Cozza - My Platform and Policies

Day 743, 00:34 Published in Australia Canada by Cozza

Hello Australia.

As I promised yesterday in my introduction article I would release my policies today. So let’s cut the crap and get straight to it.


Foreign Affairs

I promote regional stability; in which I will not abandon our Sol allies. I will take it to Sol to find more economic benefits of the alliance, with trading of high resources and the possibility of loans to those in Sol who need it. I am looking for mutual respect with Indonesia, and at this stage nothing more nothing less.
USA and Canada have been long supporters of us. They want to see us grow and become strong. They helped free Western Australia for us. This shows USA and Canada have genuine concern for Australia, and we should extend this generosity both ways, and look to support them in a more formal fashion


I promote the need for a baby boom, but most importantly, I am doing something about making this a reality.

How you may ask?

Well it starts with EVERYONE in Australia, and I will promote the goal for everyone to invite at least 1 person to eRepublik (and more specifically, eAustralia). More citizens equates to more money, a bigger community, more fun and the chance for Australia to shine. As an added bonus, for each person you invite who reaches level 6, you get 5 gold from eRepublik. We have around 500 active citizens in this country, lets all work together to get 500 more. However, inviting players can only do so much, educating these new players is vital for the health of eAustralia.
This is where the Department for Cultural Services and General Managers come in.
The Members of Cultural service will be in the eRep chatroom helping the newer players in there. IRC is a big jump for people, and an ingame chatroom is much more inviting. General Managers can help by PMing there newer workers with helpful advice. Don't think this can work? have a read of Cottus Arci's article, and you will see otherwise.

Direct democracy

I fully support the NES program, but I would also like to see an expansion to the Participatory Government Act to include a small budget for promoting the signup phase in addition to increasing the "cap" of 20 (total cap is 40 after the trial run) to include anybody who wants to join.

Far too often we see the government do things without actually consulting the people as to what they want. The NES concept works to fill this gap by giving anybody who wants a say, the chance to actually say it in the Senate, it has my full support and this leads into my next idea...

I see no reason why the government cannot run public opinion polls for the bills that it has passed and is currently voting on. To this end I fully support Derek Apollyon and patti11 for their work to develop a safe (ER Authenticated) polling system to do just that.


Military is my bread and butter in eRepublik, being a Field Marshal for many months and Australian Military Marshal for 3 months, and deputy Minister for Defence back in June. I think it is safe to say I know what I am talking about when it comes to military.

ERA just released its defence policy. Found here

I fully support that policy and I will work with Military leaders and the Ministry of Defence to implement it. With it in place, we should have an effective defence force for Offensive and Defensive purposes. It will let the military groups be under government watch but self run, which will save our government A LOT of money, especially have our most recent gold theft. Other benefits include more motivations and more opportunities for our lower strength soldiers to get weapons.

Any questions I will be glad to answer them. Stay tuned tomorrow for my cabinet article.


3 time Australian Military Marshal
1 time Dropbear Marshal
1 time Deputy Minister of Defence