Congressional elections improvements

Day 344, 03:03 Published in USA by Plato

Dear citizens,

Quick info: We are sorry for yesterday’s downtime, there were some severe issues that affected some European hosting providers and unfortunately both our providers were affected.

After receiving your feedback about the congressional elections system and based on your requests regarding the political module, we've focused on finding solutions to the following challenges:

1. Easier access for the elections results and voting page.
2. The congressional elections should be region related.
3. The voters should not have to choose among hundreds of candidates.
4. Candidates should have an easy way to present themselves and their program.


1. In the main menu, after accessing the 'Community' tab, a button named 'Elections' will be displayed for all citizens. This way, during your navigation in the New World you will only be at a one click distance to see what's new in the eRepublik elections.

2. The mayor position was missed after the V1 launch and we've focused on bringing back the citizens that represent the interests of the communities in their regions. Therefore, if you are a member of one of the top five parties in your country and you have at least 100 EP, you have the possibility to run for a congressional seat in your region between the 16th and 23rd of each month. On the 24th the list for congressional candidates will be closed and the party president will have the ability to manage the position of the members on these lists. We wonder how this phrase will sound - “Hello mister congressman of Alabama”.

3. The number of congressional seats will be determined by taking into consideration the number of regions in each country and it will vary between one and ten congressional members per region. This way a citizen will not have to place a vote among a list of 200 candidates.

4. When you decide to run for a congressional position, you'll have the ability to provide a link to a presentation for your potential voters.

We'll do our best to implement these improvements before the next congressional elections take place on the 25th of November.

Still to come: updates for the battle system and a new tool in the country administration.

Thank you for your feedback,
The eRepublik Team