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Day 1568 - MM changes

Day 1,568, 12:47 Published in Austria Austria by OEBernd

maybe you have seen some MM changes today.

My thoughts are in italic
The current changes imply that there is a global currency available in game. The name displayed is based on the citizenship you have, but in reality, the currencies are equal.
I don´t know why they still have LC and in the end LC is nothing else like Gold now. So you have 2 kind of currencies but one is really limited because you can only donate/buy/sell 10 Gold each day. But you can buy it from Plato or get it for medals.

For example if you change citizenship all your money will be transformed in the new currency and you will be able to use it. This way you will not lose the money you had, you will be able to use them in any country and for any actions that until now implied exchange rates on the monetary market.
Means that you got rid of the risk of the rate of exchange if you buy/sell on different markets. Arbitration between countries will be more easy what will cause nearly equal product prices/wages in all countries.

You can check the conversion rates following this link: . You will see there how your currency was transformed into what you have now.
Admin Fail: You have to change "citizen-accounts" into your account number.
For me it would be:
I will keep my account as an example during the rest of the article.

Selling on your citizenship market or other markets
If you want to sell something on the normal market, like food or weapons, the name of the currency will be the same as your citizenship currency. However if you want to sell something on another nations market, you think that the name would be their currency, but no, that is not correct, the name will still be your citizenship currency however it will be sold on the correct market but for their currency. Thus, if you want to sell 10 Q6 Weapons on the Swedish Market but live in the US, I will buy your Q6 Weapons for my own SEK, however you will get USD, lets say you sell for 100 USD each, I will then buy for 100 SEK but you will get 100 USD, keep in mind the taxes for each country as well.
Jeah would be just too easy to change all these currencies into a new one so it would be much more easy to understand.
Here would be my example:
Until yesterday I was able to change a big part of my different LC (400k and about 5k lc each currency) into gold within a week. Now it looks like there will not be a chance to do that anymore in months.
There is still this limit of 10 Gold. If someone buys your offer of 400k lc he can only buy lc worth 10gold. So if you could really sell lc worth 10 Gold each day it would take you minimum 40 days. Atm there are 120 pages of offers. So you can only sell LC every few days what means that this procedure will last really long

For script/multiusers it became much more easy to get money because they can buy/sell and update offers with smaller scripts.

Starting a RW
The Resistance War cost will continue to be 1000 currency, however as you cannot change currency anymore you will pay with the currency you have now and it will be "converted" into the correct currency. Thus if a Romanian and an American want to support a RW in, lets say Denmark, the Romanian will pay 1000 RON, the American will pay 1000 USD and so on, you thus don´t need to exchange into Denmark's currency.
Means that there are not that many RW`s in small countries because they have weak currencies but because they are small and it is much more easy to win them.

Your employees have been changed too. - So watch them and be happy about the loss you got because people have entered your company during the last 3 days and you can´t modify their salaries.

The wiki still isn´t updated.

Will there be another big changes in the next time?
For example ->MM offers display 5 didgits
It looks like it is just the beginning of changes.

In the end I have to say that it made the game much more easy and took away many things I liked because you had chances to make money and had advantages if you understood the system.
If I wanted an easy game I would play farmville.

There is still no global job markets or market for goods.
In the end the prices for workers and goods will be much more easy to compare so they will be nearly equal in every country. So it is much harder to get workers for your business or sell with profit if you are in a small country. So the only chance for these countries is to have a lower tax and hope that bigger countries will not lower their taxes.
If admin really wants to keep that system I would say he should merge the other markets and qualities too. And in the end he has frosen and converted the rates for currencies so he could have done the same for gold.
I think he didn´t does that becasue:
It would show you really clear how much gold you have lost with this change.
It would make maketing for gold buyers more difficult.
The game just would be work, train, fight...

In the end the prices for workers and goods will be much more easy to compare so they will be nearly equal in every country.

If you are fast you can make some profit with your 10 gold limit atm. Just buy it cheap at the mm that is really volatile atm and sell it with +0,01 until about 90 profit.

I really hate such changes. On a real market they would close it for some days. Then there would be troubles but people would have the same chances to evaluate the market situation and act more calm.
Now there is only one whole market that maybe is solid but hey if there is a change the whole market still will be down for days.
If you put 200 Gold on the mm until a Q6 offer in Mai/June it is getting hart to get them back until that period.


MOE of eAustria
Captain of the 3rd regiment of the Armed Forces of Austria

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m0bra Day 1,568, 12:51

good work 🙂

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,568, 13:00

very interesting. thanks bernd

Rangeley Day 1,568, 13:02


Schwrzwolf Day 1,568, 14:03

What a splendid MoE.

erdoni Day 1,568, 15:30

Great work as always.

ByK DS1989
ByK DS1989 Day 1,568, 20:00


baturesma Day 1,569, 18:46


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