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danis1982 for CP [ENG/HEB]

Day 1,901, 01:17 Published in Israel Israel by danis1982
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Mates, after months of no real activity from the gouvernment, i think its time for me to start thinking higher.

The Past:

For those who don't know me, i start plaing over 2 years ago, i was part of the MU Negev, where i get to Captain. Then i Join the eIDF Division 4, i act there as member, 2nd Commander and even Commander for a week. Right now im Captain at the Elite Unit of Israel Sayeret Matkal.

That's in what Military is about. About my political activity, i was MoI of Joe Franco and Seargent Autumn. This is the prove of transparency during my time. And i'm currently the Party President of "Am Israel Chai".

The Present:
Israel is under Ocupation Of Serbia as we all know, and to be honest i didnt see the gouvernment doing much since the last 2 or 3 last months. Thats why im here, to change that.

The Future:
For long time Israel lose the transparency, and the path that we were taking and now is the time to take it back.

What would i do?
- Open channels with EDEN comunnity
- Open Channel With Serbian comunnity
- Open channel with Israel comunity (I will need your help, yes! Yours)
- Publish articles about Finance status of Israel
- Publish articles about Laws changes in Israel
- Publish articles about the military fronts

This means that we are going to have an open channel with the Commanders of each MU and we will start making plans to get back our territory!

Will be in charge of manage the political parties to avoid PTO in the future. Also to receive new players and teach them how to play!

The Ammbasadors project of course, the communications with EDEN and our Neighbors also with Serbia.

When we get the Knesset back, we will start working on this.

Most important is that we must make our comunity back to life!

לאחר חודשים רבים בלי פעילות מצד הממשלה, אני חושב שזה הזמן שלנו לכוון גבוה יותר.


לאלו שלא יודעים מי אני, התחלתי לשחק לפני שנתיים, הייתי חלק מהיחידה נגב, שם הגעתי לדרגת קפטן. לאחר מכן הצטרפתי לצה”ל שם הייתי חבר רגיל, מפקד משני ולבסוף אפילו המפקד בפועל למשך שבוע. נכון לעכשיו אני חבר ביחידת העלית של ישראל, סיירת מטכ”ל.

זהו עברי הצבאי. בעברי הפוליטי הייתי שר הפנים תחת ג’ו פרנקו ואביב הלו הוא סרגנט אוטומן.
הוכחה לשקיפות במהלך הכהונה שלי.

ישראל היא תחת כיבוש סרבי, כמו שכולנו יודעים, ואם להיות אמיתי, לא ראיתי את הממשלה הישראלית ממש פעילה בחודשיים שלושה האחרונים. זה למה אני פה, כדי לשנות את זה!

בזמן האחרון ישראל איבדה את השקיפות, וזהו הזמן להחזיר אותה חזרה.
מה אעשה בקדנציה שלי

-פתיחת צאנלי דיבור עם עדן.
-פתיחה במו”מ עם סרביה
- החייאת הקהילה הישראלית (אזדקק לעזרתכם, כן אתם!).
- אפרסם כתבות על מצבה הכלכלי של ישראל
- אפרסם כתבות על החוקים בקונגרס שמשתנים
- אפרסם כתבות על החזיתות הצבאיות של ישראל

פתיחת צאנל למפקדי היחידות השונות והתחלת הבחינה כיצד להשתחרר מהכיבוש הסרבי.

יהיו אחראיים על נושא הפיטיאו בישראל. כמו כן ידריכו שחקנים חדשים.

יחסי חוץ
פרוייקט השגרירים כמובן, ופתיחת צינורות דיבור עם מדינות עדן ועם סרביה.

כאשר הקונגרס שלנו יחזור, נתחיל לטפל בנושא.

הדבר החשוב ביותר הוא החזרת הקהילה לחיים!!

Am Israel Chai!


eyalbaruch Day 1,901, 01:40

V3 + S152

Good luck 🙂

Asaf1999 Day 1,901, 01:43

Danis1982 for CP!

EynPahad Day 1,901, 02:23

100% support...

SandalaiM Day 1,901, 02:25

my choise for president.

Danis1982 for CP!

RoaiTG Day 1,901, 02:34

good luck, just few notices
- Open channels with EDEN comunnity - we talking with them all the time
- Neighbors also with Serbia - no point, they are much stronger then us and they don't care about us, the only thing they want from eIsrael is changing side, which we not gonna do.

these elections gonna be intersting, i hope it will not start a fight and beginning of two new rival sides.

RoaiTG Day 1,901, 02:35

בהצלחה, רק כמה הערות

- יצירת תקשורת עם עדן - אנחנו מדברים איתם כל הזמן
- משא ומתן עם סרביה - חסר משמעות, הם הרבה יותר חזקים מאיתנו ולא איכפת להם מאיתנו, הדבר היחיד שהם רוצים מאיתנו זה שנעזוב את עדן, מה שלא הולך לקרות

הבחירות האלו הולכות להיות מעניינות, אני מקווה שהם לא יתחילו מריבות והווצרות של שתי מחנות עוינים חדשים.

danis1982 Day 1,901, 02:37

hahahaha, thanks Roai for the Notice. But actually i already start talking with Serbians, to see what can we do, and i think that we can arrive to something.

RoaiTG Day 1,901, 02:46

if you mean NAP i suggest you will forget it, we saw EDEN small countries stoped doing it (at least most of them) with the enemy big ones, for it's slow death, one or several regions, low bonuses, no wars, and surrounded by the enemies while the population is going down, another reason is the ally, it will be easy life for serbia, and when EDEN will get their domination in middle east again, we will stay with serbia, if you will get elected i suggest to use this time for talking to EDEN balkan countries, and i hope you will not even consider a NAP.

danis1982 Day 1,901, 02:48

Its not that at all what i mean. The gouvernment of Serbia is there just for the money, at least is that what theire CZ says. I found people in Serbia willing to go against the gouvernment and thats why they will help us to liberate from them.

RozenXStyle Day 1,901, 02:52

Danis For CP!!

Eysh Day 1,901, 03:04

Transparency and communication are the most important things.
Roai might claim there are talks with EDEN but most of the players are unaware of these talks.
The state of eIsrael is bad not because of the occupation but because there is no activity.
Wars in this game are not a bad thing they are fun, these time are a chance to unite and fight, plan with are allies and enjoy the game, no one got injured or suffered from the occupation "brutal" forces.

Danis is a great player that can take us out of this shitty situation

RoaiTG Day 1,901, 03:09

most of the players unaware of these talks for simple reason you mentioned - unactivity, most of the players are inactive, specialy in IRC and communation out of Israel, except the talking with EDEN, i'm working in EDEN ranks for months, and i'm not the first and not the last.

in that situation it could be awesome.

danis1982 Day 1,901, 03:12

Thank eysh!

Roai, i hope it will be awsome!

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 1,901, 03:15

V danis 1982 FOR CP !

T.FatherGO Day 1,901, 03:53

Danis1982 for CP!
Good Luck bro

Dio Wolf
Dio Wolf Day 1,901, 04:00

good luck mate

naorhhh Day 1,901, 04:14

good luck

BenYakar.Yossi Day 1,901, 04:38

Danis For CP!

Sicarius Day 1,901, 05:37


Joe Franco
Joe Franco Day 1,901, 08:51

Great candidate; the best actually Israel can offer!

Danis for CP

ephraim123 Day 1,901, 10:34


TaoLaoTzu Day 1,901, 10:55


Danis For CP!

rraabb21 Day 1,901, 11:00


Crossover MC
Crossover MC Day 1,901, 11:07

absolutely the next CP of Israel!

Eysh Day 1,901, 12:04

This is not a chicken and the egg issue.
Lack of communication and withholding information from other players is the reason for inactivity and not the other way around.
This is JUST a game so there should be no secrets that could effect national security and if there are, a simple article in Hebrew with a screen shot instead of text and only Israelis can understand, while the non Hebrew speakers can get translation in PM
So I don't see any excuse for the behaviour of the current, and the previous btw, administrations

449 MAE Air Wing
449 MAE Air Wing Day 1,901, 12:54


Hunter Willis
Hunter Willis Day 1,901, 15:26

You have my support!

Nathaniel Birchwood
Nathaniel Birchwood Day 1,901, 15:34

V + Good luck.

Xenophanes Day 1,901, 15:52

Militarily, the strategy of mass RWs doesn't work, even with full EDEN support and coordination, unless certain specific conditions are met. The only reason it worked in Jerusalem was because eSerbia was engaged directly in a battle, AND had 7 RWs going at once. The timing was flawless. In this most recent engagement in Beersheba, they had no direct battle, so devoted their many, many MUs to stomping every single RW, 7 in total. They won every one. We supplied our troops, hired mercenaries, and coordinated with EDEN HQ, and still lost.

We are in constant and daily communication with EDEN, our allies, and our Commanders, contrary to your claim, and our government has done a LOT to liberate our regions. Each strike is coordinated and we spent a lot of resources to see victory, and I highly doubt you would have any more luck than we. What matters most is TIMING. Also, Roai is right; eSerbia doesn't care at all about us, EXCEPT that we abandon EDEN and our allies and sign an alliance with them. This will never happen, as we would be branded traitors by the entire world and invaded even more so than now.

As for published articles, we HAVE published articles, but a lot of us don't have many subscribers, so our articles don't get many votes, and thus, no one reads them for long. As for a constant stream of publications, there isn't much to say that isn't already obvious: we're occupied, we're working our hardest toward our liberation. It's easy for someone like you, for example, to say anything you want and get immediate fanfare because you have a lot of subscribers. It's true, I wish CP p.k would publish more articles himself, but he wants his cabinet to, and we do. It isn't very fair to us, who have worked very hard, that you say we aren't working hard enough.

Xenophanes Day 1,901, 15:54

You're an excellent player, danis, and you deserve a shot at presidency, but please give us our fair due.

John TG
John TG Day 1,901, 16:55

voted!an excellent choise!

danis1982 Day 1,902, 00:24

Xenophanes: I understand what you say and sorry if i offended you or anyone else. What i wrote is what i feel. And i think that we can do it this time!

Xenophanes Day 1,902, 00:33

Oh, no. You didn't offend me at all. I like you, danis. I think you're a great asset to eIsrael and I personally think you'd be a great CP. You publish very informative, interesting, and accessible articles which I enjoy reading, as I've been subscribed for awhile now. But I did want to defend myself and others against the idea that we haven't been doing much. I will agree, it isn't as vocal as I'd wish. I do prefer the administration to publish as many relevant articles as possible. In fact, I have an article typed up.... for three days now. I've been waiting for a certain player to translate it into Hebrew for me but he hasn't yet.

ISForce Day 1,902, 06:10

Ok , Im new in the game, but with your history , I know that you are awesome player!
Danis For CP!!

Perfect.Knight Day 1,902, 10:21

danis1982 best of luck in the elections! you are worthy candidate!!!!

RoaiTG Day 1,902, 10:32

@Eysh you are welcome to look at my newspaper

Tsahi K
Tsahi K Day 1,902, 11:17

danis1982 for cp!

dpdevil Day 1,902, 13:23

voted!an excellent choice!

Hooliganos Day 1,903, 01:02

danis 1982 for CP!

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