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Day 1,803, 02:55 Published in China China by mihail.cazacu

It finally became painfully obvious for the RL American players that they were duped into joining CTRL.

The question is not if there is a way out. Of course it is! And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to come up with a solution to the current problem.

The big question is: should the Real Life American players care about the whole issue?

I would venture to say the answer is resounding "Hell No!"

eRpublik is a business which turns hatred and inferiority complexes into money. That is why it is so appealing to players from countries which don't weight much in Real Life.

None of the countries which in Real Life are World Powers (US, Russia, China, UK, France - all the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council) can go one-on-one with eWorld Superpowers like the "mighty" Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland, Hungary or Romania and win.

Do we need more to put the things into the correct perspective?!

How about this: Germany, UK, France or Japan, countries who in Real Life could buy Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland, Hungary or Romania ten times over by spending only what their citizens leave as tips in the restaurants, are among the weaklings of this game.

So why would the Real Life Americans bother to clean up the current mess with CTRL and AFA?!

No matter how successful the house cleaning would be, the USA would still have to fight the endless Balkan and East European Wars one way or the other. Because those wars won't stop. Because in the Balkans and Eastern Europe people love to spend real money (and spill real blood if given the opportunity) on issues which cannot and would not make their Real Lives any better.

So yes, now that it became clear that CTRL was a bad idea, the American players could follow it with ALT and DEL and start over.

But is it really worth it from the Real Life American players' point of view?



smirnofftoi Day 1,803, 03:02

amcırmış durumdaki bataklık aslanı..

TheYakuzini Day 1,803, 03:03

true,very true

Darkslowstar Day 1,803, 03:05

another great article 🙂

clawy Day 1,803, 03:13

CTRL+F4, best combination you can use in this game.

imamradyk Day 1,803, 03:54

little true

Sztandar Day 1,803, 04:18

I would like to ask: what about eSwitzerland's money?

Sztandar Day 1,803, 04:21


" Because in the Balkans and Eastern Europe people love to spend real money"

Especially Eastern Europe, I mean you got only Romper and Argrob, both inactive, while we tank with LK777 and Grievous, both crazy mad. Romanian propaganda is Romanian, same for the whole game.

Lico Day 1,803, 04:28

You don't know what crtl+alt+del does, do you?...

stoxi Day 1,803, 04:29

"The question is not if there is a way out. Of course it is! "

And I suppose the way out is called EDEN?You're pathetic...

thaddaus Day 1,803, 04:30

a moron pole is always a moron pole, everywhere in the world

giap Day 1,803, 04:49

Actually, sad but true. I wonder whether a German player is so upset while seeing eGermany is completely conquered by ePoland. Be sure, that's no problem. Wasting large amounts of time and real cash in a game is at least stupid. To prove what? To prove that your country is better than the neighbour's country, in a virtual reality? Pull the hand-brake, guys, is just a game

oboj Day 1,803, 04:57

Old fashioned Ctrl + Alt + Del is quite different from the current one.
The current one will not reboot, they would need to pick up the shutdown option : )

Silistra Day 1,803, 06:10

Well, we all know you want to sell Romania for pennies because it population is around 85% giepsies or hungarians, but still - don't the other countries like that. FYI tipping in the listened countries is more than miserable..

Hide.D Day 1,803, 06:52

From a brazilian point of view, CTRL was not a bad idea.
It was just hard to achieve, once a great part of population was not open mind to new perspectives. But the idea was nice.

mihail.cazacu Day 1,803, 08:54

@Silistra: It takes a game written and managed by "Gypsies" to grant Superpower status to Bulgaria. Quite amusing, don't you think?

rumburack Day 1,803, 10:02

try ALT+F4

Acornion Day 1,803, 14:27

@silistra you-re being rude mate....

Raul Doru
Raul Doru Day 1,803, 16:19

no Acornion, he's just being stupid...

Khebit Day 1,803, 16:46

ITT: edenites cry for help to the Americans after being fckdup and receiving help from admins.

Try harder.

Silistra Day 1,803, 22:58

Guys, I am sorry. I don't want to offend anybody. I just posted a comment with the same reasoning as the article. Some truth, but not exactly. Everything too much exaggerated and trying to represent someone in unfavourable.

Mihail, gypsies and jews are well known with their abilities to make money without actually doing something. Don't you agree with that?

I love Trianon
I love Trianon Day 1,803, 23:21

@ Silistra, clean your teeth when you speak to a Romanian . Friends know why!!!!

mihail.cazacu Day 1,804, 02:55

@Silistra: Oh, so on top of everything else you also paid real money to play a "Gypsy" game?!

What else is there to be said? Only that Flausino and others like him made the "Gipsies" even fatter than you did. All that while feeling overwhelmingly superior to them.

TheJakal Day 1,804, 06:50

A proper arrogant article, in the RL world, USA prints money and is generally not liked around the globe...

So yes continue your Bush type thinking because that really did USA a lot of good.

One thing is for sure, USA is China's B***h in RL and in this game.

Silistra Day 1,804, 07:38

I like you mihail, you remind me of my grandfather. Some guys are good, the others bad. That's the absolute truth and nothing can change ever! hah

Let's not talk about money-spending, gold and superpowers.

weasel2 Day 1,807, 06:41

The only thing eAmericans (no matter RL identity) have in common is a declaration of identity. "I am an American, screw you who says I am not." The eUSA is our turf and our tribe. Win in the game if we can, but stubbornly persist as ourselves, bowing to no others. We don't need to triumph, only to be.

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