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Demographic Suggestions

Day 1,922, 17:20 Published in Switzerland Slovenia by Chornovil

Hello friends!

I've played erep about a half a year ago, but it got extremely boring so I quit. I came back to see what changes have been made in erep and Switzerland. It seems that Switzerland has been stagnating ever since I left and nothing much has changed. The population grew maybe by 50 people, but considering other countries' numbers it is very insignificant. In this article I am going to just make couple of suggestions to the government.

It seems to me that the biggest problem in Switzerland is demographic, and all efforts should be aimed at just that. Everything else should be put on hold for now, because it can wait and nothing will change much for Switzerland.

You should focus on recruiting real live Swiss citizens to join eSwitzerland and try to revolve the government a bit. It seems to me that the same people are in power who were here 4-6 months ago.

A new ministry of demography should be formed and the most experienced and active players should be recruited into it. Start working with different social media website pages such as this one to help recruit new members and different media providers who can publish some marketing material.

The ministry of education should provide first time supplies and advice. Accordingly mentoring chat rooms on rizon should accommodate the new players.

These are my main suggestions. Hopefully they help.

Here's a picture of beautiful Switzerland for you to enjoy.



Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,922, 17:53

I would like to remind if it forgotten by some people: MySwitzerland/Swiss Tourism belongs to the federal State, and they will never make advert for a game like this, even if there's CH in it.

Chornovil Day 1,922, 17:56

I'm sure there are some other similar pages. ANyways you can just make a post on their wall. It wont be seen by as many people, but still few hundred will see it.

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,922, 18:01

And also:
"The population grew maybe by 50 people, but considering other countries' numbers it is very insignificant", CH has 7 952 600 inhabitants, 4 linguistic communities, whereas the current top 5 of most populated countries (that are Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Serbia and Spain) have more than 5,7 times more inhabitants (excepted Serbia, that has more or less the same population as CH).
CH will never be the most populated eCountry, everybody is sure of that; it has always been a less densely populated country IRL, I doubt that IG this situation will change.

Chornovil Day 1,922, 18:02

You are right. But we can reach at least a 1,000 if we work at it

Chornovil Day 1,922, 18:03

Btw, in real life Serbia has 7 million, and they are a big shot here. We shouldnt be making up excuses not to work.

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,922, 18:05

Swiss people have other stuff to do that to play games on a computer, they are hardworking, and I know them, I live with them.
We're currently at 357, making that 600 would a good objective.

Rican Day 1,922, 18:15

600 would be just GREAT with me

Archein von Drakenov Day 1,922, 18:05

Comment deleted

Chornovil Day 1,922, 18:06

Comment deleted

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,922, 18:07

These are good suggestions. In fact, we have had a committee working on all of these things for about 2 months now. I'm sure you would be welcome to join it! New ideas and energy could really help!

Chornovil Day 1,922, 18:09

Sure yeah, I'd love to join. How can i start?

Rican Day 1,922, 18:09

All suggestions are welcome. Baby Booming is a pet project of mine. 🙂

Our Minister of Education is JHUNTER. He is doing a great job. I hope you and he can join forces and get the ball rolling. You have just been deputized !

Chornovil Day 1,922, 18:11

Do you guys have a chat room for this?

Rican Day 1,922, 18:13

at present it is discussed in the cabinet meetings.
i will set up a separate line of communication

Chornovil Day 1,922, 18:16

let me know when a chat room is created and when exactly the meetings will take place. Or we can create skype chat rooms. that will probably be easier.

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,922, 18:13

irc mibbit rizon server

noVaLue Day 1,923, 00:07

Nice boy. You make admins job easier regarding multiaccounting. Lets see if they read the newspapers.

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,923, 06:21

Thank you for this very useful comment.

Lotus Black
Lotus Black Day 1,923, 03:55

Chornovil, thank you for you input - it is always nice to see some active players waking up in CH. Like Trogdor suggested we usually are on #eSwitzerland and you can talk to us there too. My irc nick is LotusBlack (but I have some connection issues so you might not see me there that often this month - Im trying to get that fixed tho).

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