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Department of Education - American University

Day 1,734, 16:39 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Hello fellow eAmerican Public

I’m addressing you once more as your Secretary of Education. I know the Department of Education has been quiet during the last days but that is mainly because we have been working out a new project which is waiting Congressional approval.

We all are familiar with the Mentorship program ran by the Department of Education, dismissing such a valuable and prestigious program would be a terrible mistake and will not happen under my direction of DoE. Instead, we will make the program bigger and more glorified.

The Department of Education is working on the American University project. The Mentorship program meanwhile will be absorbed by the American University. So here are the basic fundaments of this project:

Base of the project

- The American University is considered a program of the United States Department of Education and always under the behalf of the Secretary of Education and the Deputy of Education.
- The American University will be ran by the University Director.
- The Mentorship program will be the main function of the University as well as proposing final graduation exams for mentees and a reward for the highest scored exams.
- The rewards and supplies for the University enrolled students (all the current mentees will be automatically enrolled) will by added to the Department of Education budget, funded by the American Congress.

University functionality:

- A form of University Enrollment will be created and made public on “Education today” newspaper and will be added a link on our message from DoE comms so all new citizens have access to the program.
- After the new citizen fills the form, we’ll receive his answers and we’ll assign him a Mentor/Tutor. Like the actual Mentorship program, the Mentor will give hints to his/her mentee as well as food and weapons as supply, a link for Meals on Wheels program will also be given and announced.
- Each week the University will prepare a Final Exam for Mentees, this exam will not be mandatory, but only taking the exam the Mentees will have the right to be rewarded for score merits.
- Depending on the nunber of Mentees taking the exam, the criteria will be stated down here:

- 5 Mentees or less proposing for Final Exam - The highest score rewarded.
- Between 5 to 10 Mentees proposing for exam - The 2 highest scores rewarded.
- Between 11 to 20 Mentees proposing for exam - The 3 highest scores rewarded.
- Between 21 to 30 Mentees proposing for exam - The 4 highest scores rewarded.
- Between 31 to 100 Mentees proposing for exam - The 5 highest scores rewarded
- More than 100 mentees - The 10% highest scores rewarded.

Note: The exams will be scored from 0 to 200 points, scores below 95 points will not be eligible for rewards.

- Each Mentee will have the right to propose himself as many times as he wants, in case he doesn’t reach the score of 95 points on the first attempt on the exam. In case the Mentee gets 95 points or above, he’ll only be able to retake the exam only once more for score improvement. Score improvements are eligible for the score rewards.
- Exams scored 95+ points, will be considered “Graduated” and a “Graduation reward” will be given to the graduated students. Note that this reward will be way lower than the score merit reward.
- The type of exam will be always Multiple Choice questions with 3 big open questions as bonus of excellence.
- All the highest scores will be added to the Honors Roll of the American University.
- The highest scores will have a chance to be recommended to a Government Department according to their best area of skill.
- Each mentor can take as many mentees as he/she wants.
- Mentees will be accepted for enrollment as long as they have lower level than 25.

As for the University Announcements, I'd like everyone to know that it is on DoE plans to make the exams open each Friday. It is the responsability of each Mentor to report the DoE who of their Mentees want to take the Graduation Exam until at least one day before the exam. The exam results, depending on the nunber of Mentees to correct should come out between Saturday or Sunday and will be announced on this very same newspaper. As for the Honors Roll, only the merit scores will be added. The Honors roll list will be upgraded each week.

Seal of Congressional Approval:

I hope everyone can take the best of this inniciative.

Dr Luis Sentieiro
Secretary of Education

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Waruda Day 1,734, 16:42

I'm almost level 50

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,734, 16:52

@Ariovistus, if you want, you can apply to be a Mentor. 🙂 It's your choice tho.

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,734, 17:08

Get yo diploma!

Waruda Day 1,734, 17:09

Little preoccupied, thanks for the offer. Just want to say this Newspaper goes back to Day 422, if anyone needs a crib sheet.

Jdohring3 Day 1,734, 17:25

@Dr Luis Sentieiro

If there is more that i need to do for my job just PM me about it or when you want me to jump on IRC so you can fill me in on what i need to do, if anything.

pop George
pop George Day 1,734, 19:27

brain washing the noobs...not really that original of an idea, but not surprising considering who is presiding over the eUS right now

Kanimero Day 1,734, 21:11

I don't see how this is brainwashing. Seems like a very informational and helpful program to relay information and experience to younger players, and help bring them up into the ranks with a clue as to how the game mechanics work.

Only idiots who consider this a second life, would bring up the notion of brainwashing. Get a grip

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,734, 21:18

Lol brainwashing? Sounds like the opinion of a person who has no idea whats going on.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,734, 22:57

Hey, isn't that the school that I was suspended from?


xy2set Day 1,734, 23:32

^ I wouldnt be surprised if it was

bigcdizzle Day 1,735, 00:15

@RGR suspended?

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,735, 01:02


We lost some funding so we had to cut the special ed department.

menon111 Day 1,735, 01:56


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,735, 03:16

@Ariovistus, yes I know there was a thing like this back then but the model was quite different than the one I posted up there. A few congressmen were also worried about this program possibility of turning a partisan program, still, you can be sure if I get to know a DoE Mentor is using the University as a way to get members into their own party, that Mentor will be kicked off the project.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,735, 03:18

@peace of pi, if you payed any attention to what is written in the article, you'd know there's nothing about brainwashing there. The program, as well as the DoE is and will be always Party Independent, just like any Governmental Department is. The idea of this program is to make sure our new citizens learn how to survive in eRepublik and in the meanwhile they have some fun and a reward over it. I don't think it's that much complicated to understand what's written up there.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,735, 03:22

@RGR, suspended? xD

Hmm, I'd have to check the old records since you had many names and many accounts. xD

FabMao Day 1,735, 16:46


Malpazar Day 1,735, 20:46

Cool idea.

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,736, 12:13

I hope this idea catches on, but I can see that already the trolls are out spreading fear; a University could be a very good tool for retention of new citizens -that is of course you are wanting to to retain new citizens...?

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,736, 16:36

Or course the idea is that Dru Blood 🙂 Also another objective is really to make sure New citizens get to know how our community work and the basic game mechanics 🙂

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