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CP Announcement Day 930

Day 930, 13:46 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead
Training Wars

First rule of being an ePolitician make sure there are constant wars. I talked to the president of Malaysia, Carr De Vaux, first thing and he has assured me that the war games “will work towards the good-old uninterrupted TW “. I assured him Ireland would continue to participate for the remainder of out MPP. The wars have started again, for any one who missed it.

CPL and Ian worked out another option for training wars. I discussed them with the Romanian president alpho and the Dail yesterday. We are going to propose a MPP with them and do two war games for the next 2 weeks. When the Malaysian MPP is up the Dial and myself will evaluate weather to stick with both or to go with just one.


To finish out the cabinet I have appointed the following people to positions.

MoE-Glenn Wauters
MoF-Sargant Stefanos along with Appleman
MoI-Pip Kelly and orangejuicemmm
Ambassador to Israel - heliconpac

The first cabinet meeting happened the other night and we made some good progress. All ministers have there Org, know what they are going to do this month, and how to do it. It is a great start so far.

Right now what Ireland needs is babies, a bigger Ireland is a better Ireland, to achieve this the govt. is looking into a recruitment/baby boom project. We are planning to create an Irish erepublik recruitment video for youtube but we need YOU! we need directors, editors and anyone generally interested in helping create this video, at the moment the project is just an idea, it needs a project manager and a hard working team, if we could do this well we could make sure we keep Edana and John very busy this month! So if you are interested in leading this project and you have the right skill set please send me a PM.

Junior ministers wanted. Ivan did an article looking for junior ministers yesterday. Please apply if you think you can help out the government. JSK is managing the ambassador program, write to him if you think you can help out there.

Minister Updates

We have had insurances from the UK government that no government funds will be used to destabilize our currency. We are hopeful that the money market will stabilize out but are still under threat from individual citizens. People who had purchased bonds should have now received their bonds back in IEP, with the nice 20% interest rate. Thanks Noggin for sticking around to do this.

Donut has started a contest for the world cup More to come from a great team.

Minister of Immigration
Marcus has started a newer for Ministry and out an article explaining the process. It is great to see both first time ministers Marcus and Ivan putting out articles in the first 48 hours. Keep up the good work.

First article out from Edna which was a good read. It will be great combination with her and John Gormley this month. They are starting to review the new citizen message. To make sure it is up to date.

A unanimous citizen donated three Q1 houses to the Minister of Health to give out. Thank you to who ever did this. The Minister of Health is also selling very cheap Q1 houses - fore more info, talk to Paschoall.


The calls in this country for “lets push the button” are getting louder and I hear them. I would personally like nothing more then to see a re unification of the island in real life and the game. But there is one small problem, the Facts. So lets look at just a small part of them. If I Ireland attacks the UK our MPP will not kick in so we would be alone attacking the UK against all there MPP. Lets look at there MPP’s

Ireland 336 active citizens


UK 1,156 active citizens
Slovenia 1,114
Germany 1,430
France 2,045
Brazil 2,541
Lithuania 598
Serbia 6,270
Hungary 3,870
Turkey 1,412
Russia 2,132
Iran 1,467
Estonia 471
TOTAL 24,506

So every Irish citizen would have to do more damage then 73 other people!!! There are some that will say just do it for the fun, the problem with that is the cost, the moral loss when we loose, and most importantly we would just be giving them free war. If any one has a plan on how we can overcome these obstacles, please pass it on to you TD. I know this is not what most citizens want to hear but being a good leader is about telling the truth and call things as they are.

Now that that is said, taking the North is not completely out of the questions, we will seek to co-ordinate efforts with allied forces to see if opportunities arise. We have also started to set up a team to put together battle plans to be prepared.

Finial Notes

It was a busy first two days. I got about 100 pm’s a day and some very strange ones. About 5 people around the world wanted me to answer interview questions, they were spamming to all the people elected. They must be nuts to think I am going to answer 20 questions on my personal life to some one in India when the weather is good in Ireland. If some one had the time to update the links to essential government sites to include at bottom of articles I would appreciate it. Lastly I would just like to say way to go to the Monaghan football team yesterday for there great win


Ivan Blair
Ivan Blair Day 930, 13:49

Nice article Moo!!

CelticTiger211 Day 930, 13:57

I just made a video.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 930, 14:00

Good article moo, good to see the training war up and running early

Charmader95 Day 930, 14:02

Nice Article

gordongekko Day 930, 14:10

Ah no another month without us attacking NI 🙁

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 930, 14:14


MrConway Day 930, 14:45

Will we see invasion of Scotland, or is it a lie ?

Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 930, 14:51

Well congratulations, although as you kinda know me and i'm the MoFA of the Philippines for the 2nd term running it would have been easier to contact me?

We run the wargames as we do the attacking of the Philippines. Just a thought 😉

moomoohead Day 930, 15:02

Niall H, I thought you were still in England. congrats on new job.

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 930, 15:11

Good article moo. Nice to see Monaghan's brilliant win.

King Connell
King Connell Day 930, 15:14

"We have had insurances from the UK government that no government funds will be used to destabilize our currency." Yet the same orgs that were doing it in the first place just reduce the price of iep again... 🙁

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 930, 15:34

"Will we see invasion of Scotland, or is it a lie ?"

Valid question, Moo. What was that all about?

einberliner Day 930, 16:06

Sorry I missed the cabinet meeting, I didn't know there was one lol.

einberliner Day 930, 16:07

(also the World Cup Pool has now sold 29 tickets, leaving only three teams unheld, and only 35 tickets left at all. Not bad for 24 hours!)

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 930, 16:14

being a good leader is doing what the people elected you to do, lead them to war. What of Scotland ha?

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 930, 16:44

Oh yeah. Sorry I missed the Cabinet meeting too. I didn't really know about it either.

Dylanb9216 Day 930, 17:43

Great update moo, lol'ing at BB viewing our CP wanting a thorough plan before getting us wiped off the map as cowardice.

Paschoall Day 930, 17:53

MGKiller was the donator of those 3 Q1 houses to the MoH !!!
I have never been pro-war with the eUK under our present circunstances. YOu've said wisely some of those reasons.
Just like you I dream of the day this island will be all together, and I'll work to see that day come true at least in eRepublik. Althou, this jsut might not be the best timing ...

I support ya decision.

Congrats on the appointment of the Ministers as they're all excellent people and specially congrats on that "battle planing team" idea.

Minister of Health

Edana Savage
Edana Savage Day 930, 18:23

A very sensible approach. Let's get a plan and get it done! 🙂

Lord Rhindon
Lord Rhindon Day 930, 23:22

Moo, you have alot of integrity.

I'm certain your style of leadership will have a very positive impact on the way the Irish play at politics. Glad to see change in the right direction.

oohaah10highfields Day 931, 02:57

buy manitoba,canada

T1nk3r Day 931, 05:54

A good term ahead. Those looking to attack the eUK at this moment are looking to hurt eIreland, or knew they would not win the election and used Moo's policy of not invading eUK as a means of slandering him.

336 VS 24,506

The likes of BB are fools. The Irish bind their time, and strike when the opportunity comes. If anything we need the eUK to attack us, not the other way around.

einberliner Day 931, 08:44

@Senan - I'm sure you're not talking about Castaneda there given he and I ran a completely clean campaign and I wound up in Moo's cabinet. We had no intention of hurting the country but wert intention of taking the North and nothing against Moo at all.

Kavrocks Day 931, 09:03

That is your best article yet moo.

Connolly James
Connolly James Day 931, 10:55

how about come in contact with the ebrits to give us the NI?

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 931, 14:35

Hey, Heliconpac is Ambassador to eIsrael? Shalom! :3

patton Day 931, 19:03

War please

mirek12345 Day 932, 00:00

War please

T1nk3r Day 932, 06:32

@einberliner that wasn't aimmed at you and Cas. Following your progress through this, I thought you two were more calculated on NI, even if I disagreed. BB was more gun-ho on the whole thing, and not very thought through. BB's campaign was not as clean as yours and Cas'.

Athasnim Day 932, 07:30

TW coming back is good to hear. I had to make a temp stop in Russia to spend the training guns ICA maxed on my inventory.

King Connell
King Connell Day 932, 11:12

Senan i'd love you to actually talk about your points a little further. I'm sick of this anti-labour and ICA BS, they have nothing to deserve it and have done great things for Irish people.

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