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David Forde's 'scheme' de-bunked

Day 578, 16:21 Published in India India by Mr. Smo

Hey eIndia,

It is official. eIndia has entered the official stages of socialism. I know, I know, I shouldn't be running my mouth off because it's only going to upset the majority of you. Well, I'm not going to keep shut on this one.

When I first came here, I noticed the large number of government owned companies. I am not completely sure if they are funded by the government, but all I know is that they are owned by the government. This set some alarms off in my head. Later, I realized that they were simply set up to keep the market prices from skyrocketing. But as I read in David Forde's latest article, OFFICIAL PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT, I found myself to be correct. By using government funds to increase everyone's salaries and regulate the market; that is socialism.

According to, socialism is defined as-[A] theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

I believe that this definition perfectly suits the current state of this eNation, or if the 'scheme' goes into effect. If government funds have already been used and are being used to support the government owned companies, it is already a socialist state.

This plan is basically is one big short term gain. In the long run, it will drastically weaken the state's authority as well as deplete it's funds. In this 'scheme', the government will be giving out a ton of money. This will basically act as a stimulus package, which eIndia doesn't need because the economy here is already growing. Once the money goes to the people, it will go to a couple of different places. First it will go to companies. Obviously, some people will save it and keep it for a while, but eventually they will spend it. Once the company receives the increased income, it will probably raise the pay for all of it's employees (notice this is the short term gain). Due to the increased demand on products, the company will then spend a larger amount of money on raw materials. Where do the raw materials come from? Foreign countries. eIndia doesn't have a single high resource in it. If it did, then some of the money would be staying here and it might work. But since we don't have any raw material companies, the majority of the money will be leaving the country. Plus, domestic companies can get the raw materials way cheaper in foreign countries because there is more competition. This will basically send most of the money out the window to foreign economies. In the end, the government will be receiving less money from taxes, because the money has left the country. This will mean, either less money for them to give out, or they will scrap the program altogether. This will eventually bring salaries back down to where they were or drop even lower. It will also make everyone more dependent on the government for cash.

Please re-think this plan David! I am writing this not to get a ton of comments, but to warn of the ending disaster this will cause. Oh, and if you haven't voted on weather I should stay or leave, you can vote here.



troj4n20 Day 578, 18:34

Roger that !
I know not much about all these politics stuff, i am just a rookie noob.who knows the govt n parliament might have a brainstorming session later regarding the same topic. What if before the depletion of resources we can get back karnataka or anyothers... ??? I know its not that easy...but may be we can take our chances... 🙂

Indian Government Bank
Indian Government Bank Day 578, 19:50

To those who are voting for this article...Who you would trust!!! A guy who has been in India just to get a Congress seats, few days back...Or our Government who has been successful in gettin many states from Indonesia...just by talks, & J & K from China...
What a government worth of if its peoples are not wealthy & cant enjoy...
This is a calculated measure..& its more to make peoples aware in India...& not destroy the economy...
However instead of saying anything else...I would like to prove with results..Lets the time pass by...
Finance Minister of India

PS- SMO didnt you said..if majority of peoples voted to leave you you will leave...I guess its time for you to everyone asked you leave...Now dont this means you are not a man of words...

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 578, 20:46

First of all, these low blows are really getting old. It's ridiculous that you guys try to run an official operation in the government, yet you think it's fine to just spread all of this crap about me. Second, by letting time pass, it will only make matters worse. I think it is time for eIndia to have the political debates that we have been talking about. This is a perfect issue to debate.

Indian Government Bank
Indian Government Bank Day 578, 23:25

well may be in eUSA you do believe in talking...but here we believe in performing...Abt low blows...well its nt...Didnt you said in your article you will let people vote n act accordingly... Dont you know the results... or want me to publish that no one accepted you...
About the issue...eIndians are happy with that....and will be pleased with performance...As your comments are one is much few days back you just called our president Theif...No one deserves a respect or even a right to stay in eIndia after that...

Snayke Day 579, 01:20

>Due to the increased demand on products, the company will then spend a larger amount of money on raw materials. Where do the raw materials come from? Foreign countries.

So basically what you are saying is that Indian money would leak from the economy anyway, regardless of what the government does?

Azad Hind Fauj
Azad Hind Fauj Day 579, 02:47

It wont go out much...As grains is being supplied by many indian companies...Also many Indians have iron companies who are supplying RM from karnataka...So ultimately its in Indian hands...And as most of them are situated in india they will use it buy more weapons n food...

BroodRoosterNL Day 579, 03:41

Okay, let's point some things out.

Mr. Smo, how much do you know about Indian: Very little as I just arrived here.

Mr. Smo, are you American? Yes I am.
Note: Americans just have something against socialism/communism in their nature ..

Mr. Smo, do you think you can do everything better than the current Indian government? Yes I do.

Mr. Smo, do you have any plans to show us India can do better? No I don't.

Mr. Smo, do most of the people in India like you? I believe not.

Mr. Smo, do you think it is better to leave India because you are not getting any positive feedback? No I don't, I'm American.

Mr. Smo, does this look like a good scheme of how you think? No I don't.

Well I think it is. And I do think it is time for you to go home Smo. Or at least leave this country. You see, you should learn some more about how India works. India works not as a country, it works as a social community. No, not communism, socialism or whatever. A social community, which means a group of people who talk about more than only this game. This has been going on since the start of India about 5 months ago and it has worked, as it has led India to what it now is: A groing, happy and every day stronger nation. At the moment we are at the top of what we have been lately and every day that top is moving higher and higher. India is getting back it's original shape and we are improving our economy and foreign relations.

India is on it's way to Incredible India, and I'm sorry Smo, but you are not helping to reach that goal ..

Thank you very much.

maverick10 Day 579, 04:41

I am not much of a player, but I do try and keep up. If I'm not mistaken, many of our congress candidates have been talking of getting back high resource states such as Up and all. In keeping with the direction the Indian government is taking under the (proven) wise leadership of David, I believe we could be taking a positive step with this scheme. More so if we keep on advancing and expanding at the rate that we already are. Maybe the 'Big Daddies', the more experienced eIndian players can support my argument better. Anyways, Mr. Smo, you dont seem to be having too many friends here in eIndia. Is there any specific reason you like our country better than others? 😃

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 579, 04:57

lol, Im going to be 100% honest and say I cant even be bothered reading this rubbish anymore, let me have a guess and say that I wonder is Mr Smo is calling me and the Goverment thiefs??? conmen??? liars??? cheats???

Your getting boring now Mr No, take the hint nobody likes you, nobody trusts you and you'll never be welcomed here.


Wing0 Day 579, 10:57

Viva la Socialism !
Jeete raho samajwadi !

<a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

Betha Day 579, 15:25

mr. smo: I'll say this only once, India IS a SOCIAL country, and the reason the eUS SUCKS in this game is goz they don't embrace the ONLY way to play this SOCIAL game 🙂

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 579, 17:01

@BroodRoosterNL- half of that stuff is crap and you know that. I understand that I haven't been here every waking moment, but at least give me a litte more slack. @Maverick10- From my calculations, this plan would be more succesfull if we had more ra materials coming from domestic companies instead of abroad. The only reason i 'don't have any friends' is because david has tabooed my name and all of his little ants do the same. @David- I have never called you a theif or any of the other assumtions you think and speak for yourself a little more often.@ Betha- if you really think the eUS sucks at this game why don't you compare eIndia to the eUS. eIndia is way behind the eUS in every single way possible.

troj4n20 Day 579, 20:39

then y not go back to EUS ?!?

Shivendu SRJ
Shivendu SRJ Day 580, 00:48

now we can all see why smo has come to india.
this article is just the starting of his plans.
dont be carried away by what he has says
he is an indonesian who has come to ruin india!

Pheenic Day 580, 07:32

I don't think it's fair to bring the USA into this. Some of you have insulted Americans. There are people here who are from the USA, and I don't think they like their country being insulted. I for one, would not.

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 580, 09:54

I completely agree with brood and please give us the list of ANTS.

BroodRoosterNL Day 580, 12:26

Your right Pheenic. After reading my comment a 2nd time I'm aware of the fact that it may sound a little angry at the American people and I want to apologize for that. It's not my intention to offend anyone.

Again, I apologize.

Snayke Day 580, 13:12

Mr. Smo, you know that eIndia won't magically have high resources just because you turn to capitalism right? Regardless of government spending or not, those high resources will not appear all of a sudden, and companies in eIndia will continue to purchase from abroad.

The only thing they are wanting to do right now is grow the Indian economy by investing in it and the "free market" won't really speed up growth.

If you don't like the way Indian people play eRepublik, then that's too bad. Deal with it.

Cockroach Day 581, 09:21

i dont get it, what wrongs with socialism?

the government is helping the people and hence the country, and plus considering how small the population is, its not really a drain on the government, the over all may be a negative according to you, but if i am not wrong, the negative is a very small percentage which is considered more an investment than a loss

i have not agreed with quite a lot of the policies that the indian government has been implementing, but so far nothing has failed, and you know the saying if it aint broke, dont fix it

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 581, 13:39

Look BroodRoosterNL, I will answer your 'interview' with my real answers. Yes, at first I didn't know very much about eIndia, but I have learned a lot. I don't think that I can do everything better than the government. Where did you get that from? I do think that eIndia can become stronger. That was the sole reason of why I came here, to help make that possible. I am not sure if everyone in eIndia likes me or not. There are about 10 or more of you who are the only ones who severly hate me. Maybe if you didn't sound so harsh all of the time, more people would step into the spotlight more often. I haven't left yet because I'm not going to let a bunch of suck-ups tell me what to do. I don't think this plan will be of use to anyone but foreign investors. That's why I wrote this article to let you guys know that foreign investors are going to be the ones making most of the money off of this.

@Snayke- I never said that eIndia should become a more capatalist state. Please don't put words in my mouth that I didn't say. I also don't think a free market will work at this time yet either. When eIndia is ready to compete on the international stage, it will use the free market system. By the way, I never even used the phrase 'free market' in my article. Yes I am an American and I do beleive in capatalism. But I never even said I did so until now.

@Cockroach- The majority of raw materials come from foreign companies. When spending is increased from the government, a large sum of that money will be going out of eIndia. Yes I know that saying too, but it hasn't happend yet. This article was simply designed to raise awareness.

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 581, 13:41

When I used the word 'ants', I was reffering to lot of you that constantly suck up to David and regard him as perfect.

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