Day 1515 - Kallespann, the dishonest !

Day 1,515, 11:23 Published in Canada Estonia by Damon Mortis

Hi eCanadian people !

Today im here to report an act of dishonesty 🙁

Yesterday i have see a shout of a big player with canadian citizenship. In the mement i dont understand correctly the shout. This player, called Kallespann, shout a confuse message with a wishlist. Don't understanding the shout, i was sent a private message to ask i was understand correctly.

How they can read, he has defent with the jolly "Google Translator" -.-

This player have joke-thief me.
This player is DISHONEST.
This player is a SHAME for our glorious Canada.

I'll trust than this article makes you think that there are Big and Strong players dishonest, for 10 paltry Gold..

Margaret H Thatcher has transfered 10 GOLD to your account.
frank139 has transfered 500 CAD to your account.
00AngryMobMan00 has transfered 10530 CAD to your account.
Leuch has transferred 10 Weapons (q6) to your storage.
anonymoushooligan has transferred 30 Weapons (q6) to your storage.
I regard these players for this donations. They are a Good players, not Kallespann !
Thanks a lot for the support of they all *love*

Best update: Kallespann has transfered 10 GOLD to your account.

He sent back my gold finally, but only after a eGlobal shame. This action dont will remove the mask of dishonest to your face but i'll regards you and now i send you your 1G gift for your birthday !

You have successfully donated 1 GOLD. This
amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

21/04/14 Edit: Kallespann chanded name into Mr.XXX2