Deathtoll proposes abolition of the Ministry of Education.

Day 407, 07:09 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Peter Steven

This morning Deathtoll32, the Presidential Candidate of the UK Reform Party, released his election manifesto. It has already been much discussed on the eUK forums and one of the more controvertial proposals is his promise to abolish the Ministry of Education (MoE), which deathtoll referred to as a "time-waster".

Deathtoll proposed a public library, acessible on the forums to all eUK users, as a replacement to the Ministry of Education. This library would be created by individual ministers who are experts in their particular fields.

There is in fact already a public library, under the administration of the Ministry of Education. The biggest problem facing this library is that the information in it comes from individual contributions. The biggest flaw that our current system faces is the very one that Deathtoll32 suggests extending. Many users, myself included, are concerned that eliminating the ministry of education will make information much harder to find, especially for new users who need it the most. Rather than having a large government ministry to contact new members will be left largely to fend for themselves.

The current educational system also allows anyone who completes their CORE exams to recieve a free Q1 house from the Ministry of Education. In his manifesto Deathtoll32 praises the efforts of the MoE to provide houses for our poorer citizens but does not intend to replace this system when he scraps the MoE. Deathtoll stated that he believes houses will be donated by benevolent older citizens who just happen to have enough cash lying around. While I accept that most of the older eRep citizens are generous and kind, I do not think government policies should be based on an assumption that private charity will make up what the government does not do.

In some circles Deathtoll's proposal is also being seen as an attack on the current Minister of Education, StanWephen, a man generally considered to be one of the most capable and hardworking members of the eUK government and society, and also the leader of the only political party putting forward an opposing Presidential Candidate.

Stan himself said this:

"Abolishing the MoE is a ludicrious idea. It would be like abolishing all schools in favour of building more libraries. In fact, that's exactly what Deathtoll32 is suggesting. The MoE needs time to develop into a full education system, this doesn't develop overnight, something Deathtoll32 doesn't seem to understand"

Indeed, the accusation that Deathtoll32 is not allowing recently implemented changes time to prove themselves is given further weight by his proposal to scrap the recent changes to the MoD structure and return to a system where the COs would individually PM every one of their soldiers with orders and donations of weapons and moving tickets, a move unpopular with many in the Armed Forces.

We would very much like to hear about individual experiences with the Ministry of Education, and what those who have taken the CORE exams thought of the course, and of Deathtoll's plans to abolish the Ministry.