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Day 1645. Thinking aloud.

Day 1,645, 04:54 Published in China Romania by oboj

22 of May
- International Day for Biological Diversity
- National Sovereignty Day (Haiti)
- Republic Day (Sri Lanka)

Simple questions:
- What is the purpose of strength?
- what is the purpose of rank?
- what is the purpose of influence?
- what is the purpose of LP (loyalty points)?
- what is the purpose of an adult to be here?
- what is the purpose of the game?
- what is the purpose of playing it for so long?

Simple answers:
- Fun
- Inferiority complex
- Money
- Profit
- Ignorance
- Habit
- Competition

I guess as a developer minded person you try to match them randomly and by accident.
I don't have time to wait too long for it, my philosopher.

I want you being reach. I want you to be able to hire bright, young and 'crazy' talents to make this game awesome.


- Check the list of those who paid year ago. Compare it to the list of yesterday.
- Check what they do. Daily. See what they shout.
- Bring the opportunity to everyone. Allow everyone to cheat! Yes, you've heard it correctly. Those buying with real money are 'cheating' as well (from the perspective of non-buying players).
If somebody has time, talents for creating multies then let him profit from it. Don't chaise multies, save time and money while trying to hunt all of them. Be honest to yourself in this regard.
- Please avoid discriminating young or old players. If a young but reach player want to beat Romper by rank/strength then ALLOW him/her! Offer him/her that possibility for the amount of real money (not Gold, use for example the Loyal Points) Romper spent to achieve it.

still your player,




Eashoa Msheekha
Eashoa Msheekha Day 1,645, 04:57


curcubitator Day 1,645, 05:00


evilgod Day 1,645, 05:04

foarte adevarat! Au disparut distractia, competitia, strategia, sansa..a ramas doar rutina.

nick91 Day 1,645, 05:06


imamradyk Day 1,645, 05:11


Jeneralu o7
Jeneralu o7 Day 1,645, 05:13


thaddaus Day 1,645, 05:33

true Oboj

titillica Day 1,645, 05:47

so true.

Ivan Alexashenko
Ivan Alexashenko Day 1,645, 05:49

I disagree.
Strenght shouldnt be sold,no matter what.
Strenght the only thing which kept its value and not overestimate to call a number which shows a player loyalty to erepublik.
Also legalise cheat? NEVER!

oboj Day 1,645, 05:56

@Ivan Alexashenko
1. Competition is what keeps everything healthy (here or in IRL), otherwise humans are getting fat and lazy.
2. Whatever which cannot be controlled should be allowed and if negative - discouraged.

TheYakuzini Day 1,645, 06:33

good article,o7 friend

Ivan Alexashenko
Ivan Alexashenko Day 1,645, 08:03

Its one of the best controlled that I know,after the 10 gold limit erepublik improved lot.Before that hundreds of gold were tanked and getting bh was matter who waste the most gold.Hardly could get bh against bot farmers.
If training would require something like say diamonds New game currency which only obtained by REAL money that would be okay strenght buying extra

As for what cant be controlled must be enabled then crime should be legal in RL.So as u see flawed logic

somaka Day 1,645, 09:17

Legal cheating with multies would be a fun thing for economical part of the game but will be a natural disaster for rests of politics.

Significant changes are required to happen anyway and I think the ones proposed in the article are way better to ones which will be implemented.

Slovyanin Day 1,645, 13:51

If somebody has time, talents for creating multies then let him profit from it. Don't chaise multies, save time and money while trying to hunt all of them. Be honest to yourself in this regard.
Like it. Voted

taotaocr Day 1,646, 01:56


Veronica Lin
Veronica Lin Day 1,646, 02:16


Cocoa pig
Cocoa pig Day 1,646, 03:54


Stucna Day 1,646, 05:42


Kansas67 Day 1,646, 07:39

Comment deleted

Tang Li
Tang Li Day 1,646, 15:07


Vilar47 Day 1,646, 17:24


Robert Browski
Robert Browski Day 1,647, 00:44

I disagree. Multi-account is lame no matter what.
They could bring back the good old BB (Buyer Bot) instead. We're slowly approaching a point of no return where producing/selling/hiring would be totally useless in order to make a profit.
Not to mention that there's no way to see our currency/gold traded in change of gold/currency, actually.
It only happens SO randomly and SO few times.
In other words, erepublik is turning out to be a game enjoyable by those players who can buy gold.

mamad96 Day 1,647, 04:54

oh dear

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