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CP Election Candidates

Day 1,901, 13:06 Published in Ireland Australia by Elite C

Hello Again,
I have contacted each candidate running for CP this month and they have kindly ansered each question:

A Look at the Candidates:

I have been part of eRepublik if you round it for about 3 months. This entire time has been a citizen of eIreland. I have served as eIrish Boot Camp commander, IFP President, x2 Congressman, a Minister of Foreign Affairs, Irish Templars Commander, and Prime Minister of eIreland.

Brian Boru
Multiple time Minister for Finance and Minister for Foreign Affairs, founder of the Irish Republican movement in eRepublik, founder of the Labour movement in eIreland, ex-CoS of the Irish Volunteer Force, ex-spokesperson for the Irish Citizen Army, author of the original eIrish constitution, 15 time congressperson and current President of Ireland. I could go on, but I reckon those are the big ones, I've been around since 2008, and one tends to gather achievements in that time.

Marinko Margarin
I've started this game 3 years ago in eCroatia, in MU like Boot Camp for newbs,after that I joined eIreland, Irasian accepted my request and I've joined Irish Army and Irish Progressive Party, after that joined ICA and been twice PP of IPP, after ICA fall apart went to Boot Camp where I have been Commander and Quartermaster. Been 12 times Dail member, 2 times Ceann Comhairle, 4 times MoD team etc.

I was born on July 29th, 2010. Northeast Ireland (Louth) has always been considered my home region. My personal history could be made into a good short story, so I will sum it up. My history in eRepublik has been marked with strives for progress, maturation, growing character, and to promote comradely.



Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,901, 13:50

I still belive Boru and Mike are running for laughs...

Boru did crap in this term....maybe he was too busy defending the worst traitors, scammers and all know them as kunts.

Mike...CP medal hunter....mouth full of equality and justice..but when he had a chance to actually stand by those principles he sided with Libertad filth. of the reasons Libertad backstabbed me was coz every decision in"my" Libertad was made by voting of all members and me not taking orders from Libertad "elite".
And now you talk about commitee?

You are hypocrite and too weak to stand what you scream about!

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,901, 13:50

Marinko and Gawain...will see...

MUFC992 Day 1,901, 13:58

Gawain didn't even knew there's only one currency in eWorld brah.
Not saying he's bad, but he has a lot more months to spend in this game before real run.

Plus...I never saw him on irc channels at all.

Domagojvu II
Domagojvu II Day 1,901, 16:48

+1 šild 72

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,901, 17:47

Voted 🙂

Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Day 1,901, 17:52

voted and good luck to all candidates o7

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,902, 01:38

voted, but one question, why haven't you putted whole interview with all of us?

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,902, 02:30

thats for another article

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