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CONTEST TIME! (Gold Prizes)

Day 1,955, 10:17 Published in Canada Canada by David Eastcorner

Hello all!

I've noticed that many of you enjoyed my picture of Uncle Buck on a horse (no I'm not posting it again just for views). It reminded me that in these times, we all need a laugh as we fight against the oppression of Spain.

So for that reason, I'm putting a contest together.

I've won a number of Gold bars from winning Battle Hero medals, and since I have disposable income IRL, I'm willing to put some of it on the line.

SO. Here are the rules for the Contest

eCanadian on a Horse Contest

1. The aim of this contest is to create the best photoshop or microsoft paint picture (or any similar program) of a well-known eCanadian riding on a horse.

2. The eCanadian chosen for the picture MUST be well-known, either on IRC or through the game itself.

3. While not a rule per se, it is suggested that you limit your choice of well-known eCanadians to those who have relatively humanoid pictures.

4. It is suggested that while all eCanadians who are relatively well-known are game as subjects for this contest, it would be best if you ask their permission first, as some may not wish to be put on a horse. That being said, myself, Uncle Buck and I-Bleed-Blue-93 have already given permission for their likenesses to be used in this contest.

5. Prizes The prizes for the contest are as follows
5 Gold to the hands down best picture
3 Gold to the second best picture
1 Gold to the third place picture
10 CAD to every participant, regardless of placing.

6. This contest will run until 12:00 AM PST on Sunday, March 31st.

7. All pictures that are made MUST be either posted on photobucket, or sent to me in a message. For the purposes of this contest, if you are emailing me the picture, PM me for my eRepublik email. If you are posting on photobucket, provide me with a link.

8. All pictures must be RELATIVELY appropriate. Anything NSFW will be laughed at, but not posted in the follow-up to this contest.

9. All pictures that meet the criteria of 8 will be shared in the next article that I write about the contest, so everybody can see your work. 😉

10. The method of choosing who has made the best picture will be up to my personal discretion. Pictures will be judged on 3 scales of 1-5, those scales being Humour, Quality, and Epicness.

11. Any participants in the contest may NOT put themselves on a horse. That would just be silly. We want to build up some inter-player bonds here, so do it of someone else!

12. Have fun!

That's all for the rules of the contest. I wish you all the best of luck on it. May the best picture win!

Oh, and please vote this article up so that everybody will know about it. 🙂



I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,955, 10:22

I don't know how well known I am, but hey, why not?

The.Puppeteer Day 1,955, 10:44


I did mine of Venerable.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,955, 10:54

COPY AND PASTE BUCK'S LINK...Venerable is not that Asian guy 😛

The.Puppeteer Day 1,955, 11:00

Comment deleted

The.Puppeteer Day 1,955, 11:01

Well, I tried to re-post it. Came up as an Asian man again.

Uncorporated Day 1,955, 12:57

I found the Asian guy much more funny.

The.Puppeteer Day 1,955, 11:04

Last try.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,955, 10:49


I did mine of Homer.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,955, 10:55

That one is pretty bitchin

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,956, 08:08



David Eastcorner
David Eastcorner Day 1,956, 21:44

Where'd he plagiarize it from?

Gnilraps Day 1,955, 10:52

making me wish I were Canadian

The.Puppeteer Day 1,955, 10:54

You can make one of an eCanadian. Hint hint hint hint hint.

Or you know, uproot EZ and bring them here.

kwest78 Day 1,955, 12:43

Eastcorner, do we need to post the link here or can we just send them to you via PM?

David Eastcorner
David Eastcorner Day 1,955, 16:31

Either is good. Most people are doing both.

Uncorporated Day 1,955, 13:01

I'm not talented with either and I just can't be bothered to use MS paint for anything.

So instead, picture Rylde on this:

Use the power of imagination!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,956, 08:08


Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 1,956, 19:51


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,957, 04:22

Luckily I found the one you did earlier UC


Darkzyxu Day 1,955, 14:43

Mspaint paint you say?

Uncorporated Day 1,955, 15:01

Mother of God that's epic. If you don't win I will lose all faith in humanity.

David Eastcorner
David Eastcorner Day 1,955, 16:32

I will admit that is a pretty awesome picture of me.

kwest78 Day 1,955, 16:40

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,956, 02:41


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,956, 08:10

that ain't a horse

David Eastcorner
David Eastcorner Day 1,955, 17:03

All the submissions thus far are just beautiful. They bring a tear of joy to my eye. Hehe.

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,955, 23:51

if i dont forget, ill doodle somethin'

one of the most entertaining contests ive seen

Rylde Day 1,956, 23:55

lol my little pony piss off uncorporated

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