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Day 1,803, 07:32 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Shin Gouki

I thank TheJakal, Party President of the Democratic Party of Pakistan for nominating me as Head of Congress. I also would like to thank Raao Bhai who encouraged this notion. It is truly a privilege and an honor for me to serve ePakistan once again. I thank my fellow congressmen for supporting this nomination and I formally invite all the stake holders of ePakistan to our first congressional meeting. The time and venue will be decided once all of the following members agree to a mutual time convenient for everyone.

a.) Members of Congress
b.) CP
c.) Cabinet
d.) Party Presidents
e.) Chief of Armed Forces

The nature of the public meeting is to ascertain the path ePakistan is heading towards. The agenda includes any legislation that needs to be formed for the upcoming tenure, as well as to formally validate the Head of Congress. Once the public meeting concludes. Our congressmen along with the stake holders will decide upon legislation for Immigration. Congressman Al Nikolafi has already approved CS for a new ePakistani and I recommend him and the others to suspend approvals until we have, with mutual consent, defined a policy which is suitable for ePakistan and protects her interests.

Any other agenda which is required to be discussed can be mentioned in the below comments, as well as the most suitable time slot and day for each and every individual. We will try to hold this meeting shortly after Eid since most of our friends are busy with RL obligations. I look forward to your feedback and any recommendations.

Member of Congress
Government of ePakistan

Pakistan Zindabad!
Pakistan Paindabad!




Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,803, 09:34

: )

Annihilator10 Day 1,803, 10:36

Voted. Good luck for your term as HoC : )

vrsoldiers Day 1,803, 11:03

Best of luck!!! btw what is the policy that you have devised regarding CS??

TheJakal Day 1,803, 11:47

Fahad, its probably best you start a private message or group message to all relevant people.

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,803, 14:16

voted set the date and time i will be there INSHALLAH

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,803, 14:30

vrsoldiers: Considering our engagement in such a complicated diplomatic web, Our Immigration policy should safeguard our population as well as the sovereignty of ePakistan. It is easier said than done and better discussed privately than at such a public medium. I would recommend our MoFA to be present at the meeting as well.

St0L3n1 Day 1,803, 16:05

Congratulations once again Fahad, finally some positive and much needed move I wish you good luck. We need to get united and personally I think you can do that in a proper manner.

Pakistan Paindabad

vrsoldiers Day 1,804, 02:53

got it Fahad 🙂

Sayful Day 1,804, 03:24

Voted, and sub

Rafay Ahmed
Rafay Ahmed Day 1,804, 06:30

Whats the time ppl.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,804, 09:15

Please suggest a time and a date, tomorrow is the last day of Eid and I'm sure we can all take out 30-45 minutes from our schedules.

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