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Democracy? Yeah right...

Day 2,352, 11:41 Published in United Kingdom Serbia by Michael Alan Westen

Hello members of our eUK community,
I want this way to express my dismay with what I saw on UK eRepublik forum.
I’ve seen a special subject commited to this ATO,or Anti Takeover.
Since me and my fellow brothers came to eUK,we have been labeled as PTOers,a group of people that wants to hurt our country anyway they can,like stealing and burning.

And we are not here to do that.We are here to because we know how cooperation between Serbia an UK was in TWO.How we fought and fought days side by side…
And then TWO collapsed.And Serbia and UK went on different sides.
I think that was a big mistake.But that mistake was organized by a group of players around Iain Keers and Iain Keers himself.

He chose Poland and Croatia.

Why?That is known only to him.

Every known member of TOP5 partys(exept New Era) wants to get in his butt and be so good with him.That’s why nobody says anything against Poland and they swear in Prophet009.Thats way no one dares to speak.

But the truth is that eUK hasn’t gained anything good with membership in Sirius.We are constantly under attack from Asgard on the north,from France on the south and every month new country comes to invade us a little bit.Last month it was Republic of Moldova now is RoC(Taiwan).
And does UK get help from their allies? NO!
Because they are busy with their own wars.Poland trying to erase Slovenia but not attack Serbia,Croatia desperately trying to get back to Balkans from India,Albania desperately trying to keep their UAE territories.Bosnia defending themselves in UAE and Brasil most of the time is wiped.
Do we want to share the same faith as they?Because if we stay in Sirius that is gonna happen.

Or maybe this is the plan.Plan from Iain Keers,waynekerr and their companions.

A plan to stop opposition in eUK.A plan to TO the only free party in eUK New Era.

Or even shut down all parties just to kick New Era out of TOP5 and prevent NE from fighting.

And when DC took over TUP they just started to cry and beg Iain Keers to come back and save them.
Talking about double standards.

No one must not touch us,put we can kick them whenever we want.

These are the times in which we live.Blindly following Poles and Croats and not taking care of us.
Soon we will be wiped probably.But remember who is gonna be responsible for not being able to have you congresmans,your representatives in House of Parliament.
Iain Keers,Waynekeer and their companions.Just to take revenge on a party that doesn’t share their views on the world.A party that cares only about United Kingdom,not Poland or Croatia.


Sincerely atohnhaketon



Saiwun Day 2,352, 11:54

This is what a PTOer would say:P
Stereotypes will lead to the PTO term being thrown around, it seems to be the eUK's word of the week.
Wayne has the eUK's best interests right next to his own, and as for being wiped, you get used to it...

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,352, 11:54

I see no problem with PTO'ing NE. Or ATO, or whatever.

And the NE leaders themselves said it, they can give as many CS's as the game allows them.
The game also allows one to join someone else's party and disrupt it from within.

"The game allows it" works both ways, you see.

Michael Alan Westen
Michael Alan Westen Day 2,352, 11:57

Yeah you are smart,aren't you?
What if that happen to your wife and children?
I take them and now they are mine?Is that good for you?

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,352, 12:04

The game doesn't allow that, so you can't.

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,353, 04:48

coz PTO'ing a PTO party is an ATO effort.
just when US people PTO AFA a year ago.
i see no problem PTO'ing NE and British Serbian Union

Arn.Magnusson Day 2,352, 12:12

Lol waynekeer

WayneKerr Day 2,352, 12:19

ffs, I think I might have to change the rules on the 'No Wayne, No Vote' rule...
Alphabethis and now Serbs!

... begrudging voted.

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 2,352, 12:20

UK Reform declares holy war on all you dirty conspirators

CheetahCurtis Day 2,352, 12:38

eUK parties have been PTOed by people you and New Era let in... that's where the problem is.

Michael Alan Westen
Michael Alan Westen Day 2,352, 13:26

Which party?

JiminyChristmas Day 2,352, 20:30


Michael Alan Westen
Michael Alan Westen Day 2,353, 10:15

yeah stop lying...UKPP was taken by a player that was let in by that time a councilor of UKPP i think...
Members of ESO chose their PP and nothing happend to them

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,353, 03:11

Stop lying

CheetahCurtis Day 2,353, 07:43

Could you at least use an intelligent comeback so we can have a debate on whatever you think is the lie.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,353, 07:59

eUK parties have been PTOed by people you and New Era let in... that's where the problem is. this whole statement is just a lie we did not let in the UKPP guy and the other person was born in the UK? so your statement is untrue

Prince Harry. Day 2,353, 03:10

Comment deleted

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Day 2,352, 12:54

If your reason to come to UK is to bring them back to be allies fornthe sake of "ood old days", you can do it without taking their citizenships and joining their political parties. If you came to PTO them, I think that there is no reason good enough to PTO a country. If they are a great enemy of ours - lets defeat them on the battlefiels, and not like this from the inside, like cowards... This just portrays our country like scum over and over again... The same Poland you mentioned, although it has no honour or spine, you dont see their players PTOing worldwide, do you? Regards from Serbia...

Kursadzija Day 2,352, 18:18

PTO adds a depth to the game which heavily relies on social manipulation and intrigue. 'Fighting' involves the mashing of a single button dozens of times, where the output is dependent on how early you heard about eRepublik. If anybody has a problem with PTO (which is a valid tactic as any, considering eRepublik is a game based on RL politics/warfare), then they probably lack the intellectual capacity to counter one, which is much simpler than organising it.

JiminyChristmas Day 2,352, 20:37

Right, and people who just sell their weapons fairly lack the intellectual capacity to rip people off.
Ever heard of this thing called "ethics"?
If you want to be a dick then be a dick, but don't assume that makes you smarter than all the people who don't want to be like that.

Kursadzija Day 2,352, 22:15

You're drawing parallels between two entirely different aspects. What do 'ethics' have to do with a game mimicking the real-life version of the same acts? It's a shame you Westerners are more vocal with a video game than with the actual unethical conduct and foreign policy of your governments, where dead human beings are the result.

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Day 2,353, 02:26

exactly, serbia has been acting just the way the western countries act in RL, and its really hypocritical to bitch around about something and show that if you had a chance that you would be exactly the same as the ones you bitch about. I assume you are fairly new to this game, because wining battles consists out of way more than just hitting fight buton. you need to organize your army, provide weapons and money, provide alied support, make tactics, etc. While PTO consists just of giving citizenships to your mates prmising them congress medals and part of the gold you will steal after the PTO is sucessful. which is just pathetic.

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Day 2,353, 02:30

and about the people who consider our country as cheating and lying scum, which is the reason that we arent welcome in most countries, allies and enemyes alike, i should tell them that they are dumb and they dont know about the depth of the game, they are just brainless twats who click fight button? but well, you play for less than a year, its obvious you are a noob, not sure about the excuse of the rest of you though...

Kursadzija Day 2,353, 03:02

What? I'm saying PTO is valid in eRepublik because it's valid in RL. Espionage has been a tactic since the days of Sun Tzu, and is valued more than battle itself. I've played eRepublik long enough to understand it's an extremely basic game. The system of war itself is on par with 'Risk', and the distribution of weapons is as simple as transferring collected tax revenue to organizations (banks), from which point trusted players use the currency to buy weapons which are then distributed to selected MUs or even directly to players through IRC. It doesn't take longer than a day to learn the mechanics of this entire game. On the other hand, PTO is not as simple as 'inviting' your friends over, because the ability to invite them has to be in achieved somehow. Some forms of PTO are more valued than others; remember when Free Area spent almost a year in the US to get presidency of the AMP 'legitimately', and then revealed himself to be a spy? That takes considerably more skill and patience than sending weapons around and telling the weaker countries in your alliance where to waste their damage.

Kursadzija Day 2,353, 03:15

In regard to the 'people who consider our country as cheating and lying scum', they should grow the f*** up and stop holding double standards, especially when the misfortune of hypocrisy falls upon the virtual side.

Mrkalj Branko
Mrkalj Branko Day 2,352, 13:17

One of situation for UK is to have baby-boom . At any case we will have baby-boom in UK:D
This is not a question to PTO UK we have our UNION and we want to gave our hand.

In my inters is to have 1% tax export.
UK territory and integrity mach to 10-10 in resources and my reason to fight for UK.

Also transposition our melody behoove of UK president to adapt our Union to UK.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,352, 13:27

You have some good points but you guys are going way too far.

I'm going to head off both the forum PTO of New Era and you guys having all Serb congress lists.

Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath
Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath Day 2,352, 13:30

Democracy is for the weak.

Rusofil74 Day 2,352, 14:21

Hail eUK
Hail eSerbia


JiminyChristmas Day 2,352, 20:44

Hands up everyone who remembers eSerbia saving our arses last year when Argentina wiped us...oh, that's right, they did sweet FA while Poland came and bailed us out.

Which is probably why the eUK congress (yes, the Congress made up of members of multiple eUK parties, NOT just TUP) voted to join Sirius when TWO fell apart.

FightAndProduce Day 2,352, 22:31

Oh, you want to use screenshots?

Turns out I can do that too!

Michael Alan Westen
Michael Alan Westen Day 2,353, 01:09

This just proves you are brainless bug that totally missed a point.

ArgoFookYourself Day 2,353, 02:22

It really doesn't

FightAndProduce Day 2,353, 08:17

Does it really? I don't think you were trying to make a point at all. I think you said something you shouldn't have and you're being held to account for it.

Michael Alan Westen
Michael Alan Westen Day 2,353, 08:20

Nope I still stand behind my stattement...
When I decide you won't be able to do nothing

FightAndProduce Day 2,353, 11:56

So I didn't miss the point at all then, which made your reply completely wrong.

Won't be able to do nothing is a double negative btw. Which would imply I would be able to do something.

I won't be able to do anything as I shall be in the eUSA.

Bohemond4 Day 2,353, 03:27

Comment deleted

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,353, 06:43

I don't understand why you're trying the same line as a month ago, That of our allies not helping us, When you did that before you looked silly when eUSA and ePoland came and saved us.

Which given time they will do again.

As for a voluntary wipe that has no impact on democracy, if anything it protects us from what Don is attempting. Which is not Democracy but gerrymandering, Essentially the ingame equivelant of changing voting boundaries or bussing in supports from one region to another and usurping the right of locals to self determination and with that democracy.

I said to ClairV0yance when he came that if the reason was to use the media to persuade then that is something I could support, but if it was to force a choice by washing out the original population with an external group then no, that isn't something I can support.

The very fact that Dapper & Co. were let back into the country after traitorfgging off to eIreland and declaring they wanted to invade the eUK is astounding, Let alone all the countless other things they did before that.

It's hard for me to now say but at one time I was of the same opinion about the alliances (however favoured neutrality) and was a firm supporter of a pro eSerbian agenda. But the difference between me and Don was that I understood it was democratically chosen by the rest of the nation.

As such I wrote articles and sought to garner internal support because that was my truly held belief. Don however never cares for any nation, He isn't proAsteria or ProeSerbia anymore than he was ProCoT when NE were writing articles against TWO.

He just wants to use you for power and you want to use him to corrupt the will of the eUK.

You can't force friendship, That is no friendship at all.

As for the ATO of NE it isn't a matter of just the last 3 months of wilful damage and threats, it's nearly 2 years of them, long before you came on the scene.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,353, 08:10

Stop lying after a week TUP was trying to PTO New Era , what do you think is really going to happen if you want to go down the road of being undemocratic the UK will brake out into a real cival war , so far we have been peaceful, we have had enough members to PTO many weak small parties but have NEVER done that , instead our friends try to set up other parties but these have been PTOED so any friends of New Era can't have their own parties you lot have made this happen by banding together and water down the game politics, guys like you a complete sell out, if the UK was run right and done things fair we wouldn't have to bring Agenda 21 into play.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,353, 08:17

Some in TUP called for a PTO within the first week yes, But that was never a TUP policy nor was it backed by the rest of the community. However in hindsight perhaps they were right.

You've shown nothing but contempt to the rest of the community, you attempted to block out 2 smaller top 5 parties, You left for eIreland to fight the eUK, You have always supported enemy nations, You have multied repeatedly and even tried to PTO parties yourselves, successfully once I might add.

Sarah Holby was you, That is a certainty that most people know.

When you say 'you lot have made this happen by banding together' you are basically admitting that the entire rest of the eUK community distrusts, dislikes and disagrees with your party. That is in essence democracy.

You are now attempting to bring in foreign supporters because you have no one left here to back you. You are attempting to usurp the democratic will of the ENTIRE rest of the eUK for your own selfish aims.

Don you have never once applied for government in your years of being here, The vast majority of active members of NE over the last two years have left your party and found success since.

The fact NE has no trust, supporters or capable members is entirely down to your running of the party and hounding out any decent elements.

You claim we have brought your harmful actions on ourselves, And then you should understand the same is true in reverse.

Your actions will have consequences and you've been let off so many times up until now the fact you're still playing the hard done by martyr is absurd.

Massacar Day 2,353, 08:32

Peaceful my ass... New Era is anything but.
For a more tactful response, just look at ACroc.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,353, 08:41

Just lies and lies, Thanks for the Sarah Holby credit , and I didn't apply as I was in Poland, You see things your own way all I have seen is the community bully and lie and mass cheat please read my articles, TUP have 230 members you only hear from a handful and the rest are just multis , I watch corruption unfair voting, rough riding of congress and just controlling with no fairness, I watch the UK do nothing for it people only to make a point or get themselves voting in, I see no weapon help and only food help via players , I stand for fairness you have been a CP and done nothing you are USELESS I see the country no better off than 2 years ago, Don't start your lying what good has been done in 2 years nothing , I have rightful stances I make and old fags don't like it , I think you all done a rubbish job and got no where, these are the facts, people was bullied out of the UK before I even played the difference is I won't be bullied but the likes of the IRC and Forum people the game is bigger than that, you don't OWN the UK this is a game anyone can do as they like their are NO RULES I'm tried of you lot trying to control things the difference is this is not real life and I will never back down I'm here for FOREVER I don't troll I do nothing apart from stand up in what I believe you will not silence me !

A New Era will come !

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,353, 09:17

All I'm going to say is that I worry you believe your delusions and rewriting of history.

Luckily plenty of us remember what has happened and all the different underhand ways you've tried to take power.

Two years and still you've never succeeded, Perhaps you should stop telling the rest of us how to run things until you actually manage some modicum of success yourself.

Massacar Day 2,353, 07:20

New Era, the only free party in the eUK... That's hilarious, this article is in the wrong section, should be in the entertainment.

Sambo911 Day 2,353, 09:05

Alice wanting UKPP and ESO to disband. lol. Shows TUPs respect to the smaller parties

Alphabethis Day 2,353, 09:52

Alice, respect ?

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 2,353, 09:52

Shows one person's actually. Dont generalise Sammy boy, you're smarter than that!

Sambo911 Day 2,353, 09:56

Sorry Talon. Just seen a lot of people in TUP voice the same opinion. Stupid comment, i apologise

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 2,353, 10:10

No probs mate, as someone that always had time for the smaller parties I had to speak up 😛

WayneKerr Day 2,353, 10:43

He has a point though Sam, you should all be jumping into the top 5 parties for the time being.

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 2,353, 17:03

Our votes will be there when they need to be

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