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December 8th, 2012 Price Report with Analysis

Day 1,845, 00:18 Published in USA USA by Trappets

I decided to report the current prices on the United States market as of the start of December 8th 2012 and see which items give the biggest "bang for your buck". Hope you enjoy.

Cheapest Weapon Price 12/8/12:
1 Star:0.40 USD per unit
2 Star:0.52 USD
3 Star:1.30 USD
4 Star:2.27 USD
5 Star:4.01 USD
6 Star:6.55 USD
7 Star:15.89 USD

Cheapest Food Price 12/8/12:
1 Star:0.05 USD per unit
2 Star:0.09 USD
3 Star:0.14 USD
4 Star:0.18 USD
5 Star:0.34 USD
6 Star:0.40 USD
7 Star:1.02 USD

Best food by Health Per Dollar (Health/Price Per Unit)
1 Star: 40 HPD
2 Star: 44.4 HPD
3 Star: 50 HPD
4 Star: 47.1 HPD
5 Star: 29.4 HPD
6 Star: 31.6 HPD
7 Star: 19.6 HPD
Based on the current prices, going with 3 star food brings the highest health per US dollar.

Best weapons by Fire Power Per Dollar ((Fire Power*Uses)/Price Per Unit)
1 Star: 50 FPPD
2 Star: 153 FPPD
3 Star: 139.5 FPPD
4 Star: 140.9 FPPD
5 Star: 131.6 FPPD*
6 Star: 110.3 FPPD
7 Star: 125.9 FPPD

*=In limited supply based on cheapest price

Based on this analysis, 3 star food and 2 star weapons are the way to go. I hope this is helpful.


Hale26 Day 1,845, 18:20

Nice Stuff man 😁
Glad to have you in the media and in WTP.

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