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Country Président : Babyboom point of view !

Day 1,900, 07:00 Published in Belgium Chile by SwaqqCoryn

Greetings my fellow citizen.

The Country President élection will start soon !
And I know most of you, my party member that I love have no idea for who you should vote

Don't worry, I was at least as much lost as you are about all the candidate.

I either hated their idea or didnt know a single thing about those guy... So I made some deep investigation and found the perfect candidate for you. :3

-Tony Clifford

I'll try to answer some question you might have.

- Why don't you run for CP yourself ?

I know right ? Im so awesome and stuff... Yet, I don't feel like im ready for the job...

I lack knowlege and I clearly don't have enough support ! Let me grow our party before consider that kind of stuff 😃

- Why Tony ?

I talked to some of the candidate (not everyone, I'll admit). And none convince me.

I also asked to some of my eRepublik friends how they felt about this election. They all said the same thing, Cliffie is the only one ready for the task.

I'll trust the general opinion on this one 🙂

- Why is the Babyboom point of view talking only about Cliffie and not the other candidates ?

Well, I don't want to talk down to anyone in this article. Or reject some candidate from it. So I'll just talk about the one I clearly support.

- Final word :

I love you all, and since you obviously love me back, here is my party link

Join us ! It's the most growing and interesting party out there. And if you don't...

Send complain to my vice president;

Don't forget to vote for cliffie and spam him about how good of a support Babyboom is.

Sorry for my somewat poor english and thanks for reading !


mEd de Leeuw
mEd de Leeuw Day 1,900, 07:07


Nova.Navid Day 1,900, 07:38


Jofroi Day 1,900, 07:41

Good luck Cliffie 😉

Cotarius Day 1,900, 09:17

Good to see you are still so active think you can be a futher CP.

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,900, 09:35

I am sure you made the right choice

Jeiry Day 1,900, 10:17

If I was President, I'd hire you for the communication.


Alexandross Day 1,900, 13:24


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,900, 14:08


Kaad Day 1,900, 15:49

Talked with you, and we disagree on multi-hunting policy. I'm still convinced that if you are less strict about that, it will lead the country to hard situation.

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,900, 16:47

I do believe you guys are a bit to harsh with new player and with the immigration as well.
But I don't think Tony has a a different approach then u about this anyway. 😛

Jeiry and Cotarius : thank you so much ❤

Kaad Day 1,901, 03:17

That's the main difference between Tony and me. I don't wqnt a eSwitzerland II

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,901, 03:29

Im glad I didnt support you then ^.^

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,901, 15:21


Rijselz Day 1,901, 16:22

I like it ! I believe in u and i will follow u.
U made the right choice all the time, u can trust him guys, he is our leader.

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,901, 16:23


MrBombastick Day 1,902, 03:05

It is with unhappiness which I learned that Coryn was not presented to the election but it is its choice and I accept it. I wish all the same good luck with our friend Cliff who is also somebody of good! And that I like! CA J AIME !

Suomii Day 1,902, 03:48

good luck eBelgique!

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,902, 08:18

It's nice to see somone from Canada posting on my article ^.^

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