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Daily Geography Quiz (For Gold!)

Day 1,779, 17:45 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero
Daily Geography Quiz

Posted at 8:40 EST

Where am I?

Clue #1: This capital is named after a former leader of another country.

Clue #2: This place is located near the confluence of two rivers.

Clue #3: Found in the northern hemisphere...barely.


The prize for today's quiz is TWO GOLD. It is free to play (one response per day). We do accept donations (food, supplies, money, etc.) that can be given to eBelgium's needy. Please submit your answer in a PM to Kylero. The first correct response will be the winner. Winner will be announced along with answer when received.

If you are in need of supplies (i.e. food, money), please contact Kylero. No questions asked!


Kylero Day 1,779, 21:20

Viridi wins! Answer is Monrovia, Liberia.

Jeiry Day 1,780, 01:16

Viridi's too fast... ^^

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