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CP Candidates Interviews

Day 1,902, 10:02 Published in Ireland Australia by Elite C

OK. So here are the interviews from each CP candidate in this Election.
*Ordered by respondent*

1.Why are you choosing to run this month and what do you hope to accomplish in these elections?

I decided to run because I ran last time but people thought I needed experience in the presidency so I have served term as VP, and I had almost 3 party support. I hope to be able to reopen a deal or future deal with Asgard, increase our economy that is imploding, and work on our relations with foreign countries.

Brian Boru
I would like to continue on the path of competent and experienced government, as well as continue the excellent project of further uniting Ireland via ideas like the Senate, the Guild, and with more direct democracy.

Marinko Margarinn
Why, its simple I have most time in February to do this job, and we're in situation that we really need to do something with alliances, staying neutral won't be good for long time. I'll try to get our finances back on feet + try to see are we welcome in ASGARD anymore.

The Democratic Experiment (MikeBane as Spokesperson)
I was chosen because I have the time requirement necessary for CP, political experience, vision, and strong determination. Although I do not claim the title of 'CP', I am the Executive Committee Member who has the in-game powers of CP. Technically, the Presidential Committee (Me, Ian E Coleman, Cydp, Liam Tatlock, and Nogin the Nog) are the 'CP'.

2.How would you summarize your plan for governing the nation in February?

Attempt to re-open Asgard entry.
Work with our current allies and make new ones.
Work to increase our economy and money supply as it is dropping.
Increase government work speed and information.
Create the official eIreland Library. (We have a semi one but has not been fully endorsed.

Brian Boru
We were given a mess last month, both financially and in foreign affairs. That's not necessarily MUFC's fault, but it was a mess nonetheless. This month, we have a financial plan that will keep our treasury breathing until the admins fix the economic module, and we finally have an answer to the question of whether or not Ireland wants to join the Circle of Trust. My priorities for next month would follow similar lines: Our friends and our finances.

Marinko Margarinn
"United we stand, divided we fail" old school but thats the way I'd like to work

The Democratic Experiment
Lots of referendums and direct democracy. When direct democracy cannot be utilized effectively, Congress or the Presidential Committee will decide on course of action. When necessary, the Committee will discuss and vote.

3.What considerations have you made for cabinet positions? How will you be using your cabinet if you are elected?

I have a few people in-mind that I will release in my article soon, but for now will remain undecided.

Brian Boru
I am reasonably happy with my current cabinet, though there is room for change. I am quite willing to take people on who are willing. That said, core personnel like Seanan, Nogin and Appleman are going to remain in the Cabinet.

Marinko Margarinn
First picks were those that are experienced for sure, but also was looking for active,
and very powerful guys with Foreign Affairs (like 3-4 Languages speakable) . How will I use my cabinet, tbh I'll try to use them as much as I can, so I could say after
term that one was successful.

The Democratic Experiment
The Ministers were prospected and appointed by the ILP Senior Staff. They will be essentially in determining and executing policy, directly discussing all proposals and events with the Presidential Committee.
Executive Committee Member: MikeBane
Committee Members: Ian E Coleman, Cydp, Nogin the Nog, Liam Tatlock, and MikeBane.
Minister of Finance: Appleman
Minister of Defense: Seanan
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Moomoohead
Minister of Community: Winston Hope Smith
Ministry of Immigration: Congress Committee/Discretion

4.How do you understand the relationship between the government and eIreland’s MUs? How would you coordinate with the many MUs?

Yes I do, as I own my own. I will have MoD and MoFA in-charge of updating MU's with current wars, strategic fights, and preparations.

Brian Boru
MUs and the government interact mainly for the defence of the country, and specific unified strike actions. I think the National Strike set up is a good one, and I won't fix what isn't broken. Perhaps when we are involved in war directly, a joint command structure would be necessary, but that can be set up relatively easily should that situation come about.

Marinko Margarinn
Well I do understand alot of it, our only Irish MU is Irish Army, and others are paramilitary
MU's, but there will be channel for Commanders and Captains of regiments and MU's on IRC +

The Democratic Experiment
I believe all MU's who claim loyalty to the State of eIreland should be encouraged to fight when eIreland calls to them. However, we believe fully in the independence of MU's from State control, other than the official State military. We would coordinate with a Defense Council of all willing MU leaders.

5.eIreland is currently at a cross-roads. The people opted not to join CoT and face staying Neutral, re-entering EDEN or applying again for Asgard. What is you opinion on the alliances?

I believe we should not join CoT nor remain with Eden, but should retry Asgard. CoT can and will hurt our reputation as we have always been known as a loyal country. Asgard is a neutral safe Alliance as it will ensure our success.

Brian Boru
EDEN is collapsing, as I thought it would. It will have a replacement most likely within a month or two. Whether or not we join that alliance, or Asgard, is up to both the Irish people and the countries that form those alliances. Many of our old friends were not in CoT, a decisive factor in the rejection of that alliance, and I believe that any alliance that has the same problem will be rejected. At the same time, we need a strong alliance as well.

Marinko Margarinn
Huh, hard one, well I'm not pro-Eden, and not pro-CoT, all I want is that Ireland gets what
we deserve. I'll re-open talks with ASGARD, and will contact Sweden to talk about their veto on us.

The Democratic Experiment
We fully believe in democracy and that referendums should be made to figure out what alliance we want to join or not join, vote on it, and do everything in our power to get us into an alliance (or stay neutral).

6.What do you see as being our financial situation heading into February and how will you handle our finances?

Our IEP is going away and this is why the job market is falling apart (25$ jobs now 12$) Many may see gold is down (360 too 260) this is because there is no IEP to buy it and it is dropping, this is not a good thing. I plan on coordinating a few policy's to try and minimize the loss of money and work to rebuild it through either taxes or new policy's.

Brian Boru
Our financial situation is delicate, mainly as a result of the robbery, the lack of saving by previous governments, the monetary market being highly unprofitable, etc. There are several things we're doing right now that are helping though, like prioritising the growing of the treasury over extensive military adventures (something we can't do anyway because we have no alliance). Under my government, the treasury is effectively priority number one alongside alliances, because we can't help ourselves or our friends if we're skint broke.

Marinko Margarinn
well our finances are bad atm, the profit from Monetary Market we get only 3% on invested money,
so I'll try to get few of our orgs rented, and try to get some loan with minimum interest of like 1-2%.

The Democratic Experiment
Appleman has been working on this heavily and no financial breakthrough will be made until we give him enough time to work on it. We vow to protect our State's assets and to not over-spend.

7.This is a packed election going into February with five candidates in the running. How do you predict this election will unfold, and how confident are you in your campaign?

I believe it will be close, however I believe who ever wins will be a good Country President for eIreland.

Brian Boru
I'm pretty confident of victory with a solid Presidential term behind me. I haven't ruled as a populist, but I have governed with competence (or so I like to think).

Marinko Margarinn
How confident am I, well you never know, and let the best one wins 🙂

The Democratic Experiment
I believe one or two of these candidates will either drop out and/or support another candidate. I am confident that when we address any concern the public has and develop a clear understanding that the ILP's campaign will be generally favored.

8.What will this last term be remembered for?

I doubt very much as it was slow and almost nothing happened for the people. We have been working on small things trying to keep the country on proper path.

Brian Boru
This term will be remembered for the Circle of Trust referendum, I reckon. I've been a relatively quiet President, as I've just gotten on with the job at hand instead of writing big, showy articles about my work, so I can't really say people will remember much of what I did 😛

Marinko Margarinn
this term will be remembered for soap opera with Patriots and CoT.

The Democratic Experiment
To be honest, and this is just my opinion and not one of the Presidential Committee or ILP, I'm not really sure what this last term will be remembered for. It was exciting seeing an old Labour member take the office of CP and run a decent month.

9. What will your term be remembered for?

I hope it will be remembered for the joining or preparation for Asgard, economy rebuilds, Presidency runs at full potential performing all tasks and going beyond the call of duty and people are very pleased.

Brian Boru
I hope next term I will be remembered for leaving the country in a better state than I found it. That's certainly the case this term in terms of getting us back to a sustainable financial situation, halting much of the faction fighting's worst vices, and putting us on a path to an alliance that the country actually wants.

Marinko Margarinn
Hopefully for one of the best, for getting our finances back, and for getting us Alliance.

The Democratic Experiment
The Great Democratic Experiment, which will change the way we look at the role of 'CP'. We are offering a whole new system of governance, one of more democracy and planning. One with stability and security, you can guarantee no one will be able to rob a bank under an ILP government. We want to offer eIreland something new, something different, something to break the cycle of boredom-drama-robbery-drama-mudslinging-boredom. More focus on the eIrish community and making this game a game again.

A Debate between willing Candidates will take place later on #PresidentialDebateIRL on Rizon Server @ 11.30am eRep time.
Everyone is invited to attend, however they may not comment on the debate just view. Questions have already been prepared and no new ones will be accepted.
Anyone breaching these will be banned.

Elite C [Chair]
MrConway [Indendent Voter]
Viktor Kurgan [Independent Voter]
Domagojav II [Has released articles commenting on CP Candidates]

Eletion Day: Tuesday, February 5th 2013

All the Best,
Elite C



Domagojvu II
Domagojvu II Day 1,902, 10:33


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,902, 10:37

will see who shows up.....

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 1,902, 10:46

Viktor Kurgan is a moderator?

Eh, isn't that somewhat biased?

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,902, 10:51


Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 1,902, 10:52

Viktor isn't exactly independent in terms of his views on me.

I'm sure Marinko thinks the same of Conway.

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,902, 10:54

Great article EC.
Good to see someone asking those questions and shedding some light on the elections.
I've been so busy with RL I haven't had much time to write articles anymore.

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,902, 10:56

@BB Eire Aonair are currently undecided so I thought best to get a moderator from that party. Considering Kurgan has been vocal lately, and Ian has been inactivw, he seemed the best choice.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 1,902, 10:59

You do realise that Kurgan is just going to spend the whole debate prattling on about the referendum votes not being revealed to all.

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,902, 11:43

"Viktor isn't exactly independent in terms of his views on me.

I'm sure Marinko thinks the same of Conway. "

yup I do agree with ya 😃

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,902, 13:59

Having Kurgan as a moderator was as insane as he is. I can't understand why people don't get him. He's the most useless waste of space who has done nothing for this country, has never been elected to anything of worth, had tried his best to destroy Libertad, and is the author of some of the most disgusting feed posts I have ever seen. He's poison.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,902, 14:24

Having Kurgan as a judge makes me wish I could attend that much more. xD

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 03:54

Yes Death and Texas, i tried to destroy Libertad by upholding the Libertad rules and ideals that you, moo and rest of Libertad "elite" were braking on daily basis.

You attacked me for fighting for free Dublin coz it was under treaty and then months later you fought for free Louth also part of the treaty.
You attacked me coz every decision in "my" irish libertad was made by voting of all members of irish libertad and me not taking orders of libertad "elite" without questioning.
Libertad was dead long before me..but i managed to save irish Libertad and upgrade it into spiritual interdimensional monastery military unit.

You took part in framing marcus...yes one of few good kunts....confused and in wrong company but never a thief or traitor.
You framed him with such a retarded false evidences i actually feel ashame fro you.
More and more i am sure you took part in plunder..considering your two big giveaways shortly after the plunder only strenghten those belives.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 03:59

Fact you defended Ibhoy's and Sweet's long plunder of state funds and fact you increased your daily strength from that time only strenghten those belifs.

Death and Texas why did you run to india?

Your false fence sitting and "respect" you gather by sucking up to all the "right" people didn't work out to your ambitions?
So you run to india to sell your crap there and finally became CP?
Do they buy your crap?

Death and are smart boy..but still not equal to me or you will ever be....coz i have The Word of Heavens on my side.
I am linked with
You are mortal failure....

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 04:04

By the way...enyone who was on irc yesterday witnessed i was behaving good.

I only asked candidates one question about repenting and The Word and one time i wrote inbefore Boru while we were waiting for Boru's answer.

So Death and Texas and were wrong....
Boru was mistaken given his experiance with me in public and can't be blamed.
D&T was mistaken coz mental limitation and intelectual inferiority

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,903, 05:45

Comment deleted

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,903, 09:24

Viktor showed unbelieveable behaviour until he banned me from my own debate

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 09:48

Elite C allowing Conway's scandalous behaviour and trying to penal me for discipline Conway was the just reason me discipline Elite C and Conway.

IamGawain Day 1,903, 17:16

Awesome job elite c! 🙂

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