflect on this war and see how they can improve.

jamesw Day 1,887, 20:46

Its absolutely hilarious that you turn something such as increases of damage from what it should be (celebrating EVERYONE fighting hard for the UK) into some sort of attack. Having also found the figures Ullok did, I'd also like you to edit your article to remove your now proven lies.

Legion, TUP Family and British Army ALL hit harder to fight for the UK, because of the relative size, obviously Legion is able to do much more damage, but that doesn't mean that Legion should get any more thanks than any other unit; war is about all MUs fighting hard and doing all they can.

Alphabethis Day 1,888, 07:45

what matters is relative increase, OF COURSE, not the size. BA a 50% increase. Legion 30%, TUP 12%.

Ullok Day 1,888, 08:45

As you are insisting on using influence, still without proof or showing how you came to the conclusion.

BA: 1882 to 1883 (largest increase in recorded influence) = 48.56% increase
TF: 1882 to 1883 (largest increase in recorded influence) = 12.68% increase
Le: 1882 to 1884 (largest increase in recorded influence) = 112.19% increase

As I stated before however, hits is a better indicator of activity, especially as egov doesn’t always record the entire amount, I am under the impression that TUP Family suffered from this as hits and inf don’t correlate.

“some units behaved as patriots other didn't, even if they're so called national MU”
The point is all the MUs registered increases in their influence and especially not in the percentages you claimed (apart from TUP, but as I pointed out before this is strange). How is this acting unpatriotically, why should “some of you should flush in shame because of your low attitude and poor behaviour regarding this war”? People are still fighting it even if they don’t agree with it.

On a further point it is not treasonous to question a leader’s actions. We operate this country as a democracy, and that includes the freedom to have and express dissatisfaction with a leader’s decisions. Not being allowed to is a policy of a one-party state.

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