Croatia is whole again

Day 1,022, 15:48 Published in Poland Greece by Croatian Foreign Office

Dear friends,

We have taken back Slavonia, thus making Croatia complete again. It was a great victory, and we would like to thank all our allies for making it possible. Slavonia is one of the wealthiest regions in the world, and now that we have taken it back, our armies will be even more potent.

The commitment shown by our allies has been tremendous in these past 2 months. This journey to make Croatia complete again was started on 25th of July when Croatia lost all her regions. The beginning was tough, with no companies in Istra and Lika for the babies, and the goverment was bankrupt. I have been in the government during these past 2 months, and I saw first hand Croatia's allies at work. Romania took in our army when most of our army companies were in occupied territory, and USA had a national primary for their Presidential election to send as many voters as possible to Croatia. I am amazed at how we were able to come away from the attempted TO unscathed, and we have our great allies to thank for that.

A special thanks goes to our great Polish friends for making Croatia great again. When we had no companies for babies in Croatia, Ariakis and Strozer made them for us. When our economy was still non-existent, another Polish friend Zapomnialem put ultra cheap iron on our market. And another great friend sent us free bread for battles.

So thanks a lot everyone.

--Minister of Foreign Affairs, ShadowMJ