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Congress Elections [H.O.P.E.] Candidates

Day 1,950, 16:46 Published in Belgium Belgium by ambarche

Vote for H.O.P.E

Have nice day and wish us a luck !

H.O.P.E. (11 candidates)

1.ambarche 37 level

2.Pavlosk96 31 level
-No presentation

3.Manneken Piss 27 level
- No presentation

4.thrasos1996 42 level
- No presentation

5.G.W.JUNIOR 31 level
- Presentation

6.wolf-stone 40 level
- No presentation

7.Kylero 27 level
- No presentation

8.David Cnudde 41 level
-No presentation

9.Zangetsu-osan 28 level
-No presentation

10.nono12 24 level
-No presentation

11.ombrenoire 37 level
-No presentation

And choose to VOTE FOR H.O.P.E
Best Regards !
With respect, ambarche !


Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Day 1,950, 16:51

Vote, we can!

shayumin Day 1,950, 17:27

V4 oldsub

Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Day 1,951, 01:31


Ely.nea Day 1,951, 15:56

good luck for all candidates

JdlF Day 1,951, 17:03

I'm a bit disappointed that G.W.JUNIOR is only the fifth in the list... From an external point of view he deserves a better positionning... Same for Kylero and Zangetsu-osan...
Good luck, i want them at congress. Sad that Zangetsu-osan is really far away 😕

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