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Crisis in Greece? Nop, it's ok :D

Day 1,827, 08:12 Published in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova by Alexandru Barbarosie

So now we know where all Europe funds go 😉

Crisis in Greece?



Princess Aspas.BG
Princess Aspas.BG Day 1,827, 08:49


Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Day 1,827, 08:55

Nope. it's just chuck testa!

Huasoemier Day 1,827, 08:56

SUB SUB POLE!!!!!!!! \o/

Zer0Xx Day 1,827, 08:57

Pretty sure they are in "CRISIS" xD

Nice article o7


So, the money that the germans lent to Greece will go to Plato?

ANTINIANKU Day 1,827, 09:07


Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 1,827, 09:25


iv1313 Day 1,827, 10:12


Kumulonimbus555 Day 1,827, 10:17

Vote bro

FreeEnough Day 1,827, 10:21

Si ma gandeam eu sa fac articol de genu. Da zic.. lasa ca s-o gasi un trol

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,827, 10:48

So, the money that the germans lent to Greece will go to Plato? x2 : D

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,827, 10:49

P.S. Erepublik is gona be fatal for Grece nation 😃

Stefan M Petrov
Stefan M Petrov Day 1,827, 11:19


billgreece13 Day 1,827, 13:27

you are so pathetic!!! keep crying!!

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,827, 14:54


articole de școlari..))))

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,827, 15:06

NA din pacate in cazul tau nu se mai lecuieste, si credema, e din pacate pt noi si nu pt tine...

Macedonian Power
Macedonian Power Day 1,827, 16:09

there is no crisis, germany covers everything 😁

laurifederal Day 1,828, 02:57

BTW, ook the position of the eGermany in world ranking and how many territories do they have?
It is clear, that crisis is not in eGreece, but in eGermany, because they work hard In Real Life to put food on their family including some people who pay to Plato for playing eRepublik.....ofcourse the slaves must be influenced with propaganda and smarter ones will be replaced with Turks, Arabs etc.who are actually harder to control,so to me immigration policy is like EU goverment shooting its EU legs

laurifederal Day 1,828, 03:04

IN reality all policies of EU look like EU shooting its EU legs. It is like lets some people want to "delete" Europeanism and replace it with Idiotcracy.. purposely ... are they USA, China, India others? Well hell no, it is about just stupid people running the business with help of the corporations (who simply don't pay attention, because they are not obliged to do that).
Same thing goes with USA, look at who was G.Bush, clearly not enough IQ do decide things for himself.

Mike Hatzis
Mike Hatzis Day 1,828, 06:01

Lol! this is the only place you can really talk about politics and economics.... Cause in RL you don't have any of them..... Haha.... Btw, make a screenshot and give it to ur RL MoFA to send it to the Eurogroup meeting asap..... Then they will know better where their money go!!! Haha!!! More stupidity and you die...

Mike Hatzis
Mike Hatzis Day 1,828, 06:02

PS. I am out of FPs so please make it happen... 😛

Ratatatau Day 1,828, 11:49

Give your finds to hellass Europe...they are spending it on a game!

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