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Crise économique: répercussions sur l'emplois [FR/EN]

Day 1,754, 10:20 Published in Belgium Austria by Kaad

Alors que les élections nationales viennent juste de se terminer, Nohjis va devoir s'engager dans un nouveau challenge. Depuis plusieurs semaines, les salaires des belges ont énormément diminués. A titre de référence, Kaad était payé 88.88BF par jour il y a deux semaines. Aujourd'hui, ce brave homme est payé 55BF par jour, soit presque la moitié. Les propositions d'emplois sont actuellement à 50BF par jour. Jusqu'à quand durera cette descente aux enfers?

As the national elections just finished, Nohjis has to face an other challenge. Since few weeks, belgian salaries have crashed. As an exemple, Kaad was payed 88.88BF per day two weeks ago. Today, this proud men earn 55BF êr day, quite half. Job seekers can expect almost 50BF now. For how much time is it going to fall down?



AndreasC Day 1,754, 10:31

It could still be worse, as I remember in the beginning of the game the jobs paid around 7-10 bef.

Kaad Day 1,754, 11:13

But it could be better.... Just constatation...

However, the income tax in Belgium is 1% and it's a very good advantage.

Jeiry Day 1,754, 12:51

And a few months ago, salaries were around 200 BEF. A huge drop.

Kaad Day 1,755, 02:11

I wasn't here already

Jofroi Day 1,755, 18:11

yeah and the gold value was 1 gold = 2300 BEF. Now it's 1 gold = 700 BEF^^.

shadowukcs Day 1,756, 04:01

you're wrong on so many levels

prices have stayed the same. As jofroi explained, CC value changed, wages followed. As did the price of products. Economy 101

This is actually a very good thing that's happening. Personally I'd like them to drop even further as it would benefit the monetary market, allow speculation and other interesting economic builds.

shadowukcs Day 1,756, 04:02

oh and just so you know: the job market is international (meaning that everyone in the world can post up an offer and it's added to the list you as employee get to see), Nohjis is country president. He can't do anything about this, even if he wanted to.

Jeiry Day 1,756, 05:15

But have the prices for developping and creating new companies changed ? Hmmm... Oh yes, you don't need that anymore.

And sure the President canno't "do anything about it", but he has to deal with some of the consequences. So yes, it may be seen as a "challenge" for him.

Kaad Day 1,756, 13:19

No i still buy tanks at the same price and earn 2 times less

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