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Debate Logs of the PP debate between Mazzy Cat and Oblige

Day 1,884, 12:25 Published in USA USA by Serendipitous

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. Here you can find the public logs of the debate between Mazzy Cat and Oblige. Enjoy!

@Serendipitous: Ladies, gentlemen. Many of you may realize you are now unable to speak. I ask those that find themselves capable of speaking refrain from doing so. Thank you. The debate will begin shortly.

›› quit: ((Oblige|AFK)) (( (( Quit: be right back ))

@Serendipitous: Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, Oblige has left chat.
He is driving home and will return shortly. I ask for your patience. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Oblige will be back momentarily. I continue to ask for your patience.

@Serendipitous: Ladies and gentlemen. I continue to ask for your patience as we await the return of Oblige.

›› join: ((Oblige)) ((

@Serendipitous: Ladies and gentlemen. Oblige has arrived.

&Oblige: Sorry about the delay people. Let's get this show on the road
›› &Oblige bows

@Serendipitous: Would either candidate like to present an opening statement?

&Oblige: due to alphabetical purposes I'll defer to Mazzy_Cat if she'd like to begin

@Serendipitous: Mazzy_Cat, we are awaiting an opening statement, if any.

&Mazzy_Cat: Actually - I'm all for getting into the questions. Unelss Oblige has something he'd like to say. 🙂

@Serendipitous: Very well.

&Oblige: one sec, composing
&Oblige: I'd like to start by saying how proud I am of the party. We have gone from an organization that came into existance literally as a result of ATO operations to one that has a community that is growing and strong.
The fact that we've forged strong ties with the sixth parties and helped craft the Unity Presidential Elections shows how important the place We the People has crafted for itself is in the eAmerican party infrastructure.
I'm also proud that this is our first real Party President elections and is highlighted by this civil and constructuve debate between Mazzy_Cat and myself. Regardless of who wins, I think we've made great process as an institution, and I promise under my leadership we'd nuture and grow all that makes WTP unique.

@Serendipitous: Very well, thank you Oblige.
I've received several questions from IRC and on the forums, and I feel it appropriate to begin with some which pertain to more integral structure within the party itself.
That said, I direct at Mazzy_Cat the following, and Oblige may comment once she has completed her response. With congressional elections coming up, I find this especially pertinent.
@Serendipitous: peace of pi: what criteria will you use to rank congressional candidates? Awaiting Mazzy_Cat's statement.

&Mazzy_Cat: Actually I am wanting to rework the system. I want to see it more than just an oh I pick you and you. I want to see articles and actual votes come back. The changes made by admin do not mean that those things should be erased.
&Oblige: Finished?
&Mazzy_Cat: It is something the cabinet will need to build on together as it's a very new idea, but I hope to find it a working process. Finished.
&Oblige: ok

@Serendipitous: Very well. Oblige, please comment.

&Oblige: So my plan is also going to feature a rework. I feel ike Congress slots are a real privlidge now because they can be dolled out basically like candy and we have at least six slots guaranteed. I'll be ranking candidates based off a combination of experience, contribution to the party, and ability to bring votes to the party. I'll also continue to persue our alliance with sixth parties which will bring in a few candidates that was as well. Additionally I plan on keeping tabs on each of our Congrespeople and ranking them on their participation in Congress. Which will impact their placement in consequtive months. Nothing really rocket science.
oh, but I want it to be transparent, finished again :>

@Serendipitous: That's something everyone wants, Oblige xD
I don't think there's much to argue here, so I won't allow a rebuttal in this case without request.
At this time I'd like to move on to a question posed by Kody5; directed first at Oblige. How can you step into the role of a leader? By this I think he means what you plan to do, where you plan to take the party, and how you intend to structure internal affairs.

&Oblige: Ok
I was going to say I think regardless of what people think of me, favorably or not, I do have a track record of leadership Where would I like to take the party though? I think our direction has to continue to be one of continued growth as a community and our party has to be structured to reflect that. I'm a fan of less of a hierachical structure and more of… leadership team for a lack of better words. Right now we have some really excellent people with our group like Hale26 who heads our Comms Department and Concept in recruitment. Obviously we've had some major departures as well. Recruitment and Retention will be the primary focus on my term, with an increased focus on gathering truly new players, but also friends from the immigration side of the equation and friends that have lost their way in one of the PTO parties.

@Serendipitous: Mazzy_Cat, care to comment or rebut?

&Mazzy_Cat: I'll comment 🙂
As far as leadership.. A leader sees a need and handles that need. Steps up and gets things done. Simple as that. I'd like to see the party being taken more serious. I'd like it to become something even more awesome than what I already see emerging. I'm very excited about that.
My cabinet will include the addition of 3 departments. Yep.. THREE. A treasury for obvious reasons. Member relations to get activity up along with fun things happening. Tech department... for who knows what with Mike Ontry's amazing mind! lol. Concept has sadly asked for less activity, but I have found a replacement for him that I feel will do rather well.
So for my term I look towards giving our members even more than we give them already along with bringing in even more members. You know how I love the ebabies!

@Serendipitous: Alright. Mazzy_Cat's ending actually leads us into another question posed by Orion Pearl.However, since Mazzy_Cat just answered it, I'd like to pose it to Oblige only.

&Oblige: 😨

@Serendipitous: Actually, given the scope of the question, I'd like both of you to answer.

&Oblige: HAX

@Serendipitous: It is as follows.

&Oblige: HAX

@Serendipitous: What types of programs will you have or encourage to smooth out the learning curve and help newer players in eRep? I'd like to discourage the grand horsey from interrupting.

&Oblige: well this one I'm in sort of a good position to answer. As Director of the Official eRepublik Mentorship program I've had a unique oppurtunity to work with new players over the past few months and learn the game from their side as well.

@Serendipitous: Mazzy_Cat: Please answer this question first.

&Oblige: oh

@Serendipitous: Or not.

&Oblige: Mazzy_Cat first?

@Serendipitous: Well, go ahead Oblige 😛

&Oblige: ok. So I've put together a series of PMs to reach out to new players with, steering them towards some of our national resources like Tank Up To Rank Up, Bewbs4Newbs, Meals on Wheels, etc. As a party we already have a mentorship program, but we can expand on those efforts with an established ciriculum and also resources. Even little things like small gifts of food and weapons can really bring a new player around, so we have a huge oppurtunity there to bring them into the unique WTP party fold.
&Mazzy_Cat: Ok - Seren asked me to go on cause he needed a break. lol

@Serendipitous: Please continue, Mazzy.

&Mazzy_Cat: As far as programs go our mentorship and recruiting programs have been gearing our players towards B4N, MoW, TU2RU and such. Being that I've helped with DoI it's a very dear to me issue. I'm seriously big on helping the newer players! So that will be worked on and expanded with the addition of member relations. Member relations will be a way for people to express grievances.. ask hey what do I do? AND to have fun. There will be game nights.. more contest. This is also why a Treasury is a must. Budget will be very important with new departments.

@Serendipitous: Interesting. So you're creating a department designed only to address the concerns of people?

&Mazzy_Cat: We are... We The People. The voice of the people... so yes. Someone who works to make sure our people are getting the absolute most out of their experience here.

@Serendipitous: Very interesting. As stated previously, these are mostly no-contest questions.

&Oblige: I would counter

@Serendipitous: Go ahead, Oblige.

&Oblige: That I don't think we need bureaucrcy to tell us that. My low overhead leadership program basically keeps the leadership close to the rest of the party. As parties grow I think there's a certain tend to have… leadership creep… which can bog them down.I want our party to maintain it's casual tone
&Mazzy_Cat: I'd like to counter.
&Oblige: 😨 Double counter 😨

@Serendipitous: Please counter. I'd also like to allow OrionPearl to personally ask a question to both candidates once counters are over.

&Oblige: Sure
&Mazzy_Cat: I understand what Oblige is saying, but I feel that with a small leadership it doesn't allow new blood into the upper ranks near enough. I feel that getting our people active in leadership helps them work towards goals of eUS government jobs.

›› mode: ((Oblige)) sets ((+v OrionPearl))
@Serendipitous: Oblige, I can handle that. Just worry about your rebuts.

&Mazzy_Cat: Finished.

@Serendipitous: Are both candidates finished?

&Oblige: No further counter, but I do agree with the objective of increased placement in eUS Gov jobs, something we currently lack as a party. Of ocurse, minus nose.

@Serendipitous: Very well. OrionPearl: Please ask your question at this time.
+OrionPearl: I believe that Mazzy_Cat's idea of the Treasury is interesting but not particularly explicated. In a world where the current eRep economy is caught with multiple problems with upward mobility of the masses, how will the Treasury help members, or help with hardships citizens are facing?

&Mazzy_Cat: Well I know some of us can spare food, weapons, money, and gold. Our mentorship program offers rewards to the mentees. So that needs come from somewhere. Game prizes will need come from somewhere. A working budget and a person such as our lovely Rainy to run the budget can help us maximize what we all have. Therefore helping the players that need the help the most.
Finished. Sorry.. forgot to say that. *blush*
&Oblige: 🙂
›› &Oblige hugs Mazzy_Cat

@Serendipitous: Very well. Thank you OrionPearl. I hope that answers your question.

&Oblige: OrionPearl to elaborate, currently we have a party treasury.

@Serendipitous: Please continue Oblige.

&Oblige: And it was actually fairly well subscribed, and we have a reasonable amount of assets currently. The important thing when requesting donations is to show your donators that their money or goods are being well spent. And obviously showing you have buy in from the leadership as well. My objective would be to have at least 50% of teasury funds come from leadership, and use that to show our party members our commitment to the future of our organization.
&rainysunday: finished?

@Serendipitous:: I was waiting for the candidate to say he was finished.

&Oblige: Finished.

@Serendipitous: Alright.

boobie break

&Oblige: :>

@Serendipitous: Given the time, I'd like to run on for fifteen to twenty more minutes. Also considering that we started late. I'd like to allow a brief, somewhat rapid interlude of questions designed to get you to know the candidates more personally. SColbert offers a particularly good one. "Why have you accepted SColbert as your personal savior?"

&Oblige: >😐
&Oblige: Publius is the only savior.
&Mazzy_Cat: I gave birth to you.

@Serendipitous: So basically neither of you have accepted him.

&Oblige: that would be correct
&Mazzy_Cat: I gave birth to him. How much more acceptance can that be?

@Serendipitous: Very well. SColbert: Please note Oblige does not accept you. He does, however, mention SPQR. I'd like to take another moment to ask questions along that vein. Directed only at Oblige: Lord Rahl2, though he is not currently with us, has provided this question, LordRahl2: Which of you promises to lead us faster toward the glory that is SPQR?

&Oblige: I do,I know people have a lot of questions about SPQR. And I know for many of them, even looking at the leadership roster is puzzling.I mean, what project would Inwegen and I conciously work on? And I guess, from my perspective, looking at all the strife that our community has endured the past few months, what I find most compelling about SPQR is that it provides us a way to cooperate together, to focus on shared enemies like the PTO and our foreign threats, and to get together under a common umbrella. In many ways the core of SPQR is the core of being an eAmerican - which is why I called it the American Empire. Obviously we've had the Unity Elections the past several months and there's been some dissatisfaction with that process, and we need to make sure that the all stakeholders continue to remain on board, because it's become increasingly clear that unless we're all on the same page we'll lose control of the national government at the executive level. And that would be the same thing as throwing away the past several years of work of the majority of the active playerbaseI think the important thing about SPQR is that it doesn't portend to be anything other than what it is, a rallying cry to engage the player base Which, again I'm speaking perhaps in a biased sense from my perspective, is something we're in dire need of

@Serendipitous: Indeed. Oblige, I'm going to stop you there because you've gone on for some tiem. time. Not in the rambling sense, of course.

&Oblige: Finished, but I'd like to take further questions if possible?

@Serendipitous: Of course.

&Oblige: If anyone has questions about SPQR and how it would effect my candidacy if they could please query them to Serendipitous because it is an important part about what I stand for, and I want the party to know what voting for me will entail

@Serendipitous: I'd like Mazzy_Cat to give us her impression of SPQR, and what she intends to do in response to their surge in media and political coverage. After she answers, I will pose two or three more questions and then I will end the debate.

&Mazzy_Cat: I know SPQR has everyone interested. In more than one way. I know that what I have answered isn't the prefered answer for some. But I can promise you this. It is my honest feelings. That being said. I am all for the party voting on things SPQR related so that the PARTY has the voice of how SPQR is handled. and I would back the party 100% and more! I want a vote that is not about what I feel, but what everone feels.

@Serendipitous: A noble gesture.

&Mazzy_Cat: SPQR is new, and we don't know what will happen there. I get the whole.. getting together thing, but we shoujld of done that before now.

@Serendipitous: Indeed. I do not intend to cut you off, Mazzy, but I have an SPQR-related question that many people would like answered.

&Mazzy_Cat: ok

@Serendipitous: What do both of you think about changing the name of the party? This has been a point of contention among members and non-members alike.

&Mazzy_Cat: I think that is the parties decision.
&Oblige: One of the calls of SPQR is for the renaming of major parties. And I understand there are plenty of arguements against renaming a major party. Confusion in the place base, establishment, tradition etc. But I think we have a huge oppurtunity here, and I'd like to carry that forward as far as we can- I'd submit to the party that we can rename the party while continuing on our core values. Something like "Nos Populi" - literally the latin translation of our current name. But again, I concur with Mazzy_Cat and if this isn't something the party is looking for, then obvious as PP I would respect that desire
&Mazzy_Cat: I'd like to finish what I was saying if you are done?
&Oblige: But I feel with proper preparation, and communication from our Shout Hawk team. We could make this a big deal. Please do Mazzy_Cat
&Mazzy_Cat: thank you 🙂

@Serendipitous: It's always nice to see a cordial debate. Please continue Mazzy. As we draw to a close, I would urge candidates to aim for clarity, but brevity. I intend for this debate to end at 9:30. Mazzy, please continue when you are ready.

&Mazzy_Cat: I feel to ask the party as their PP can be an abuse of power. People look up to their PP. I would hate to use my position to garner support. What happens when the next PP comes along? does the support go? SPQR articles are in abundance and can not be missed. Nobody is lacking in their knowledge of them. So I don't see it being a lack of education issue, but simply all about a vote. A democratic vote.

@Serendipitous: Very well. I think that's quite enough about SPQR. n0s3y|afk has a question for both of you. For the sake of time I will ask it on his behalf. Who's your favorite pony?

&Mazzy_Cat: Pinkie Pie!
&Oblige: Pinkie Pike best pony, Rainbow dash also acceptable

@Serendipitous: Very well.
›› quit: ((Serendipitous)) ((cgiirc@turtleneck.fiend)) (( Quit: ajax IRC Client ))
›› join: ((Serendipitous)) ((cgiirc@turtleneck.fiend))
›› mode: ((Radio)) sets ((+o Serendipitous))

&Mazzy_Cat: wb

@Serendipitous: Apologies, ladies and gentlemen. University internet tends to do that.

&Oblige: 😐

@Serendipitous: As we close, the final question comes from Dunks. Dunks is Duncan Crowe, the current PP of the Federalists, if I am not mistaken. .voice Dunks
›› mode: ((Radio)) sets ((+v Dunks))

+Dunks: \o/

@Serendipitous: I'd like him to ask his question personally.

+Dunks: okay:

&Oblige: You are not mistaken xD

+Dunks: Do either of you have plans to improve party relations with other parties, such as the Feds, USWP, and AMP? Would you enact any specific programs/games/stuff that would help bring the parties together, or are you more focused on improving your own party issues?

@Serendipitous: Mazzy_Cat first. Take as much time as you need.

&Oblige: I think she has a slam dunk answer for that one 🙂
&Mazzy_Cat: Well Dunks - as you know I've worked as inter-party director. I am VERY big in the parties working together. I have friends across the board in MANY parties. T4 and 6th. I actually have a goal of getting us together for game nights. I think inter-party work is KEY to handling the AFA issues we are facing. without a joint effort..we're just fumbling in the dark..and that is no good for anyone.

@Serendipitous: Oblige, please continue. Or rather start. I'd also like to add a foreign policy question at the end, short and sweet, to give everyone an idea of how individuals are versed in foreign policy. But after that, I /intend/ to finish.

&Oblige: Alright, so interparty relations are obviously huge given the ATO efforts, and I think right now there's also a lot of oppurtunity there for us to develop relations. We've gone from a place where we were suspcious of other parties and their intentions to a place where I think we can work together. There's a lot to be done, in Congress, for instance Like this month we passed some important legislation (which I wrote) that officially declared that regardless of the outcome Fingerguns would be recognized as CP and set the basis for a shadow government in the event of a PTO And we also passed some fun stuff granting legislators the right to "represent" states like in ye olden days 😉 Both pieces were quad-partisan and really reflect that Congress can actually do stuff when we work together

@Serendipitous: Very good.

&Oblige: as PP I'd work on establishing a much tigther relationship with the other Top 3 parties, and, foremostly, continuing WTP's history of serving the 6th parties as well

@Serendipitous: Mazzy_Cat, if you have a rebut, I'd like to hear it as would others. If not, I will move to the next question.

&Mazzy_Cat: I'm good.

@Serendipitous: Okay. Breaking news, ladies and gentlemen. Argentina has left EDEN after being wiped. I think this is a good time for Mazzy_Cat and Oblige to weigh in on their foreign policy tendencies.

&Oblige: Would you like to lead Mazzy_Cat ?
&Mazzy_Cat: I'd rather you did

@Serendipitous: I realize this question is awkwardly phrased and would like to thank fiftyfour40.

&Oblige: xD
&Oblige: Ok
&Oblige: My foreign policy tendencies have basically been thrown out the window the last couple of months. I spent the majority of my early eRep career developing diplomatic contacts in the TEDEN nations. Obviously we live in a world in which we first tried to change the bipolar dynamic with CTRL, and then settled into a new alliance role as we currently lean more towards CoT. It's led us to have some strange bed fellows, like a few days ago when we pressed hard for Iran in a battle against Hungary that ultimatly protected China. So I've been learning how to keep friends even if we're not nessecarily politically aligned anymore, and also to find some new friends in our new allies. We can't turn the clock back on what we've done so far, but we can set the tone for what we're going to do in the future, which will hopefully be to craft a political dynamic where the eUSA continues to have its global political and military dominance and lead the world towards better gameplay
&Mazzy_Cat: Ok.

@Serendipitous: Mazzy_Cat, please comment when ready.

&Mazzy_Cat: I personally feel that our foreign policy should reflect the public opinion. The people have not seemed satisfied with the way things have been going, and I would love to see a return of happiness. I'd also love to see some more TP's! I do so miss those. 🙂 that's really all I wish to say on that at this time

@Serendipitous: Alright. Ladies and gentlemen, our debate has gone on for an hour and a half. I'd like to hear closing statements from Mazzy_Cat and Oblige, and then call it a night. If anyone has objections please PM them to me. I will defer to Oblige, as Mazzy_Cat just answered.

&Oblige: oh come on, I had to start 😛

@Serendipitous: And you have to finish. That's what the ladies would want.

&Oblige: oh dear
›› &Oblige gets a little hot under the collar

@Serendipitous: \o/ Please continue when you are ready.

&Oblige: Alright, so in closing I'd like to touch on the cornerstones of why I believe people should vote for me
1.) An established record of leadership and success (4x CP, 4x SG, 6x MoFA/SoS, 1x SoD, 9x Congressman, 2x dSoH, 4 months as SF CO)
2.) Low drag party leadership, which won't get seperated from the party and will help maintain our current atmosphere
3.) SPQR providing a leading unity theme for establishing a call to action and meanings from our players
4.) a firm commitment to interparty relationships
5.) a new style Congressional representation

@Serendipitous: Mazzy_Cat: Please continue.

&Mazzy_Cat: In closing I'd like to say tht I would like your vote because I want to make this party so amazing. I want us to expand with an improved cabinet. I want to help our ebabies grow into players that all are in awe of and we can beam with pride over. My list of achievements might not be long, but my strongest abilities are in helping others. I have worked hard to make sure ALL parties know they can talk to WTP. Furthermore. I want to expand.. grow.. make this party so alive it bleeds pride. I want to be your voice. The voice of the people.

@Serendipitous: And that is our debate, ladies and gentlemen. It was a pleasure to have and hear from many of you. I hope you all take away something valuable from this debate, and perhaps some of you have chosen a candidate to vote for in the process.

For the record, through ATO efforts and coordination, Mazzy Cat was elected party president per the primary held on the forums.


Oblige Day 1,884, 12:28


Hale26 Day 1,884, 12:31

By the people,
For the people,
WE THE PEOPLE ! coming to a theatre near you. And voted o7

fingerguns Day 1,884, 13:02

Man, I woulda voted for Mazzy Cat, too!

Well done, WTP

chickensguys Day 1,884, 13:04

I took away 2 things from this article
Emily Scott

Hanibal LA Day 1,884, 13:18

Comment deleted

MazzyCat Day 1,884, 13:45

Oh look! We have AFA trolls already! That's how you know you did something right. 😉

larrasian Day 1,884, 15:58

v16 s144

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,885, 06:38


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