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Croatia is full of unfriendly people

Day 1,516, 04:22 Published in Hungary Hungary by clawy

Today, while doing my BH round, I noticed that Croatia had another little baby-boom. Here is little list of some new co-players:

All already members of a military unit ( An elite unit of course, not any given one. All fighting disciplined it the battles where they are required (5 of them turned up just when I pushed the wall over 50% in one RW, just to push it back). Logging out and going to rest (to gather their energies for the next battle) once their health was down.

Now I would want to complain only about one thing: while they were still all online, I sent them all friendship requests. None of them accepted. Is still the norm in Croatia, to be so unfriendly and rude to people? Or where they just to busy? Hope they accept later.

Meanwhile, EDEN obtained another series of great victories all over the world (well accept where Romania is involved, but who care about them anyhow). All thanks to activity, involvement and team-play. Hail Brotherhood! Hail Fatherhood! Hail EDEN!



Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Day 1,516, 04:25

: ))

655321 Day 1,516, 04:27

It's because you've given up your Romanian citizenship. Soldiers don't franternize with the enemy.

Alina V
Alina V Day 1,516, 04:29

Maybe they looked at your newspaper avatar and felt the DANGER : P

Kikericsy Day 1,516, 04:53

votat : )

alpho Day 1,516, 05:18

add ALL the Croats!

Calota Alin Day 1,516, 06:40

Comment deleted

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 1,516, 08:20

No. They are unfriendly to hypocrites only.

VladCJ Day 1,516, 13:24

clawy presedinte! : D

dark-nk Day 1,516, 18:11

Suge o ceapa !

acdcristi Day 1,517, 01:22

You probably sent the request in hungarian. What's to like about that language? :DD

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