Czech Republic - A Friend and Ally at the Heart of Europe

Day 559, 07:40 Published in USA Czech Republic by Ceska Narodni Banka

Czech Republic is one of the smallest nations in eRepublik. Compared to the mighty populations of the likes of Hungary, US, or Indonesia, we are but a speck on the eWorld! But how can a country so small as this still survive in eRepublik, still remain free from TO and attack when all around it empires rise and fall at spectacular speed?

I suggest the answer lies in the eWorld and the real one. And says something about how Czechs have cast a unique place for themselves in the world and consolidated their position through fostering friendship and respect form nations of all shapes and sizes.

Since the 9th century the Czechs have had a nation at the heart of Europe. From Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia some of Europe’s greatest characters have emerged – Kings, Princes, Philosophers, Social Reformers.

Emerging in the 1990s from the cloak of communism, we divided peacefully from our Slovak brothers and sisters and were first among the former Warsaw Pact countries to embrace new friendships with the US and the West. From 1999 we were part of NATO in 2009 we were the first former Comicom country to achieve ‘developed’ status.

And the reason for this success? Historically we’ve not only been at the cross roads of empires, but at the intellectual and military heart. And our diaspora spread far and wide, above all in your country with whom Czechs share the most special bond of kinship. Czech-Americans have excelled in all walks of American life – former Secretary of State (Madeleine Albright), former Presidential candidate (John Kerry), Tennis heroine (Martina Navratalova), Movie Star (Sissy Spacek), Religious leader (Isaac Meyer Wise, Rabbi) – the list goes on…

Our famous neutrality has been a carefully and actively crafted strategy. We haven’t sat weak and alone hoping no-one will attack us. In the early days of version 2 we were the home of Slavs around Europe. Before some nations found their independence in the eWorld, they came to Czech Republic to train in our political scene, in our companies, in our army. And from safe within our cities they planned their future governments and strategies. It is this kind of history that has strengthened our enduring friendship with Poland.

Many of these citizens, now prominent in other countries, have gone on to occupy high ministerial posts in other governments – even a recent President of Indonesia was a former Czech Congressman. And more recently as their country falls under the mighty Swedish hammer, some German politicians have stumbled through the gates of Prague – seeking asylum and a role in our political scene.

As the Atlantis-PEACE rivalry of previous months raged around us, successive Presidents negotiated Non-Aggression Pacts with Poland and Hungary, and culminated in President Radim pioneering an MPP with USA.

This was not about picking sides, but keeping friendship and communication with all nations. Breaking through the mistrust and hatred, and this worked – most of the time. When some dissident Hungarians tried to TO us for financial gain some few months ago – we received anti-TO help from Atlantis countries as well as official support from Hungary – who gave the ring-leaders of the TO a severe reprimand. Likewise when the UK paras tried to TO Czech Congress the next month, support from Serbia and vocal support from citizens within UK and USA – again disrupted the attempt – and UK Prime Minister SaraDroz was quick to seek to redress the significant damage that this incident did to the UK reputation.

So what we have learned from this is that with an upstanding reputation, IRL friendships and history, and a robust and sincere neutral stance – Czech Republic has been able to reach out to friends in all countries of the eWorld. In an international dynamic so biased in-favour of the mighty and the numerous, we have been able to remain independent at the very heart of Europe.

MPP with Hungary
And now we come to the most recent turn of events. Swedish ambition to restore her empire at whatever cost, saw the disintegration of Atlantis and a harsh message rang out throughout Europe. What is this message? First that there shall be a greater Sweden – and we do not know where they will be content to set the limits of their Empire; and second that countries such as USA could sacrifice smaller allies to maintain the relations with larger allies.

We in Czech Republic watched events unfold with caution, but not alarm. We had already an MPP with USA, which Scrabman had already told us he wished to propose its renewal. We had stronger relations with Hungary, and were concluding with them a Non-Aggression Pact. We had longstanding Non-Aggression Pact with Poland. And UK Prime Minister in her opening message to the Czech People had offered to consider an MPP with us.

You can imagine our dismay, when in the midst of Atlantis’ collapse first the UK Parliament and then the US Congress rejected MPPs with Czech Republic. Why might they desert us at this moment? Could it be that the appeasement plan previously proposed by Atlantis to Sweden – in which Sweden was given Southern Bohemia – had been resurrected? Can you imagine the concern this caused Czech citizens? Vulnerable in the heart of Europe, deserted by our allies, a Swedish Empire approaching our borders.

To the East and West of Germany we observed Hungary sign MPP first with Estonia, then with United Netherlands. If Swedish empire building were to extend beyond Germany’s borders, it seemed that Hungary was the only significant power able to stand in their way. It was a great relief that Hungarian President and Congress – without significant debate, or question – immediately embraced us and approved an MPP.

As part of our agreement with Hungary, we are still able to MPP with USA and I understand that the proposal remains with your Congressmen. I believe that with MPP with USA and MPP with Hungary – Czech Republic can once more stand neutral, but safe, at the heart of Europe.

I urge you to ask your congressmen to support this MPP and strengthen that special relationship between Czech Republic and United States of America.

Franz Kafka
President, Czech Republic