Disclosure of PEACEKeeping Operations

Day 311, 17:52 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Secretary-General of the PEACE
For Immediate Release
September 26, 2008

Secretary-General Nicolae Carpathia discloses information regarding PEACEKeeping Operations in Austria and Bulgaria

Elements of the Global Community PEACEKeeping Force were deployed mid-September to Bulgaria and Austria, Global Community Member Nations, to prevent political instability in those nations. The PEACE Global Community was informed of plots from Vaclav, a former President of the Czech Republic, and Victor Petrescu, a Romanian ex-patriot who last month staged a political coup in Ireland.

Observant, both Vaclav and Petrescu realized that PEACE had moved to block their invasions. Vaclav posted a thread calling PEACE's actions the "support of dictatorships" and Petrescu replied, saying that his takeover had been foiled.

The PEACE Global Community does not support dictatorships. The current governments in Bulgaria and Austria were democratically elected from a pool of legitimate parties and those governments asked the PEACE Global Community to protect their governments—national, legitimate governments—from foreign attack.

I (Nicolae Carpathia) have been personally attacked for this course of action because the argument is made that I support the goons and their invasions of Turkey and now Mexico.

Yes, I am a goon. However, I have only ever lived in Greece. I was adamantly opposed to the goon invasion of Turkey. As President of Greece at the time, however, I did what I could to work with the goon government after they had successfully taken power to improve relations between our countries. Now, peace exists between Greece and Turkey and our nations are both active and contributing members of the Global Community.

The PEACE Global Community has no official opinion regarding the goon "invasion" of Mexico. We understand that the current goon-run Mexican government has extended an olive branch to Spain, an act that was rejected by the Spanish Congress. I am glad that Mexico is interested in peace and concerned that Spain has voted to continue a war that it cannot fight against an enemy that it does not need.

The PEACE Global Community will continue to pursue peace in good faith around the world, and we will continue to defend our allies from any attack: military, economic, or political. To do any less would be to betray the very Charter we all signed and the principles and cause behind the PEACE Global Community.

PEACE at Home. PEACE in the World.

Nicolae Carpathia
Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community