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Converted To The Dark Side of eRepublik

Day 2,030, 22:08 Published in Ireland Ireland by The Irish William Wallace

That's right, I am no longer the man I used to be - MikeBane, for I have been consumed by the Dark Side of the eForce. And I will speak few sentences at a time because what I say is poetry.

I am going to enact emergency executive powers to me, the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and become President of the ILP and then...Emperor of eIreland!

If I am elected in the ILP, I will declare it a new party! The first galactic "Imperial Party" which we will use to harbor in the dictatorship of the Sithitariate.

Dzworokka yun; nyâshqûwai, nwiqûwai. Wotok tsawakmidwanottoi, yuntok hyarutmidwanottoi

I'm spittin rhymes you can't even understand

We will become a totalitarian and center party because whatever I, EmperorPalpatine says goes whether it is left or right or off the scale. Why should you do this? Because I have a...

That's right, a Death Star. Only through me can eIreland achieve a power greater than its ever imagined. Use my knowledge, I beg you. Ever since I've been in eIreland, you all have been seeking a life of great significance...of consciousness.

The Dark Lord of the Sith,


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,030, 22:30

Holy sith! What happened to Mike?

WayneKerr Day 2,030, 23:34

Talon rip off...

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 2,030, 23:49

when i come join you in eIreland, we can then rule the galaxy as father and son.

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Day 2,031, 00:52

No We can't let him succeed or should we ? 😛

Revolucionarbgd Day 2,031, 01:52

V8 😃

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 2,031, 02:53

When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,031, 05:00

This can only mean good things for the ILP!
However it does remove you as a candidate for the eIrish Church State Prior vacancy
..due to the evil and whatnot

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,031, 05:31

LOL me is wondering where this is going to...

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 2,031, 14:34

We will be in contact with the IPC.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 2,031, 06:57

" I beg you " Dictator level = noob xdxd

everything else sounds all right to me = v =

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,031, 07:06

like the whim of a child 🙂

Arjay Phoenician III
Arjay Phoenician III Day 2,031, 07:15

Trying at least you are. Different I like. Strong in the force you are.

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Day 2,031, 07:20

Yay! I always wondered how it would be like to be part of an evil empire. Can i do the purges?

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,031, 09:40

Maul is far hotter. Just sayin'

Shadowfang Day 2,031, 10:03

I sense a disturbance in the force with this one.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 2,031, 11:56

Dark things ahead for us, I see. Resist, we must not. o/

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 2,031, 15:49

I'm sitting in my dustbin, whistle in hand ready to assist
Woldy wan kenobi in defeating this new dark menace!

Horice 😛

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 2,031, 22:15

Woldy Wan Kenobi will feel the full powa' of this armed and fully operational battle station.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 2,032, 05:46

Woldy Wan Kenobi lol

Luka Percac
Luka Percac Day 2,032, 02:17

Disturbing news this is... Meditate to this i will...

Danilo Garcia
Danilo Garcia Day 2,032, 03:19


Darth Cholghad
Darth Cholghad Day 2,032, 03:28

good good

WookieO Day 2,032, 08:42

Always let, errrrrmmmm, me, win. Got it? Good.

Maxine Ernst
Maxine Ernst Day 2,032, 11:10

rip mike, long live the emperor

Jesse MacManus
Jesse MacManus Day 2,032, 14:23

I could live with a Sith Lord ruling Ireland. Just don't join TWO. Long live the emperor!

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