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CP election - Vote for Sasori5

Day 1,811, 13:46 Published in Denmark Spain by Sasori5
~ one article, one song ~

Another CP election is coming, it seemed we weren't going to have a PTO candidate as we hold the control of all the political parties... but a new guy has created another party and he is running for president.

The new candidate is a player who was born 7 days ago. He has took the name of the former danish president (RL) and in 7 days he got 40 golds to create his own party.

Then tomorrow we'll have to win again another election. There's much at stake... if PTOers get the presidency they could make alliances, declare wars... that's mean they would get too much power and it'd be very hard to hold the control of our country. (It would be harder to keep our regions under germany's flag and if we have congress election many PTO players could get danish cs)

Thus I ask you to vote for Sasori5 (me 😉), I'm one of the oldest players here, 6 times CP of Denmark, and therefore with some experience here. As these last months, my aim is to keep Denmark without the PTO threat, continue with our union with Germany aka Germark, and don't let PTOers and thieves steal danish treasury as well as improve our country and give our players chances to grow here.

Sadly these last days more PTOers are coming to our country, so we have to get the most number of votes we can, more than last times to win. So, first, don't forget to vote! second, encourage your ingame friends to do the same! 😉

Lastly I'd like to encourage all the danish people to take part in the game and community (not just work & train & fight), if you haven't registered in the danish forum it's a good time now: Besides you will get some supplies for free 😉

Thank you,
CP of Denmark.

PS. The first 3 players who comment here with danish cs and level <=30 will get a q7 weap. (pls abstain PTOers 😉 )


I-G-D Day 1,811, 13:57

Good luck. : )

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 1,811, 14:19

voted ofc - and I second that people should vote for Sasori once more 🙂

prostokreten Day 1,811, 14:40


Lutharus Day 1,812, 00:50

Voted article, and for Sas 🙂

KristijanII Day 1,812, 03:52

(shout all my frends)

Patryk von Lunenstein
Patryk von Lunenstein Day 1,812, 05:56

Vote for Sasori! \o/

Lutharus Day 1,812, 08:45

Wow, that is a low blow: they have renamed Venstre to Aurora, and even reused the logo - but do not trust it, the Lars candidate is not from the true Aurora.

RainMortlock Day 1,813, 11:31

Voted Sasori

Kongeror Day 1,822, 12:18

voted for Sasori ofc 😉

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