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Department of Education Guide - Companies

Day 1,884, 20:51 Published in Australia Australia by Aus Ministry of Culture

Although managing a company may sound advanced and generally complex, it has actually been made to be relatively easy to do. They can be purchased relatively cheaply for gold - 10 gold for a basic company. There are four different types of companies - food producing companies, weapon producing companies, raw food producing companies and raw weapon producing companies. There are different levels of companies for full (not-raw) producing companies, but companies that produce raw materials are all at the same level. The quality level of a company dictates what level of goods it produces - a quality 7 weapons company producers quality 7 weapons. The amount of goods used increases with the quality of the company - a quality one company uses 100 raw materials to produce 100 Q1 food. A quality two company uses 200 raw materials to produce 100 Q1 food, and so on. An important note here is that the amount produced does not increase with quality level, only the amount of raw materials used.

Another important factor that influences how much your company produces is bonuses. Each province that can be captured has a bonus, and there are 10 different bonuses. 5 bonuses for food, 5 bonuses for weapons. Each bonus gives a +20% increase to production - if a country has cattle, all citizens and companies from that nation produce 20% more food. This applies to all of the citizens of that country, even if they are not currently living in the country. A note here is that only one of each bonus can be applied, giving a maximum total of +100% production - the most food that can be made by a company is 1400 Q7 food, by a Q7 food company that has all 5 bonuses.

Creating a company is easy - simply go to your "My Places" tab, and click the little + icon next to the "My companies" page, shown below:

As you can see in this image, the little + button next to Companies is the button you need to press. Companies can be bought with gold or AUD. You can then hire employees (depending on the company bought) or work as a manager. You can work as a manager once per company, for an unlimited amount of companies you own. Each time you work for a company, it costs 10 energy, and produces a different amount of goods depending on the company - everyone has the same amount of production value.

You can hire employees to work for you for any amount of money you wish. When you place a job offer, if it is the highest paying offer, it defaults to the top of the list of offers. However, to reduce the inflation this causes, you can instead set it to the same amount as the previous top - you still appear at the top.

Hopefully you know more about companies now!

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kerna96 Day 1,885, 00:59

"A quality two company uses 200 raw materials to produce 100 Q1 food, and so on."
that is supposed to Q2 isn't it?

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,885, 05:58

True that kerna96! Keep reading!

Arcaian Day 1,885, 07:25

Ah, sorry, missed that typo! 🙂

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