Congress, APP and few other thoughts

Day 2,683, 15:47 Published in Australia Chile by Australian Parliamentary Party

Dear eAustralians,

The current congress is very important for us. We can't use the buttons and we couldn't take any gold from the medals (enough money for 3 MPPs), but we have the possibility to make proposals, to implement ideas and to take decisions. Even under foreign dictatorship we will try to work as a team in a very democratic way. We are all here for fun, for breaking the boredom, for the social contacts and for our community at all. It will be better if we try to be positive and constructive. All our ideas need support and a common activity. Not all proposals can be ideal for each player, but the different points of view will help us to take the right once and to reject the others.

The game has simple rules, but the secret doors can show us a sight to a different world.
- Six parties went to elections, instead of 5.
- We were supposed to fight against the foreign dictatorship, but we decided the diplomatic option. No, our money will not be given for useless wars filling Plato's money just because he is greedy & lazy.
- We were witnesses of strange situation where the lack of communications and replies on time can cause serious problems between close friends/ friendly nation. In the same time the right communication can make so called thief a hero and the PTOers - partners.

I shall not miss to thank to APP members for supporting my decision about assisting Varnishist International Party during the congress elections. I want to thank to the origin eAustralian outside our party who voted for us. Look at the team below - you must know that we shall not delude you and we will defend Australian interests and the good name of our eNation.

1. Infowar
2. argi the eliminator
3. Brigidd
4. MGB Guy
5. pr3zzyy
6. J Seemore
7. Juan ICO
8. Mickskitz

Australian Parliamentary Party

APP is melting. I wish that was a lie, but 1-st of April will be next week and I am not writing the articles in advance. We are all cool people with passion or experience or both of them. We have active party thread and we have good communication between us by using PMs. May be our members run away because of the monthly party membership fee. Good news - this fee shall not longer exist. So if you are not a member of any political party you can join APP for free.


I am glad to inform you that APP Org is working again after a short pause, caused by understandable reasons. The balance will come within next few days and the profit will be repaid to the investors, as always. Each time the profit is different. It is more about the luck - the offer is placed in the perfect time (for this season it is European prime time).
APP Org is open to everyone, not only to our party members. If you want to be an investor and to gain financial knowledge don't hesitate to PM me.

eAustralia in the future

We become a little bit stronger with the blood transfusion we had last month from the Spanish guys. We could be even stronger when start to provide CS to some nice players. Is that enough? Can we satisfy with this situation? Where is our naive youth? Don't you think we must invite more RL Australians to play this game for the good of the nation?

Here is my suggestion:
All non eAustralian players can create banners, pictures, clips ect. There are not many players who can work good enough with Photoshop or any other similar program. But we all know players who can make such things. 3-5-6 eAustralian players might be ready to assist and then we will make a contest for the most attractive materials. RL Australians will shout them into Australian social networks and forums with integrated referrer links. Instead of buying Plato's items you can pay for advertisement and the gold will comes to you through 10% medal reward from your friends. There will be many players in the beginning, but 8-12 % of them will stay here longer.

We must start from somewhere. I already make an order to a guy with good graphic skills. Let me do the bucket challenge and ask the party leaders of ADP, ACP and VIP to take the same initiative. Most probably they will countinue the challenge spreading the tasks to their members. Their members will search for good graphics or for the best web sites and forums where we will advertise eAustralia.

Good luck!

Together we can achieve more!

Sincerely yours: