Country budget improvement

Day 345, 04:57 Published in USA by Plato

Dear citizens,

Country presidents and congress members brought to our attention the fact that in V1 all the money taken from the countries’ budgets was considered new money by the system. In doing this, countries had to pay the 0.005 Gold fee for the budget’s revenue (from taxes or donations). The following improvements are being considered for addition in the next updates:

1. Bring back the simpler 'Issue money' feature used in beta, which allows congress members to propose a value of local currency that, if voted, will enter into the country accounts. Printing money will still have a Gold fee of: 1 local currency issued = 0.005 Gold. This Gold cost fights against puppet administrations who print huge amounts of money to destroy economies from the inside.

2. Remove the Gold fee that was paid when donating local currency to organizations. Also, when a member of congress proposes a sum of money to be donated to an organization, he/she must make sure that the country accounts still have enough money left to cover citizen fee costs for the next 500 new citizens in that country.

3. Closely related to the previous improvement, when congress members propose a new citizen fee, this value should be less than or equal to the country's budget divided by 500. Therefore, you make sure to keep your new citizens happy, as they will receive their deserved starting fee.

Important updates:
1. Every day, a citizen can receive gifts up to 10 wellness units without encountering any problems
2. New feature: You can edit the country of your newspaper from the 'edit newspaper' page
3. New feature: you can buy a market license for 5 Gold if you don't have one for the country in which your company is currently located in (helps companies situated in occupied or liberated regions)
4. Fixed a fatal error on edit company upload avatar
5. Experience points were recalculated for each citizen and now the correct value is displayed

Thank you for your support,
The eRepublik Team