Dioism and Sects

Day 1,063, 05:07 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by William Walker

Hello my brothers,

I have come here after being advised by another brother that there has been a lot of development in our beloved faith, Dioism. It has come to my attention that there is a sect that is using the name of Dioism and our beloved father and god emperor, Dio Brando, blessed be he to the highest heights, in their context. While Dioism and it's prophets do applaud the spreading of the word of Dioism and it's greatness, we shall consult the holy and divine god emperor, Dio Brando, our eternal beacon of light, on this matter.

Until then, do not hesitate to spread goodwill and happiness through our father and leader, Dio Brando, the holy and immortal god emperor, for it shall echo throughout this world and bring peace to all. My personal stance on this sect and any other sect of Dioism for that matter, is that it is an honourable task and they shall carry out their task with the help of our father, the lord, the immortal god Emperor Dio Brando, blessed be he to the highest heights. As a word of advice, in your scriptures, be creative and innovative, try storylines and do not hesitate to write what you think, if you feel that it is truly the feeling that comes forward to you through the influence of Dio Brando, the holy and immortal God Emperor.