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Count Drakula - Cabinet

Day 1,841, 14:57 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Count Drakula

Hey once more eUK!

Today will be a summary of my previous article as well as my cabinet if I am elected as CP. I’ll be doing it in a neat format of where we are currently, what I believe we can do and how we can get there.

Domestic vice Country President: Madacaion
Foreign vice Country President: WayneKerr

These are both two very “switched on” people. Wayne was going to run for CP but discovered that work was going to get in the way and decided not to run. However, he has agreed to take part in my cabinet as vCP; I will be able to cover his workload while he is busy. Madacaion was vCP last month and did a good job of it, he recently announced his mafia/werewolves game (which I urge you to take part in, mafia is amazing!) and I hope that this project goes well.

Currently at: working in various areas.
What I want: both Wayne and Madacaion to work hard and learn more.
How we’re getting there: they’re vCP so they’ll be under my direct watch, I’ll make sure that both work well into the coming month (if I am elected).

Minister of Defence: BlueAndEvil
MoD Mentees: FragUK and Garth L

These two are a great combination of experience and enthusiasm. BlueAndEvil has a big variety of experience, from vCP to MoH, and is looking to take part in the military side of things. FragUK is a long time military tank, I’ve often seen him post when he’s got BHs and the ilk! He’s a very very active player, perfect for someone looking to be MoD in the future! Garth is someone who knows what he is doing militarily. I recon the mentoring will add to his knowledge nonetheless and will set him up well for a future role.

Currently at: Orders and twice weekly strikes + ingame PMs
What I want extra: A training facility for newer players and a training war that you’ve been asking for
How we’re getting there: TW is already agreed with belgium (in such a way that makes sure we are very unlikely to be wiped). Sandhurst will be managed with gdoc applications and mentoring will happen via both ingame and IRC methods and will be assessed twice over the month before the player comes out with their award.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: mittekemius and jimbojoy
MoFA Mentoree: Ayame Crocodile

These three are all very nice people and will make a good MoFA team. Mittekemius has been involved in eBelgium but recently moved back and has served as eUK MoFA before. jimbojoy has been in a crucial role helping us with the Brazilian MPP and I believe that good work should be rewarded! A few months ago, Ayame Crocodile ran for CP as a fairly inexperienced candidate. He is eager to become a more experienced candidate and under the tutorage of these two great MoFAs I’m sure that will happen!

Currently at: Doing very well
What I want: Doing very well, again
How we’re getting there: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

Minister of Finance: Carlini
MoF Mentoree: butjam

Carlini is an expert in anything financially, I wasn’t very surprised when I had no specifically MoF applications! butjam is a good newer player, eager to get into government and make the eUK a better place for everyone! As I said before, Carlini will be looking after our reserves and MM side and butjam will doing the rest of the work with Carlini’s assistance.

Currently at: too good
What I want extra: more people that can do this role
How we’re getting there: butjam will be mentored in the ways of the MoF

Because Alice` does the best avatars

Minister of Education: Betafoxtrot
MoE Mentoree: Joshua Whelan

Betafoxtrot is a fairly old player, he’s done a lot of work in the MoE/MoHA before. The last two months he’s done a very good job at MoE and I’m happy to see him re-apply for this. Joshua Whelan is a newer player, PP of his own party too!

Currently at: Articles and mentoring
What I want extra: more games and additional advertising to get people in MUs/NHS
How we’re getting there: mention of all MUs/NHS in MoE mentoring and articles and I’ll be talking with both betafoxtrot and joshua about their own ideas for games, Madacaion has set up a werewolves game in the meantime.

Minister of Legislative Affairs: Minecrafting Instead / Appleby

Appleby is a good friend of mine and has worked in the MoLA this month. He’s done as good a job as a MoLA can do, it’s not a very hard job to do... (also he made big ben in minecraft <_<)

Currently at: Doing legislation process/enforcement
What I want extra: Formal policy debates
How we’re getting there: PPs choosing party reps to represent their views in the debate (general questions from anyone at the end) and the MoLA writing up an article at the end.

Minister of Health: Gucio

Gucio is someone I don’t know very well (other than he argues a lot with killer2001) but he has done a lot of work in eSwitzerland. I’m interested to see how well he works moving into the eUK.

Currently at: Donating supplies
What I want extra: MoF to watch the MoH books
How we’re getting there: with some co-ordination/gdocs between the NHS and MoF ofc! (NB: I’ll be reviewing the NHS cap depending on these figures due to out slight deficit)

Remember to read my previous articles:

Two announcements for the price of one!
Pre-manifesto jargon control and a podcast
CD - External Affairs Manifesto
CD - Internal Affairs Manifesto

If you’ve read all of these then I’m sorry that I had to put you through so much glorious Count Von Count 😉 and remember to informatively vote tomorrow!



Madacaion Day 1,841, 15:01

Awesome Sauce!

BigAnt Day 1,841, 15:04

Good luck CD

Kravenn Day 1,841, 15:04

Awesome cabinet, Vote for the count !!!

FragUK Day 1,841, 15:08

good luck o7

WayneKerr Day 1,841, 15:24

Good luck CD

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,841, 15:25

Nice choice in MoLA

Lady Macbeth II
Lady Macbeth II Day 1,841, 15:31

would you offer BA a cabinet position if you win?

Bohemond4 Day 1,841, 15:33

voted Day 1,841, 15:34

voted & good luck

Joku Gones
Joku Gones Day 1,841, 16:09

MoF is best ministry, obvs

Spygon Day 1,841, 16:13

Damn that is a line up and a half dunno how you pulled them all in CD

MaryamQ Day 1,841, 17:45

Very nice cabinet! Best of luck!

lancer450 Day 1,841, 18:30

Good luck CD! : ) Would have loved to have been a member of your cabinet but you have a potentially great cabinet nonetheless.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,842, 00:05

Good luck 😃

HKa41 Day 1,842, 00:25

voted. Pls Q7 🙂

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,842, 00:39

As a minister of the Government did you inform Congress of the arranged TW with Belgium before or after you included it in your manifesto?

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,842, 04:41

Right I'll send you a PM then Drakula and ask you there why as a minister of the Government did you inform Congress of the arranged TW with Belgium before or after you included it in your manifesto?

Madacaion Day 1,842, 04:48

Note Hugh that a forum thread on if congress wanted war (along with a subsequent discussion) was created, by CD, on the 30th of November.

TW with eBe was mentioned there - and informed congress through the "official" channels.

Anything else?

Thomas765 Day 1,842, 04:50

Just because he arranged it doesn't mean it has congress approval yet. Stop being silly and scoring stupid political points.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,842, 04:53

No, but he signed Talons contract to remain neutral Thomas. So now he has arranged a TW which is important for the country as Talon said the previous day about wipes etc does he remain neutral and announce it in the correct manner? No he uses his manifesto and breaks Talons Thomas if Big Ant had of done that and ignored questions about it you would call for an impeachment

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,842, 04:54

You cant attack New Era for ignoring ''forum'' rules Thomas then turn a blind eye when Talons chosen one breaks them. This is why TUP have fallen in the party rankings and are no longer the biggest party in Congress because of their ''do as we say not as we do'' attitude.

Thomas765 Day 1,842, 05:06

I don't care how desperately you want to win this election, Hugh. I would like to ask why BigAnt is promoting homophobia and racism by including Sir Nick in his cabinet? If we're going down the same retarded road you are going down then I'll ask the same. As far as I'm aware, racism etc. is against the rules. etc. etc.

I did only just support BA up until he ninja edited his cabinet to include Goku and SNG because he was actually giving ApronChef a chance in cabinet.

Thomas765 Day 1,842, 05:10

And yeah, he probably did sign a contract. If it was his idea, then it was his idea. He can claim said idea as his. At least he's not being hostile about it.

"You cant attack New Era for breaking forum rules..." - you're implying that I have at some point attacked NE during this silly discussion.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,842, 05:49

lunchtime at school over yet thomas?

Thomas765 Day 1,842, 05:53

Very funny. Have you removed your tongue from Goku's arse yet? ^__^

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,842, 07:27

Minister of Health: Gucio ' No comment.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,842, 09:21

Jealous thomas? finish your homework and then well talk

AdmiralNelson Day 1,842, 09:22

and why you ignoring your notifications thomas you know that thing you implied about me but didnt have the balls to fully explain when i keep askin?

Thomas765 Day 1,842, 10:41

I don't generally like to bother about brainless idiots. Go be a sheep elsewhere.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,842, 12:07

you mean your a coward who is to gutless to put your money where your big mouth is

Thomas765 Day 1,842, 12:20

I don't have much money, so there goes that statement. What sort of verb is "to gutless"? I know you're still learning the English language being in Year two but still.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,842, 12:24

which one of us is still in education? your qualies will look good on your wall next to your mcdonalds employee of the month. coward

Thomas765 Day 1,842, 12:30

I'm still in education because I DIDN'T drop out. You're hilarious though. Providing me with on-the-side retard humour.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,842, 12:34

come on kid lets have what you was implying a few days agoand dont chicken out this time. and some of us got a job you know like your mum and dad do to support you. keyboard warrior

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,842, 12:47

Thomas, you know grammar. Good for you, I'm actually proud of you. Nights I have sat awake in bed and wished I knew Grammar instead : ( I do find it funny that you students seem to think it is something people are actually bothered about. Money beats Grammar son.

Alotta I have sent you a PM, best thing you can do is ignore the mug. He will be too busy to respond anyway writing his impeachment post now it looks like his boy might have lost...that's the way the forum mafia works \o/

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,842, 12:56

Pahahaha I love reading comments like these!

FYI, my grammar is fine, and I am a dropout 😉

Good luck CD!

Thomas765 Day 1,842, 13:18

Hahahahahaha. Hugh makes everything so much funnier.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,842, 13:26

Off-topic: You all mean "punctuation" not "grammar"

On-topic: Great article CD, good cabinet and nice format

Betafoxtrot Day 1,842, 13:27

I would like to point out how one cannot take the moral highground by calling someone a mug, and I am both bothered about grammar and in a full time job (which probably wouldn't have been given to me if my CV didn't have some grasp of grammar). Grammar = Money I guess.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,842, 13:39

I never take the moral high ground Lewis, it gives me a nosebleed.

And thanks Thomas, yeah i guess I do don't i? : ) Send me a friends request when you have completed your homework so we can be friends

WayneKerr Day 1,842, 14:24

none of you have come from this looking good...

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,842, 14:38

Money>grammar ?

Well there it is. God have mercy on me, if I ever become more interested in material goods then the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,842, 16:17

Think you got the wrong name there Hugh 😛

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,842, 16:53

Grammar = insta-win with internet debates. (Apparently)

May the internet have mercy on the souls of those who misspell a word when making a point, valid or otherwise!

lancer450 Day 1,842, 18:52

The comments have devolved so rapidly. Quite sad actually.

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,842, 18:58

Having good grammar is incredibly useful. It guarantees that you will be understood, clearly, by the largest number of people. In many, more formal, situations, the proper use of grammar is essential, if you are going to be taken seriously. Thus, improving your chance of gaining a positive result. Within forums, such as this, it is not in the least bit essential. Though using it properly will mean you communicate more effectively to a wider range of people, even here.

Frerk Day 1,843, 03:08

It is not essential, but it helps. Hi Kravenn.

WayneKerr Day 1,843, 12:50


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