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Crunching the numbers: IA Army self sustainibility

Day 1,884, 12:30 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Seanan can point out mistakes in my calcs. This is not an opinion piece do not troll the comments. I will not respond to troll comments.

Sweet made a comment that if the WRM price drop we will be able to afford to return to normal supply which were 10 Q7 weapons a day.

Our current system

The IA Probably have 90 members realistically
For every Q7 weapon we need 200 WRM

12 weapons require 2400 WRM and 1 Q7 production
8 * 300 = 2400 WRM
1 * Q7 weapon = 12 Q7 weapons

So for every 9 members we produce 1 members supply + another 2 weapons which i understand the supplier keeps for himself?

So 90 members supply 10 members Q7 supplies.

The cost of self sustainability.

Q7 weapons factories

Q7 weapon factories is once a month at 681 Gold right about now. Thats 681 * 340 = 231540 IEP

We need 4 producers with 2 Q7 Weapons factories each (This will be explained later)

WRM Factory

Top WRM Factory is 35 Gold .

A player can manage 120 jobs in the morning : 120/ 8 = 15 Q7 weapon supplies or 150 weapons. but we need 20 Q7 weapon supplies so extra 40 jobs or 400 energy. So from 0:00 TO 4:00 AM. That would give enough supplies for 2 Q7 factories . Where he can employ 20 workers making 200 weapons.

That would mean we need 4 producers with 2 weapon factories committing themselves to the supply issue. And maybe 1 extra producer with 1 Q7 weapon factory.

So per full producer he will require 160 Top WRM factories producing 48000 WRM . 160 * 35 GOLD = 5600 Gold or 1.9 Million IEP per player. Each 90 players produce 5 Gold + another 10 Gold per month = 15 Gold * 90 = 1350 Gold requiring for this plan another 4250 gold from the treasury. Just for the WRM supply for 1 producer.

This is a true commune as the commune grows itself by using its superior numbers.

Total Cost required:

5600 Gold * 4 = 22400 Gold WRM
1362 Gold * 4 = 5448 Gold Q7 Weapon factories.

27848 Gold or 9468320 or 9.4 million IEP

Monthly average Gold income per player = 15
Total : 15 * 80 = 1200 Gold.

Total Months to be fully self sustained: 23 months.
Minus: Players current production of WRM and Q7 weapon factories.

Final Thoughts
Remember as well that at first full producer he would make about 2000 IEP or 60000 IEP a month which is 176 Gold by itself.

I am just crunching the numbers and have not checked game elements like how much WRM factories a player can have. I think currently I have around 40 buildings.

With current players already having multiple factories we can reduce the numbers considerably. Or we can just say lets just push for half of that. Whatever that's my calcs please feel free to show errors or possible quicker solutions. I remember from earlier years that a player like Bhane had a lot of factories already.

The numbers is huge but the rewards would be incredible. But anyway thats just the numbers without any opinion that cloud the article.


Bhane Day 1,884, 13:00

"So 90 members supply 10 members Q7 supplies."

That's not entirely accurate.

The WaM clicks will subsidize production. Also if workers create WRM in their own factories, and work out the logistics to transfer those goods, then that can cover alot of the WRM. This allows more work clicks on the production side creating more tanks.

9 workers create 12 tanks in a fair wage work environment. But with all the under the table logistics a commune does to avoid taxation, there are a lot more options.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,884, 14:21

i dont know what you mean by wam bhane? I was saying if every member is in the supply chain. its more of a base model. other factors will lower or maybe even raise the requirements. WRM is not transferrable? I have checked(dont think that what you meant). Yeah probably on IRC WRM trade could be streamlined. But accidents will still happen. I placed 30 Q7 weapons on the USA market. When I clicked on a tab it was already sold. So it sold within a few seconds. So what would be the solution if a player places say 10000 WRM on the market at 1 cent and a stranger bought it before the trade could be finalized. Would he get his weapons if he traded for weps?

T1nk3r Day 1,884, 14:47

Its late so I'll thoroughly read through the article tomorrow, but I am due to talk about supply.

Few numbers:
We have around 50 workers.
Each produce 12 Q7 tanks, needing 2400 WRM.
It varies each day, based on WRM and Q7 weapon price but averagely, we sell 10 Q7 tanks to cover the WRM needed for the production of Q7 tanks, leaving 2 Q7 tanks.
Supplies are currently at 4 Q7 tanks due to the 600 IEP / day subsidy.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,884, 16:43

i am economic noob but glad someone has brain for this things and tries to explain to those who are interested in this stuff

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,884, 16:45

And this article is blessed by The Word....

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,885, 01:17

"Sweet made a comment that if the WRM price drop we will"
Think you're quoting the wrong source. I've not mentioned or studied IA systems in months

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,885, 05:39

sweet dude!actually your right it was james keiler . perhaps i will update it later. kinda feelin lazy.

dont take offense in me calling you dude(it was just a reference to the "dude where is my car" movie.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,885, 16:55

nw mate, and im not disputing ur article or anything. im honestly just not paying enough attention to the game environment these days to have a stance on the topic

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,886, 05:45

@ Krakken, I think he'll be more offended by being mistaken for James Keiller.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,886, 20:41


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